Mystic Messenger Bans and the Petition

Edit (9/25): I have been receiving a large number of comments from players that are receiving bans for reasons other than turning back the time on their devices. If you feel that you have been wrongfully banned, contact Cheritz directly and submit an official report on the issue through:!

Edit 9/24: The petition was removed from due to negative backlash on twitter. The creator posted an explanation on Instagram, but it has since been removed

*Cheritz has lifted bans on all wrongfully banned accounts, read the full post, HERE!*

I really thought that I was done writing about Mystic Messenger, but the recent update has many in the fandom up in arms and I think it’s time I gave opinion on the matter.

I do not stand behind that silly Petition, in fact, I think the whole thing is utterly ridiculous! For those who don’t know, Cheritz just released an update that changed some things about the Mystic Messenger experience:

  1. Players that were/are resetting their device times to replay missed chats will now have their accounts PERMANENTLY BANNED!
  2. Max Speed in chats will now be reserved for VIP members only. VIP membership can be  purchased from Cheritz, HERE.
  3. Cheritz will also be restricting the number of save files players can use for free.
  4. Finally, 5 HOURGLASSES will be used every time players load a save file!

First, I see absolutely nothing wrong with these updates. Cheritz is still a relatively small developer and they spent a lot of time and money to make this game a reality. So, it only makes sense that they would try to recoup some of their investments. Developing a game, especially a voiced game requires a considerable amount of money and time. And the fact that Cheritz decided to make the game a free to play app is very generous on their part! So when I saw that some angry fan went out and created petitions against Cheritz on, I was a little pissed off and here’s why…

*This post is my opinion and it’s cool if you don’t agree with it, I am open to hearing what everyone has to say, but I WILL NOT TOLERATE any personal attacks. Do not use my comments section to attack anyone, be sure to keep all discussions tame.

First, to all the folks butt hurt about being banned for turning back the times on their devices… Come on, you knew it wasn’t part of the intended gameplay when you did it, I mean why else was it not a part of any of the guides, FAQ pages, or official Cheritz releases? Because it wasn’t sanctioned by the developer and it constitutes as cheating. Accept your fate and move one… If you were a time turner and you managed to escape the bans, count your lucky stars and don’t kick up a fuss. Simple.

steve harvey what's wrong with youUnfortunately, some single minded individuals decided to unleash their rage at Cheritz by creating a petition on Said petition calls for Cheritz to reverse their Permanent Bans and instead reduce them to Soft Bans… Ummm, no. How about you learn from your mistake and start a new account, only this time follow the rules?

“Mystic Messenger update the game and put a ban to anyone who abuse the game. We all know it is an amazing game but they should be aware that most of the players are students who couldn’t participate in the chatrooms due to school and we cannot stay up at 3 am just for the game either. “

But, what really pisses me off about the petition is the fact that the creator tried to justify their cheating by using the excuse that they are poor students. I know a ton of poor students that play video games and just a few months ago I was one of them. I know what it’s like to be a student; the papers, the assignments, the classes, the stress… believe me, I know the struggle. But, I still managed to find time and funds for my gaming hobby, through moderation and an air tight budget. Not, by complaining about it. So to see someone who claims to be a student using their educational woes as justification for their misdeeds is unacceptable!

“Cheritz needs to adjust the chatrooms time to make it convenient for everyone. Student friendly mode would be helpful for students who barely has time to play.”

Okay, was I the only person to actually read the Cheritz page? Because, I’m pretty sure they say somewhere on their site or in their promotional videos that the game is in REAL TIME! You knew what you were getting yourself into when you started the game. It should not have been a surprise that chat rooms occur at all hours of the day and night, that’s what real time means. And for those of you that insist that Cheritz didn’t tell us about it before hand, people have been talking about the game since it’s release in July… it’s September.

living under a rock.png
Can I get the address of that rock you’ve been living under?

“Plus, hourglasses are really expensive and hard to obtain.”

