First Thoughts: After School Affairs

I usually don’t do this, but I figured for once, why not get ahead of the curve a little…Yesterday Voltage released a brand new game, After School Affairs! Am I excited about this game? Eh, not really, but that didn’t stop me from downloading it the minute it was available in the App store, like I do every Voltage game, good, bad, or indifferent.

Once again Voltage is taking us to school, however this time instead of being one of the students, we get the chance to play as a teacher?! I know right! We’ve finally graduated from high school romances to forbidden teacher romance! Not that I have a problem with their available high school romance stories, it’s just nice to play as an adult some times is all.

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After School Affairs Story – Hot for Teacher?!

You (name changeable) are a teacher at Kasuga High, an all-boys high school, one day you get called over to  Seika Ladies’ Academy (SLA), because one of your students is a peeping tom. You manage to get your student off the hook, and the incident is forgotten, leaving you free to focus on your move into the new teacher housing! So like the good neighbor you are you introduce yourself to all of your neighbors. All five of which happen to be super hot, but kinda weird mid to late 20-something single men! Lucky you! However luck is not really on your side for long, the next day it is announced that your school is having financial difficulties. You fear that you’ll be laid-off, but the headmistress of Seika Ladies’ Academy announces that the boys’ school and the girls’ school will merge to form co-ed Seishun High, in order to cut costs. She then lays a bombshell on the gathered assembly: No romantic relationships between students and teachers will set an example for their students by refraining from romance as well. She goes on to introduce a few of the teachers from SLA, each more impressive than the last. In order to bring up the overall average of the new school, all of the KHS teachers will be paired with one of the SLA teachers, but first you must pass a teaching assessment. You go to the local bar to unwind, but then the friendly bartender sets you up on a blind date, it’s none other than…

After School Affairs Characters


  • Rikiya Mononobe– the cool Physics teacher, who rides a motorcycle (he looks like Tennoji from Metro PD)
  • Shinichi Kagari-the super hot megane Math teacher (Voltage definitely borrowed some things from Tsugumu with this one)
  • Kiyonori Taishi– the weirdo Japanese History teacher…he (accidentally) attacks you with a sword when you walk into his apartment.
  • Hidetaka Sera– Super hot English teacher, was raised abroad…and may be related to your favorite translator (I know better, but only the prologue is out, so I’ll play along for now)
  • Kenzo Yasukawa– the easy-going school nurse. (He’s looks like trouble…for my heart)

My Thoughts on After School Affairs

So far all I have to go on is the prologue, so i will reserve serious judgement until later, but I already have a favorite!


I dunno why Voltage changed the order of the guys, but I for one am not a fan! I was looking forward to getting him first, looks like I have to wait!

The MC seems like the usual super nice, push over we’ve always had…which is a little disappointing, I was really hoping for a bit more…I dunno…character. But again, it’s only the prologue, we’ll see how I feel after I play the rest of the game.

Now I’m a little confused, but it seems like all of the teachers are single, yet they teach at single gendered schools…Forgive me if I’m having a memory lapse, but wasn’t that the central conflict in Yamato Kougami’s route in My Forged Wedding? If memory serves didn’t all male teachers have to be married in order to teach at an all girls school…Maybe I’m being nit-picky…but it bothered me a little.

So far I like all of the guys, they each manage to have notable quirks and characteristics despite being typical Voltage archetypes, which is reassuring. I’m really curious to see how the stories differ between the guys. Plus it should be interesting playing as a teacher for once rather than as a student. The only character available right now is Rikiya, and I’m not really interested in him, so until the other guys are released a full review will have to wait.

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      1. Just played the prologue! XD I want to buy SHinich’s route too omg. Hot, ice king megane lol well maybe not ice king, but certainly brash. I hope the other routes unlock soon because I want to play the others.

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