[Special Announcement] Livestream Tonight!!


So, I meant to write about this yesterday, but I completely forgot… *ahem* If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I have been tweeting about one thing since yesterday… and if you aren’t following me on Twitter, you should, because that’s where I make most of my big announcements…

Tonight at 7PM EST I will participate in my FIRST EVER Livestream with Fellow Bloggers Lita Kino and Katrina Sade!! Link…. HERE!

YUP!! I will be appearing with these two fantastic ladies for a special one night only livestream event, so definitely stop by and show us some love! It’ll definitely be a night of fun, so don’t miss out!!

25 thoughts on “[Special Announcement] Livestream Tonight!!

  1. Ahh!! I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make this as I have another engagement at 7pm tonight. Are you planning to do another livestream soon after this one?

      1. I’m glad to hear!
        Oh yeah? Time to sit in the bathroom stall at work and just watch the stream while my legs fall asleep! Just kidding. I’ll check it out at home! Thanks for telling me!

      2. Yay!
        Pssst I’m in the same boat except I read blog posts and browse reddit and read manga. It’s my sanctuary. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it on the down low.

      1. HOLY SHIT GURL you are CUTE!!!! (Like no homo rofl but if I was, I’d date you.)
        Excuse me while I watch this entire stream haha thank you SOOOO much for linking it to me! I’m glad I can see it now! ^^

      2. Same! There are so many fake ppl out there it’s mindblowing!!

        LOLOL I’ll be sure to tell him that when I see him later!! *whispers* He needs reminding sometimes lol

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