Okay, like I said before, I was a student only a few months ago and even now that I’ve graduated my funds are still extremely tight. But, anyone that is complaining about the price of Hourglasses has lost their ever loving mind. The Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger are not that expensive, especially when compared with the cost of some pay by route mobile otome. In fact there is a detailed cost breakdown of the game over at It’s a Wonderful World, this blogger outlines the total number of Hourglasses and cash needed to complete the game in one go.

Now that “hard to obtain” bit at the end, are you serious? Cheritz gives us free Hourglasses every single time they update the app. Even this last “controversial” update shelled out a whopping 60 HOURGLASSES. Cheritz has been extremely generous to it’s fans and it is a shame that fans are willing to overlook this fact so easily. How disrespectful and selfish can you be?


I’m not sure if this is a recent edit or what, but the petition creator goes on at length about their love of Cheritz. But after the mini tirade against the Perma Bans, it’s too little too late. Not to mention, I’m disappointed that there are 1,500+ signatures in support of the petition. Really guys? Just count the account as a loss and move on, start a new account only this time, DON’T tamper with the time! It’s okay to miss chats, Mystic Messenger isn’t life or death. Besides that’s what hourglasses are for in the first place, use them to replay the chats you missed or purchase a days worth of chats in advance (that way you don’t have to worry about missing a chat).

Also, the recent assault on the Mystic Messenger Google Play and App Store comments section is childish. Spamming the comments section with one star reviews just because the game isn’t “free” is a waste of energy and time. Ratings, comments, and reviews are meant to help potential buyers get an honest overview of the game before they download/purchase a new app. By flooding the comments section with unhelpful (“I wish the game was free”) one star reviews, not only do you look like a troll, but you prevent potential buyers from enjoying wonderful games.

Finally, as for the Permanent Ban of all time turner accounts, I agree with Cheritz’s decision. They were working on this game for quite some time before they released it in July and that took a lot of money. By cheating you are denying the staff of revenue that would otherwise be put towards paying staff AND for funding future Cheritz releases. So, how about we lay off the hate and take a little time to reflect.

This has been a great year for the otome community; we’ve had a ton of great upcoming announcements and we are finally getting some much needed notice from established game companies in the West. Let’s not let a few sour grapes ruin the momentum! Let’s learn from this experience and move on with all of the grace and poise I know you guys are capable of, kay.

So what do you think about the recent backlash? Do you agree with Cheritz’s decision or do you side with the upset fans? Do you think this will effect the future of otome games in the west? Let me know what you think in the comments section and as always THANK YOU FOR READING!! If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

65 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger Bans and the Petition

  1. I’m 100% on Cheritz’s side in this, which means I agree with you. As you know, I wish to play this game and only don’t because 1. I’m really, really ill, 2. I have no funds to spare on a game right. It’s as simple as that. I can’t, so I don’t, and I sure am not bitching about it or making some petition about how Cheritz is being unfair or anything. They aren’t. In fact Cheritz is an incredible company and they have been really kind. It’s the company that sent me candy and a card for buying their first game. I mean, most newly started companies don’t even do that. And this is only their third. It’s good they’re being noticed, but they are still so small. Kids can complain when they’re big and actually doing something stupid, but so far I don’t disagree with Cheritz.

    1. Exactly, I love Cheritz and since they are still relatively new they do a lot to ensure that the fans are happy. The petition is a huge slap in the face to such a great company and a step back for us in the otome community.

      I feel that the petition creator started this while in an emotional state, rather than taking the time to contemplate the repercussions.

  2. I agree with you too!!
    I found a post on Tumblr about how to reset your game so you can play everything in one day. I was like “why?”
    The fun about this game is to be able to play all days like you’re actually talking to them and so…
    “But, I still managed to find time and funds for my gaming hobby, through moderation and an air tight budget” Yeah, me too!!

