A Knight’s Devotion – Mini Review

A Knight’s Devotion is a fantasy alternate history mobile otome game developed by Voltage Inc. In the game you are a princess who falls in love with one of the knights who are hired to protects you. So with all the hype surrounding the newer Voltage Inc games, the older games aren’t getting as much attention. By older I mean those hidden gems that don’t appear on the Voltage Visual Romance Apps Facebook page, nor do they have fancy gifs on their Tumblr. No these unsung heroes are the forgotten foundation of the Voltage empire, and for many the start a long-term love affair with 2D pixel men.

So I just wanted to throw a small spotlight on an older game by writing about my first ever otome A Knights Devotion. Yes, scoff if you want to, Voltage was my first introduction to the otome genre three years ago, and I haven’t look back since! I still remember playing it under the register at my barista job…*sigh* memories.

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | Alternate History | Otome
  • Platforms: Android | iOS
  • Developer: Voltage Inc
  • Similar Games: Be My Princess | Rose of Winter | A Vow to My Liege


It’s the Middle Ages, and you live in the countryside.

One day, you suddenly find yourself attacked by a group of men dressed in black… and five royal knights save your life! “We’ve come for you, Your Royal Highness.”

…Me… a princess!?

During your journey with the knights, you develop feelings for one of your protectors…

Official Synopsis


a knight's devotion characters
  • Lute is the perfect knight. He’s kind and loyal, willing to lay down his life for the sake of duty. He really is a nice guy, hardly having anything bad to say about anyone, however he can be a bit oblivious especially when it comes to the affections of women. He has a loyal fan club and receives hundreds of love letters daily, but he only has time for his duty as a knight. But, when you do manage to catch his eye he has a hard time reconciling his duty as a knight and his feelings as a man.
  • Haku is the token flirty character. He’s really easy going and never takes anything seriously. He can sometimes get a bit out of hand, which is when his trusty steed (the Misty to his Brock) swoops in and calms him down. Despite his I don’t care attitude, his route had the most drama, though it is far from my favorite.
  • Ken is the MC’s childhood friend. He was a blacksmith from your hometown, but that was only a cover so he could look out for you until you came of age. He is the closest to you of all the knights, which leads to a lot of playful banter and teasing. Usually Ken is quiet and reserved, so I imagine he also doubles as the strong silent type.
  • Shion is the token snarker! He’d much rather read a book or sleep all day, which makes me wonder why the heck he wanted to be a knight in the first place. But of course his current attitude is the result of a tragic incident in his past, so he’s kind of damaged goods. I really liked Shion’s route, it really gave me the most feels of the bunch, plus I like my men hard to get!
  • Gaia is the leader of this jolly band of knights and a big fat sweetie pie! Gaia takes his job as a knight very seriously (even more so than Lute) which often times makes him come off kind of cold. But deep down he is a very passionate and sweet person with an affinity for animals…*sigh*

A Knight’s Devotion Review

You (name changeable) are a simple village girl in the small town of Kanai. One day you overhear some men in the local pub gossiping that King of Rapier has fallen ill. You are mildly interested, but the affairs of court seem so far removed from your life. While walking through the woods, you are attacked by a band of hooded men. Suddenly three men come to your rescue, by their dress, you assume they are knights!

Leaving the knights to take care of the thugs you pay a visit to your childhood friend, Ken the local blacksmith. He seems concerned, especially when you mention the knights, but instead of saying anything he tells you to go home. Once home you tell your grandmother about the incident. She reveals that you are actually a princess, and the heir of the Rapier kingdom. Your Grandma then reveals that the knights, who rescued you earlier, were sent by the king to bring her back to the castle. Like any normal person in this situation would be, you are shocked, by the prospect of being a princess. But, there’s no time to properly freak out about this, because the knights are back. You must choose one of them to be your personal protector on the journey to the castle.

A Knights Devotion was my very first Voltage game. I was new to the fandom and A Knight’s Devotion happened to be the very first game that I saw in the app store. Lute was the first guy I chose. He was just the character that made the biggest impression on me during the prologue. So I decided that he would be the one to pop my otome cherry…So to speak… Back in the day, I was still getting a feel for my type, and Lute is far from it. I have a habit of choosing ice princes, tsundere, and snarky aloof guys. So, in hindsight I’m surprised I liked Lute so much!

Is A Knight’s Devotion Worth Playing?

The game as a whole is great, it has action, adventure, drama, and of course romance. Compared with the newer games, it may seem cliché and at times predictable. But that’s what makes it such a great game. The characters are refreshing, and the setting is unique…I mean come on what girl doesn’t secretly wish she was a princess? My favorite route is Shion, but Lute will always hold a special place in my heart!

It is the perfect introduction for those on the fence about Voltage Inc and mobile otome. Maybe if enough people start buying the game again and/or spamming their email accounts, they might give the game a proper ending or revive it like they did with Love Letter from Thief X!

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10 thoughts on “A Knight’s Devotion – Mini Review

  1. You always remember your first otoge 🙂 And I think we’re pretty similar in regard to “I have a habit of choosing ice princes, tsundres, and the snarky aloof guy” lol since I love seeing the blushy nervous men. Makes everything feel more genuine.

      1. It’s not a mobile haha it’s for the Vita. I snagged a super cheap copy on ebay. There are a lot of cheap ones there. The games on vita cost around 50-60 new so I got mine around 40. Even with minimal Japanese, it’s a blast. And Hinano does a full indepth review for each route so you know whats going on.

      2. True, but since you had it at one point, it’s faster to pick up again. And you really are missing out on some fantastic games!! I really don’t know much Japanese, but I’ve been able to get through a few Otomate titles already XD

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