[New Event Story] Liar! Uncover the Truth’s First Event: Gossip or Truth!? -My Man’s a Celebrity-

Like the title says, Voltage Inc’s newest free to play mobile app, Liar! Uncover the Truth (aka Doubt: Who is the Lying Man?) is now hosting it’s first ever event until December 9th!

The event, Gossip or Truth!? -My Man’s a Celebrity- features the celebrity liars: famous fashion designer, Joe Yazawa; popular mystery novelist, Kazuma Kagami; and international soccer star, Shuto Matsuki! If you want a spoiler free review of the main Liar! game click, HERE, if not keep reading!

In her quest for love, the MC finds herself surrounded by three famous suitors, but dating a celebrity comes with its own set of challenges! When these famous hotties become the subject of sleazy tabloid gossip, it’s up to the MC to uncover the truth!

**Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the images used in this review, ALL images, screenshots, and characters belong to Voltage Inc. Please if you are interested in the game, download the game for free in the App Store or from Google Play and purchase the stories when they are available in your area.**

Event Liars

  • Kazumi Kagami is a flirty, easy going novelist accused of using ghostwriters to achieve his fame. Did Kazumi steal credit for some one else’s work or are the rumors the work of a rival novelist?
  • Shuto Matsuki is a confident soccer star in the middle of a juicy romantic scandal. Is Shuto really having a secret affair with a local reporter or is the man in the pictures a lookalike?
  • Joe Yazawa is a self made fashion designer, whose designs are highly sought after. But when he is accused of sleeping his way to the top, Joe’s reputation takes a bit of a hit. Is Joe using his good looks to get ahead or is this just a bunch of tabloid lies?

Event Details

The event is completely free and doesn’t require the use of tickets! In order to advance the story players must earn Event Cool Points (CP) by participating in the special Event Flirt Time.

Flirt Time

It’s the same process as the normal Flirt Time (FT); players answer multiple choice questions each one with four possible answers! Like normal FT, there are two types of questions: Girl Power Questions and Seduction Questions!

Girl Power Questions can earn a player up to 20 Points, while Seduction Questions can earn up to 50 Points. Answering these questions will earn you one of two scores, Super Cool or Basic, which each correspond to the amount of Cool points you earn. Super Cool responses pay out 20 Points (GP) or 50 Points (SQ) and Basic responses pay out only 10 Points (GP) or 30 Points (SQ).

Flirting requires 1 Energy Point, the same as regular Flirt Time… When players start the event, they receive a bonus 20 Energy Points!!  However, Event Flirt Time also comes with a few added features that set it apart from regular FT:

  1. Flirt time answers are TIMED! Instead of having all the time in the world to answer event flirt time questions, players only have 15 seconds to select the right answer! If the player fails to answer the question in the allotted time, the game will automatically select an answer at random (so there’s a 25% chance of still getting the right answer).
  2. Flirt Items. Since there is a 15 second time limit for answering questions, Voltage decided to add some extra one time use event items to help players out a bit!  Liar_2016-12-01-08-49-30 (3).png
    • +Time- Temporarily removes the time limit!
    • 4⇒ 2- Reduces the number of multiple choice answers from four to two!
    • FEVER x10- Initiates a temporary Fever session that pays out 10 times more Cool Points than normal! You can’t combine this item with regular Fever mode…

Event Routes

Event routes are broken down into two parts: Liars Route and Lovers Route!

Liar_2016-12-01-09-04-00 (2).png

The Liars Route is a simplified version of the Liar Route in the main game and include a Prologue, an Investigation Portion, and an Accusation Portion, with many of the same features that are in the main game:

  • Spend time with each guy during the Question and Investigation portions.
  • Chat with guys on TalkTime and set up dates.
  • Collect evidence by snooping through the guy’s possessions and social media sites during the Investigation portion.
  • Confront the celebrity liars about the tabloid rumors during the Accusation portion.
  • Complete random Cool Points Checkpoints throughout the route (there were a few in the Investigation portion of the Liars Route and Lovers Routes).