    1. My thoughts exactly! the appeal of the game is the fact that it is in real time. There are very few games that do that and it’s what sets them apart from the rest.

      I was a student too so I know how it is, but if you are willing to take shortcuts, you have to be willing to deal with the consequences as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion!! 😀

  3. TBH, I’m neutral in this one, not because I agree with them, because I don’t, but because it became a bit of a vicious fight of insulting each other.
    I agree with the changes Cheritz made, even if I don’t agree with the loads costing Hourglasses, since they said they’d do daily rewards, I’m assuming it’s to balance it out. Even if it isn’t, I’ll still play, and it’s their decision.
    I was a time traveler, once they did the update, I didn’t do it anymore, it’s no water from my back. It baffles me they kept doing it even when in the update it CLEARLY stated they’d ban for doing it. That’s their problem, not Cheritz’s one.
    I said this on Twitter as a reply: 5 stars won’t feed them. And I stand by that still, I’m just turned off that this has become a wordfight, and people are becoming vicious, so I’m putting myself aside all this drama :’)
    BTW, if you quit in the middle of a chat you CAN get banned, so beware that!

    1. I just want to add that everyone seems to be under the impression that the whole 5 HG for loading and no max speed thing for non-VIPs is a new decision. Mystic Messenger was a freemium game from the beginning. They even said in their little loading tips that this is a “free” period because of the amount of bugs that they had to iron it earlier when they first released the game. Everyone knew this was coming.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your opinion! I agree, this was something we knew was coming for awhile. Cheritz has yet to surprise us with anything controversial, every update was either announced in advance in game or on their Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

      2. No no, I know it’s not a new decision~ I just hoped they’d have let it be a free for a little longer, but since they said they’re going to add rewards, it’s going to compensate for it, I’m pretty sure~

    2. Yeah, this whole thing is a big mess and I appreciate your input as a neutral party!

      You are totally right, Cheritz didn’t make these changes without adding additional supports for players.

      Yeah, this has definitely gotten ugly and I don’t agree with the personal jabs from both sides, there’s a way to disagree without putting others down…

      Also thanks for the tip, that’s good to know!

    3. I agree. And i was a time traveler as well and when they updated the game i received 110 HG i think because of a bug or something ( i didn’t knew they updated it) so i started playing Deep story mode that i was struggling to unlock before. I did one time travel bc i missed something bc the app crashed and they banned me. T-T I am a student and it would be nice if they put a student mode.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your opinions on this post!

        Unfortunately Cheritz has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to time manipulation. You can try to contact them and explain the situation through the in game help button or through the help email, and see if Cheritz will reverse their decision but there is no guarantee that will happen.

        I understand how difficult being a student gamer can be, I was on myself a few months ago, but it is unlikely Cheritz will create a student mode. The Mystic Messenger team is made up of 28 people, which is pretty small and it would be difficult for them to make any major changes to the app in the near future. My only suggestion is to either wait until a school holiday or just play the game as is.

  4. AGREED. This is utterly ridiculous. These privileged asshats better get their stuff together because these otome games are not handed out for free. This is their JOB. They need to pay bills, eat, and you know, LIVE like any one else and you shouldn’t whine and complain because, what, $3-4 of yours are being put to good use to support the very people creating these games you claim to love.

    Pokeninja, I hope somehow these people grow up. I cannot explain how pissed off I am to see so many people go “I’d rate this 5 stars if it were free.” GROW UP AND GET A JOB YOU ASSHAT.

    Sorry, it just seriously pisses me off. You, me, and so many others who love otoge actually pay for them to support those who slave over making these games for us. And then others have to complain about every damned thing.

    If you love otome games, you’ll realize that this is a business first and foremost.

    1. I agree with everything you said, Leafy and I really appreciate you dropping by to give your opinion. I can’t tell you how many time I see those “I’d give it 5 stars if it was free” comments in the Play and App stores. And every time I see it they piss me off! Ratings and comments are supposed to help determine whether a game is worth purchasing or not, not a place for you to vent your frustrations at being asked to pay for a service! Comments like that only hurt those who enjoy otome games, because developers see it as a hostile market, which means fewer devs will attempt to bring otome games over to the west.

