Kissed By The Baddest Bidder | Eisuke Ichinomiya Review: The Guy I Like is Filthy Rich

Out of all of the available guys in this game, Eisuke Ichinomiya is by far my absolute favorite! He is literally the ultimate otome man, with his handsome face and deep pockets, he’s the total package… But, that’s not all there is to him, when you look beyond his good looks and money, Eisuke is one of the sweetest most compassionate men I have ever had the pleasure of romancing in an otome game!


After the MC finds herself up for sale at a secret black market auction, she fears that she will become the plaything of some sick sadistic bastard… But, lo, Eisuke swoops in like an avenging angel to save her from a life of abject servitude and lavishes her with love and affection!

Eisuke Ichinomiya is the owner of one of Japan’s largest hotels, Tres Spades! Despite his young age, Eiksuke has made a name for himself among Japan’s elites, with his dashing good looks and unparalleled business sense, homeboy has it going on! Women flock to Tres Spades in hopes of merely basking in his presence, but Eisuke has no time for them, he’s more concerned with maintaining the integrity of his hotel and the charitable auctions he periodically hosts. Eisuke is a philanthropist at heart, and if anyone says otherwise they were simply mislead by Voltage’s unfair character bio. It’s tragic how bad of a rap this man gets he truly has a heart of gold, just take a look at the auction he hosts, he acquires rare and expensive items from all over the globe (legally mind you) and he auctions them off in order to help those in need!

Eisuke 1

So when the MC showed up as one of the items for sale, Eisuke immediately put his foot down and rescued her! He didn’t bid on her like some savage, that sort of thing is beneath him,  he just marched up onto that stage and shut the entire auction down, it was truly a sight to behold! He then took the MC up to his penthouse suite until she recovered enough from the whole sordid ordeal to go back to work. He even offered to personally investigate the circumstances surrounding her being put up for auction. Of course the MC was so enamored with her savior that she offered her services as his personal in house maid, in order to pay him back for his kindness. Eisuke tried to refuse, but the MC was adamant about returning the favor, so he allowed her to take care of light housework around the suite, namely making his coffee.

Not once did Eisuke force the MC to do anything she was uncomfortable with, he was considerate of her needs, even giving her time off when she began to feel too overwhelmed by her duties. There were times when Eisuke would literally, I kid you not, put his life on the line to protect the MC from harm! Not to mention, he lavished her with expensive clothes and gifts, because his generosity knows no bounds… That Eisuke is a class act, a true one of a kind gentleman! Voltage just doesn’t write stories like this anymore! But, enough of my fangirling!

*blush* He has such cute pet names for the MC!!

The romance in this route was some of the best I have ever read in an otome game! Eisuke’s courtship of the MC was simply beautiful, it was love at first sight for the wealthy hotel owner and the MC is lucky to have captured the heart of such a wonderful human being! I just don’t have the words to describe how simply fantastic Eisuke is, he made me feel such strong emotions! KYAAAAAAAA! Eisuke is a character that feels things on a deeper level than most people, making him one of the most endearing characters Voltage has written to date!

Do I Recommend Eisuke’s Route?

a thousand times yes

This is by far my favorite route in the game, Eisuke is a prince!! I only wish such a man was real so that I could have a chance to meet him and fall in love with him! The money and good looks are just icing on the cake, Eisuke is the perfect man, sweet, attentive, compassionate, patient, and did I mention a wonderful lover! He really knows how to make a woman feel special and he never once does anything to cause the MC emotional distress.

So, if you’re wondering, I highly recommend NOT playing this route at all! I absolutely loathe Eisuke, the spoiled, stuck up ass! I swear to God, this route made me sick to my stomach the first time I played it! Yeah, he gets better in his subsequent stories, but this twisted stockholm syndrome-esque relationship is unhealthy and horrifying! Happy April 1st everyone!! 

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19 thoughts on “Kissed By The Baddest Bidder | Eisuke Ichinomiya Review: The Guy I Like is Filthy Rich

  1. God, I had a feeling I was being baited. Per our chats I was like….I could’ve sworn she hated this guy….but a glowing review? Then midway I was like..oh…I bet this is an aprils fools joke…hmm maybe not…but didn’t she say to not play this route?! Lol naja u had me going for a second! LOLOL >_<

  2. The contrast between the screencaps and your words confused me at first but then I remembered that it’s April 1st.

    Good one, Naja.

    1. LOL what do you mean? I tried my very best to pick screens the showed just how wonderfully special Eisuke is!

      Oh, is it April 1st? I had no idea that was today XD

      1. The squishiest LOL Plus he’s is so selfless! I didn’t get to put this in the review, but he was even willing to let the MC go when another man confessed his love for her… It’s such a touching scene! XD

      2. …I don’t think I want to know what he actually did. But I see he’s as sweet as Christian Grey.

      3. LOL it was an eye opening experience! I was so overcome with emotions that I nearly broke my iPad…

        Nothing like Christian, Eisuke at the very least has class XD

      4. Poor iPad. I admire your restraint for nor breaking it by throwing it at the wall in a moment of passion.

        Joyous passion of course. Not the enraged kind. Not at all.

  3. Oh my freaking life…your blog looks amazing! Hello again Naja, I know I’ve been gone for a reeally long time but I tried my best to improve myself as a person, artist and student so yeah, sorry.
    Anyways, the looks absolutely fabulous(I personally favor the purple), I truly am sorry for al the misfortunes that happened to you and I personally hope a brilliant future awaits you!
    Man, how great it feels to be back!

    Also this post gave me a heart attack at first. Geez…
    Happy April Fools’!

    1. Awww thank you and OMG WELCOME BACK!! I wondered where you gone off to, I missed you!! *hugs* I’m glad you were able to take care of yourself and get things done, I’m so happy for you! 😀

      LOL yeah, Purple is my favorite color!!

      Aww no, no, stuff happens, I’m just taking things one day at a time and powering through! AWWW thank you so much for all of your love and support it really means a lot to me!!

      Now for the review… A heart attack, because of how wonderful Eisuke is as a character? IKR, he’s a gift from the heavens that man! XD

      Ya know, I had no idea today was the first, crazy how days just sneak up on you like that LOLOL

  4. ROFL!!! In the beginning of this, I was like…did we play the same game? I know it’s been awhile but I don’t remember Eisuke like this…

    Then half way through, I realized what day it was. LOL! Well done. 😀

    1. Ah, then you know just how perfect Eisuke is! 😍😍 stole my heart that man did lol😂😂

      Lol I’m glad you enjoyed the review 🤣🤣🤣

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