After confronting the Liar during the Accusation portion of the event, players are then taken to a character selection screen for the Lovers Route. 

Perhaps the rumors were fake all along, spend quality time with one of the celebs and finally uncover the truth! Is this the start of a new love or is your guy just a dirty liar?! Complete the each lovers route and unlock a special POV story and two special images!

Event Prizes and Bonuses

Data and Liar Files

By advancing the story, players earn Data, which are special stories, images, and voiced segments. Data is earned by meeting special in game event requirements (ie. completing the accusation portion or obtaining all Lovers Route ends). All earned Data can be viewed in the Liar File.


Collecting Data earns Data Points, which are determined based on the rarity of the unlocked Data. Data rarity is measured by stars, with five star Data being the most rare and one star Data being the least rare. Points range from 10 to 1 with rarer Data earning the maximum amount of points. So why is this important? Well, Data Points raise the level of your Liar File which in turn unlock special prizes!!

Early Clear and Completion Bonuses

The Prizes in this event are Data… But, like most mobile otome games, there is a special Early Clear Bonus. Players must complete two of the three Lovers Routes by December 5th @ 10AM (JST) in order to unlock a special three star Data and a special story! The Early Clear Bonus Story covers a sweet alone time between the MC and one of the celebs.The other bonuses are as follows…


final thoughts

So far this a a pretty fun event that gives some of the earlier liars from the main Liar story a bit more face time, namely Joe and Shuto. It seems like the events of Gossip or Truth!? takes place during the events of the main game or I could be wrong and this is an AU of sorts. There is no mention of any of the guy’s secrets from the main story and for Joe and Shuto that really works in their favor, since they were creepy as hell in their respective Liar arcs. I kind of wish that this was the approach Voltage had taken with the celebrity liars instead of the ridiculousness that happened in Liar arcs 1 and 3, but what are you gonna do…

I dunno if I’ll finish the entire event, I don’t have a great record with free mobile apps, so don’t expect a full review. But, overall this is definitely worth a playthrough for fans of Liar!, especially since it makes Shuto and Joe a bit more sympathetic than they were in the main game…

What do you think about the Liar! event? Will you give it a try or do you plan on giving it a pass? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!

7 thoughts on “[New Event Story] Liar! Uncover the Truth’s First Event: Gossip or Truth!? -My Man’s a Celebrity-

  1. I actually think this game is one of the most forgiving games I’ve seen in terms of completion races. The early clear deadlines are all very manageable for free players, and the cool point targets are never too crazy. I’ll be aiming to get all the data files (as long as no coins are involved) 😀

    1. Yes, Voltage really did their best to make this as easy as possible… which I love since I’m terrible at keeping up with free mobage.

      oh man if you get everything ya gotta let me know what goodies you unlock!!

  2. Looks like our discussion from a few days ago predicted it lol. XD At least this event story has got Kazumi in it…not that I hate the other two Kunio is rotting in my hell, but I don’t love them either.
    Heh, maybe I’ll download Liar! again, if not for the sake of the second season and these event stories+the Lovers Routes. Maybe. One day. Or not XD.
    Anyway, great blog as always, congrats for getting nominated for all these awards and happy Thanksgiving, gurl!:3

    1. LOL yup! Yeah, it’s definitely an interesting assortment of characters this time around 😛

      I hope Kunio stays there too, I dunno how I’d feel if Voltage tried to bring him back….

      So far the event is fun, but IDK if it’s worth the trouble. But, at least the checkpoints and whatnot aren’t as crazy as some of their other party apps.

      Aww thank you CartoonGirl!! <3

  3. I tried the Event and managed to finish through Kazumi and Shuto’s stories before it ended. I’m so in love with Kazumi. I even bought his lover’s route and felt so dang satisfied. So naturally his story is the first I played for the Event.

    1. That’s the same as me! I was only able to get through two stories before it ended, but it was still so much fun!!

      Everyone keeps telling me how great his Lovers route is, so I guess I need to hurry up and play it!!

      Other than Kazumi, what other characters did you like?

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