      I feel you though, I was at a Jazz concert yesterday and this mess was all over my timeline… I had to turn my phone off so I could enjoy the show…

      It’s a shame that people are so upset about the bans…

      1. Nah, lol I just shut the phone off. I had so much fun at the concert that I forgot all about it until this morning lol

        Exactly, supporting games proves that there’s a market for them here in the west. By not supporting them devs assume we don’t want them.

        So hopefully this situation gets handled better in the future… sigh

  5. It’s truly very sad that there are “fans” like these in the gaming world…Of course anyone gets excited when they see free stuff, but being an asshole because it isn’t or because the available free stuff “isn’t convenient” is REALLY maddening. Like you mentioned, I lost count of all the people I’ve seen giving bad reviews/1 star ratings on something because it’s not free (have also seen this happen when the game is only in japanese); like, the creators can get really discouraged about these things and it can also make other potential buyers stay away. It’s beyond being childish: it’s rude, whimsical and stupid. I honestly hope these people start coming down to earth and understanding that game creators/story creators/artists and others among the creative world are also human beings who have feelings and need to support themselves. What’s even more maddening is the fact that they have the guts to justify their behaviour by saying they’re “poor”. What? Cheritz hourglasses are not even as expensive as other stuff I bought on mobile games and the game is even free if you have the patience to wait…oh, wait, they don’t have any patience (or consideration, for that matter). Did they ever hear about the word “save”? It’s in every single game in history.

    I really really hope creators aren’t discouraged but these type of people and keep bringing wonderful otome games to the west. It’s in these tough times that we need to support them the most and let them know we’re not like the ones who keep being jerks.

    Great post!!

    1. Awww, thank you for taking the time to share your opinions on this post! I agree with everything you said, it’s individuals like this that upset the balance. Now, Cheritz is being really strict with the app and people are getting banned for little things like leaving chats idle for too long. It’s a shame that it has come to this, but when ppl are taking advantage of the devs generosity, this is unfortunately the next step.

      Hopefully this situation is handled better in the future, since this is a great game from a great company.

      Cheritz has done everything in their power to make the MM experience as fun and supportive as possible and I’d hate for this negativity to effect other player’s experiences.

      1. No prob! Thank you for making this post 🙂
        It’s really sad that Cheritz has to resort to banning people for little things because of the ones who cheated and are even “demanding” that their ban is taken off. They’re even generous enough to give free hourglasses with each update…Hopefully things get resolved in a better way, Mystic Messenger is a wonderful game and it’s a shame that so many unhealthy people are covering Cheritz’s efforts with mud.
        And hopefully these type of situations are reduced until finally disappearing. *Sigh* why can’t some otome fans be more considerate…maybe it’s because of these type of things that not many companies want to bring otome games to the west. What I’m very happy about is that not everyone has that disrespectful and childish attitude of “games should be free because I can’t afford them” and are willing to support creators honestly 🙂

  6. It’s obvious the game wasn’t meant to played like that. If players found a loophole it’s a loophole and it should be up to you to decide whether you want to take advantage of it. But once that loophole is closed, don’t be surprised — let alone be angry! Of course they’re going to try to patch it eventually!
    But I don’t know about the bans for leaving chats idle and stuff. That sounds extreme.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your opinion !

      I definitely agree with your points! If you chose to exploit a loophole, you should gracefully accept the consequences.

      Now I don’t know if the idle chat bans are a glitch or what, hopefully Cheritz addresses this issue soon.

