[Not Funded] Support the Localization of Beastmaster and Prince ~Flower and Snow~

Edit: The Kickstarter for this game failed to achieve the necessary funds by the deadline. As of right now there has been no additional news about future plans for localization of this title!

So I know this has been said several times before, but I feel that this type of repitition is good, it shows solidarity within the Otome/Otoge community (and I love it!)

Gloczus, the same folks who helped localize Hakuoki and Amnesia, are back again this time with the title Beastmaster and Prince ~Flower and Snow~Originally released back in 2010, the game has proved immensely popular spawning two sequels…

The story looks good, and since my Japanese language skills are laughable at best, it warms my heart that companies are listening to our otome fangirl pleas, and seriously considering localizing Japanese games for a global market.

More games = more new fans, which in turn increases the demand for these types of games, which then means more games will be localized!

So PLEASE check out the Kickstarter, HEREand lend your support. There are only 18 more days left for them to reach their goal of $150,000 (currently $49,713), every little bit helps! I’m planning on donating at the $25 level…I know it’s not much (I kinda quit my job right before Christmas) but I really do want to help out!

beastmaster support
Every little bit helps!

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter on social media and spread the word!

16 thoughts on “[Not Funded] Support the Localization of Beastmaster and Prince ~Flower and Snow~

  1. Pledging on the $25 tier is, like, a really good deal as well. On Steam the game will be 49:90, so even if it’s not much, getting the game for 50% right away is a pretty goid deal. I raised my pledge to $50 to get to the Digital Complete Package, because – again – it’s a really good deal!

    I personally have been looking forward to playing this game (or THESE GAMES, teally. and I could just as well get it in Japanese) so I really hope this gets funded. It’s a game with good reviews, getting it funded would show there IS indeed a market and more games does, of course, mean new fans, bigger demand and a bigger market for the localization conpanies who want money. There’s literally nothing to lose on this in my opinion.

    1. First off, thank you for reading!

      I want to give more but no job means limited money :/

      I’m glad there are fans out there willing to support the localization of these games! I hope it gets localized too!

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty much sacrificing food money for this. Or not. That really depends on if my body will even allow me to eat or not. But I totally get it. I’m job hunting myself (because I’m forced to, lol, because disabled people who can’t work still have to work) so my funds are really limited. Funding this now means I have to sacrifice something else at some other point, but I really think it’d be worth it both for me and for the otome game community long-term.

  2. I really want to get into otome gaming but my Japanese skills are pretty horrid 🙁 I honestly don’t even know where to begin! If this happened I would be in heaven.

    1. Same here lol! That’s why I’m really hoping this gets localized so we can prove to game companies that there is a market for it!

      There are some really good indie English games out there…some are free and some not so much. There are also a ton of mobile games too! I can give you some suggestions if you want!

      1. Suggestions are WELCOME! I’ve played a few mobile games but their translations are usually a bit off so I feel like I lose something in translation 🙁

      2. I did play Alice in the kingdom of heRts on mobile and another one I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but it was this girl who was training to be a ninja

      3. Hmm have you played Always Remember Me or Cinders both are indie English visual novels that I liked…and then there are the Voltage games…lol there are so many to choose from with them.

  3. I really really hope this gets backed, if it isn’t I’m afraid it would be taken as a bad sign for localization, and there’re still $100,000 to go, I’m hoping for lots of last minute backers ;-;
    I also pledged for the $25 tier, sadly I can’t spend more money on it orz

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