Scandal in the Spotlight – Mini Review

So I sorta kinda fell in love with REVANCE! For those of you that don’t know, REVANCE is the fictional boy band in Voltage Inc.’s mobile otoge Scandal in the Spotlight: Our Secret Love Song. At first I was hesitant, SITS, comes on the heels of Serendipity Next Door, which also featured a secret love affair with a musician. However, unlike Spotlight, Serendipity Next Door was cancelled before the story could really take off.

So I wasn’t really ready to invest my time and money into another game, only to see it cancelled prematurely. Boy am I glad that I changed my mind, the game reminds me of Voltage’s older (at least to me) games like Love Letter from Thief X and Be My Princess, in that I instantly fell in love with all of the characters! There is something special about each and every one of the selectable guys, and believe me when I say I haven’t felt this way about an otome for a long time.

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Game Details


Japan’s the most hottest boy band!
Five members perform, but the sixth–the lyricist–never shows his face. However, his sudden disappearance has forced YOU to take his place!

“We’re not letting you go, Little Miss Ghostwriter.”

You’re about to embark on a life of deception and glamour alongside national pop stars!

Characters of Scandal in the Spotlight

Scandal in the Spotlight Character Relationship Chart
  • Choose Kyohei Rikudoh, producer and front man for the group. He is the charismatic and charming founder of REVANCE, known as Sir Kyo, by his fans. He, Ryo, and Takashi are the founding members of REVANCE. Can your lyrics change pop star’s heart?
  • Next up is, Iori Enjo, known as Prince Iori, by the fans, he is the son of a prosperous and wealthy family. He always hides behind fake smiles and sweet words. But in private, he’s sadistic and cold, with a special dislike for women. But who is the real Iori, behind the mask?
  • Sharp tongued, Kota Igarashi, is the third member of REVANCE. He’s a brilliant actor with a cat like temperament, and a secret sweet side. Can you tame this fierce man?
  • Flirty and care free, Nagito Aoshima, fits right in with your image of a pop star, but what is he really like? In addition to his work with REVANCE, Nagito has worked hard to launch his own fashion label and works as a model and designer. There is more to his playful antics than meets the eye. Can you win this playboy’s heart?
  • Founding member of REVANCE, Takashi Ninagawa, is the mastermind behind all of REVANCE’s music. He is the man behind the music and he throws himself into his work, but watch out when he gets into his zone, he becomes a musical beast! Will your lyrics be the key to unlocking his musical heart?
  • Last but not least, Ryo Chibana, he’s the reason you’re in this mess. Ryo is the secret sixth member of REVANCE and the man behind their catchy lyrics. Can your lyrics convince him to come back to REVANCE?

Scandal in the Spotlight Review

So you (name changeable) are twenty-something living in Tokyo, and an aspiring screenwriter. You find that you have misplaced your screenwriting book, so you head to your local café to search for it, but instead you bump into the handsome barista, Makoto. The super smooth coffee bushier, cheers you up with a piece of cake, some kind words, and a couple of tickets to see the hottest boy band in Japan, REVANCE! The prologue then flashes forward to the concert, where you hear REVANCE singing the lyrics from the song written in your lost notebook. As if on cue your friend tells you that all of the songs REVANCE sings are written by a secret sixth member of the group named Ryo.

Scandal in the Spotlight Kyohei

But all thoughts of stolen lyrics are quickly driven from your mind by the appearance of your lecherous boss. He invites you to the concert’s after party, where he tries to molest you. Yes, the creep tries to drag you off to his room. But, lucky for you two of the boy band members come to your rescue. However, in the process, you manage to rip off your boss’s toupee, embarrassed he runs off. The band to your surprise recognize you from the concert and invite you to their penthouse. They reveal that the tickets you had were actually reserved for Ryo/Makoto, and that he has disappeared.  They then ask you to be their lyricist, and with that your normal life is turned upside down as you step into the backstage world of the spotlight as REVANCE’s new ghostwriter!

So I usually don’t do this, but, I highly suggest you get the special end sets—I know $2.99 for an end set is a bit much. But, not only does it unlock both the Romantic and Dramatic endings, oh no, it unlocks a special VOICED video for each guy! Yes, the boys of REVANCE will serenade you in their individual bonus video. Each guy has a different and distinct voice, which I absolutely adore. My favorite by far is Kota, but I was pleasantly surprised by Takashi, who knew he was the belter of the group?!

As for the endings themselves, I prefer the Dramatic endings, not that the Romantic Time endings are bad or anything. The Dramatic endings just seem more real.

Of course I have a favorite, I always have a favorite, Kota, he stole the show! He and the MC just seem to have more in common, since he’s an actor and she an aspiring screenwriter. The whole romance between the two of them just had me “doki doki-ing” the whole time!

Kota Igarashi Profile
Look at that face, he looks like he needs a big hug!

Overall, I like the game, if you like K-pop/J-pop, boy bands, and forbidden/secret romance; Scandal in the Spotlight is for you! Each route shows a different side of REVANCE and I love how every member fits in to make the group great! This a great game and I am looking forward to Season 2!

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13 thoughts on “Scandal in the Spotlight – Mini Review

      1. Ooooh, did you play them all in TLSL?

        I can’t wait to see what you think of Iori in Scandal, I like him, but I know ppl that hate him lol.

      2. Everyone except Kiyoharu <3 He's my last one! I'm actually pretty pumped to play Iori myself. Hahaha I have a thing his type when done right! His description reminds me of Hidetaka <3

      3. YUP he is exactly like Hidetaka, except he doesn’t hide it well lol

        I dunno I felt bad choosing Kiyo over Sakuya… I just couldn’t do it to the poor guy lol.

        But my favorite guy from Scandal is KOTA! He is such a cutie!!

      4. I literally saved Kiyo for last because I played Sakuya first and I love him and from the description of Kiyo’s story I can tell that you end up having to kind of choose Kiyo over Sakuya and I just know I’m going to have all the feels lol.
        Hahaha now I’m really pumped for Iori! I have to say Kota def grabbed my attention lol he’s another one I’m excited to play.

      5. Yeah, Voltage did the same thing in Butler Until Midnight with Itsuki and Tomoki (brothers) and I was like nope, don’t make me choose!

        But Iori is a fire breathing dragon lol so be ready. But Kota is like a temperamental kitty…

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