  7. I feel quite sorry for Cheritz. Although I understand where the anger from the upset fans came from, but what they did was unreasonable and selfish. They need to understand that people need to earn money. Games need money to be sustained. So everytime, not just Cheritz, when i see some selfish person complaining about a game needing money, it’s quite annoying. Why should everything be free for them? How do you expect companies to keep releasing games without money? They have their own lives too. So I’m on Cheritz’s side too. If they can’t afford to keep up with the game, just wait. Like how I know I’m not allowed to spend money on hourglasses and I can’t afford to lose so much sleep, I’m simply waiting until I’m no longer a high school student. I’ll keep myself entertained with different things meanwhile.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your opinion!

      I definitely agree with your points, as another commenter mentioned earlier, Cheritz is a business. But it’s a shame that some individuals don’t take that into consideration when dealing with issues like this.

      I totally agree with your methods,because it is one that I use myself. If you can’t enjoy a game right now, just wait until you can.

  8. I was banned earlier today but I have never modified the game time. Whenever I missed a chatroom or phone call, I just used the HG because I didn’t want to risk a ban. I enjoyed the game so much that I bought two calling cards as well, and was thinking of purchasing HGs for when I play deep story. Except now I’m banned lol.

    I do believe that people who actually kept resetting and turning back time should be banned, but I’m just frustrated for everyone else who may be in my situation.

    Also, the HGs aren’t even that expensive when compared to other apps, or even other mobile otome games, so I don’t see a reason to try and cheat the system. Developers work really hard , they deserve to be paid, and if buying HGs and calling cards help, I don’t mind paying that.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you were banned, but I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions on this matter.

      Unfortunately Cheritz is going to be on the offense for a bit, while they sort through how best to deal with this situation. So, I expect to hear a lot more stories like yours in the coming days and weeks. My suggestion is that you contact Cheritz and let them know what the issue is and hopefully they can assist you with reinstating your account.

      I’m really glad to see that despite your current situation, you are still willing to support the game developers.

      1. I strongly suggest you to send email to Cheritz. Their team was really kind and responsive so I believe that the issue will be solved soon ^^.

        I had purchased 1500 HG and 2 call cards so far. In a good price if may add. I just need to cut down on eats and books budget for two month TT_TT but definitely worth it. Well what can I say, I really am become impatient when I played a new route for the first time hahaha

  9. Well, i personally love the game and the concept of it is just awesome. I love how real it seems, the calls etc.
    and honestly, i can understand Cheritz takes some money to buy hourglasses for some features. It’s totally normal and understandable since the app is already for free and there are no ads aswell. A good thing.
    I can understand too that they’re banning people who turn back the time on their phone but it would really suck if they took hourglasses for loading a saved gane. I gotta admit, there are a few things that i’m angry about aswell and these are:
    1.) The chats come at the most inconvenient times like in the middle of the night (i haven’t slept for days because of that). It would be better if they could adjust it to your time zone.
    I hope they won’t ban you for loading a saved file (which is practically going back in time aswell, does anyone know if they ban you for this??)

    2.) Getting banned should be lighter. They could maybe give a warning but not ban immediately.
    I for example, we travelled to the Usa 2 weeks ago and my account got banned aswell just because the time goes back (i’m from germany).
    I’m glad i was only at day 3.

    3.) Lately they seem to ban some people for no reason. I’m afraid already…
    A friend of mine spent 20$ on hourglass amd she got banned and the money was gone.
    It’s not fair.

    These are the things i would really like them to change.
    Other than that, the game is perfect 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and share your opinion on this post!

      As far as I know, players are only being banned for turning back the time on their devices manually and for leaving chats idle/exiting chats prematurely. Outside of that I have only seen isolated cases of unexplained banning, but that is to be expected for the next couple of days/weeks. Cheritz is trying to draw the line on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Hopefully Cheritz will solve the issues soon, but for the time being, all I can say is contact Cheritz about the issues and wait until they are able to respond.

      As for the chatroom times, my only suggestion is to use HGs to unlock 24 hrs worth of chats that way you can sleep.

