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Indie dev, Two and a Half Studios recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming mystery boys love visual novel, Dreambound! I played the demo for this game a few months back and I am in love with this concept. Dreambound, is a compelling character driven story told through the lens of both the past and the present, to uncover an intriguing mystery. Follow Noah, a withdrawn artist with the ability to enter dreams in the flesh as he tries to piece together the fragments of his life.

Game Details

  • Mystery | Urban Fantasy | Boys Love
  • Available on  Steam, Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Price: TBA
  • Tentative Release: TBD 2024
  • Campaign Period: August 31, 2022 to October 13, 2022

Dreambound Story

What’s real, and what’s only a dream?

Alone, confined within his prison, the man sits, his back slouched and his arm raised.

In his hand, a paintbrush. 

A weapon in his eyes, perhaps. A tool that could create something from nothing.

Waves crash onto the white shores. The night sky reflects back on itself, a sea of stars amidst the swirling currents. All is calm, yet not.

But, as it were, that world didn’t exist. Couldn’t exist. It would never exist. It could not be created by this hand.

By this hand, all he could create was loneliness.

Official Synopsis

Dreambound Characters

Main CHaracter

The Love Interests

Key Features

  • Dreambound is a story-rich visual novel/point-and-click escape room hybrid with a focus on grief and moving forward.
  • Choose between three different love interests. Will you choose your oldest friend, Kaine; the mysterious, yet familiar, Crow; or the enigmatic stranger, Ivan.
  • Dreambound has several gorgeous original CG and character designs by webtoon artist, Sinran. While the detailed background artwork by anybanchu brings the world of the game to life!
  • In addition to the usual visual novel player guided gameplay, Two and a Half Studios has integrated an interactive point-and-click mechanic. Dreambound‘s dream sections play out like point and click escape rooms with a heavy focus on dialogue and character interaction. 
  • Dreambound also features an original opening created by Kokoroten of KENKOU LAND, creator of MAMIYA!

Screenshots & Art

Kickstarter Campaign Details 

So, the Kickstarter campaign launched on August 31, 2022 and is set to run until October 13, 2022! The campaign goal is $35,000 AU ($23,371 USD) to help with the production costs of the game!

Why Support the campaign?

  • By supporting the campaign you are helping the team fund the production of Dreambound. The current build is a demo that has about 1-2 hours of gameplay.
  • Helping pay staff for all their hard work bringing Dreambound to life!
  • Supporters at the $30 (AU) tier will receive a digital copy of the PC version of the game! Additional tiers come with nice digital goodies like:
    • Digital Wallpapers
    • Digital OST
    • Dreambound Artbook
    • Special Message in-game
    • Keychain and Postcard sets
    • Dakimakura
    • …and more!

Find Two and a Half Studios

Two and a Half Studios is a small indie development studio based out of Australia with a love for immersive and story-rich visual novels.

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