  10. I will be completely honest, I agree with you 100%… however, I wasn’t banned for turning back time on my device, I was banned for using hourglasses to go back to missed chatrooms… like you’re supposed to if you miss a chatroom.

    I don’t know if it was because I used it on 3 chatrooms in a row… I mean, I missed a lot. I’m usually a night owl so I have no problem getting the late night chatrooms, but I did go to bed early last night so I missed the chatrooms I usually get. Thus, I used the hourglasses to get to the missed chatrooms.

    When I finally caught up to where I was supposed to be, I got permanently banned. I was on day 9.

    I didn’t really know how to react at first… I mean, I was permanently banned for using hourglasses to get to missed chatrooms like I was supposed to. It said that I was banned for abusing time, but like I said, it’s not like I was changing the time on my phone.

    I believe it was just because the system thought I was changing the time on my phone or if it was just a glitch, but I don’t know. So maybe people should get a warning beforehand/a soft ban/even a ban appeal if they keep the permanent ban thing going on. I don’t really know…
    I mean, the game is fun, and I love it, I just think that maybe they should fix the system a bit so it bans people that are literally changing the time on their phones (with the exception of people who are travelling).

    1. First, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us, and I am sorry to hear that you were banned for doing what you are supposed to do in the game.

      Right now I feel like Cheritz is trying to draw a line by nipping anything that appears to be game manipulation in the butt. Unfortunately, I feel like the random bans are going to be the norm for a little while. My only suggestion is that you reach out to Cheritz and explain what happened and hopefully they will be able to restore your account.

      I totally agree about the traveling issue and the random banning, but the best thing we can do now is just let them know what’s going on so they can fix it. I hope this helps a bit.

  11. I agree cheating is wrong but I’m really confused… My account just got banned and I’m not sure why. I wasn’t even aware that there was a way to cheat or to get around missing chats. I’ve already sent an email to Cheritz but I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it. Is there a way I could have done something wrong without realizing it? Or is it just a mistake?

    1. Hey thank you for reaching out. I’m not sure why your account was banned, but if I had to guess…I’d say that it is probably because Cheritz is being hyper vigilant in light of the time turner cheat. You might not have done anything wrong at all. This is probably just cheritz being proactive and I feel like they will restore all accounts that we banned due to some error on their part. Unfortunately all we can do is wait for Cheritz to respond to your report or make an official announcement.

      Sorry I couldn’t be much help, and I hope they reach out to you soon.

      If you don’t mind my asking, what was the last activity you performed in the app?

      1. I hope I hear back soon, I really enjoy the game and if I don’t get my account back I don’t think it will be worth starting a new account. I’ve made a few purcheses of hour glasses so I’ll be very frustrated if I don’t get those back. The last action I preformed was participating in a chat at the time it happened so I’m not sure how that would have affected the ban at all. Earlier today I did read through and participate in some chats I missed but I either read through them without particpaing or paid the hour glasses to actually participate in them. And thanks for the feedback anything is helpful I just wasn’t sure if there was a way I did something wrong by accident or if people are having their accounts banned by mistake.

      2. I only asked because a few other commenters mentioned being banned for reasons similar to your own.

        Hopefully you hear back soon, but I really just think that Cheritz is being hyper vigilant right now so that anything outside of strictly reading the chats when they occur will throw up a red flag.

        I really hope they fix the situation soon.

        Again thank you for sharing that, maybe your comment will help someone else and I hope I was a little helpful.

    2. Did you by any chance pause during a chat? This, apparently, can lead to a ban. I’m certain Cheritz will provide with an explanation and hopefully the ban is removed.

      1. Ah.. Yes I have before but it’s been a while. That could be it though. That’s really frustrating that you can get banned for that since it’s a feature they added and you still miss the chats afterwards. I hope they shed some light on the situation and I can get everything figured out! Thanks for your input! I had no idea you could get banned for that.

      2. I think they are worried that the pause function will be abused. If the pause if only for a short time, it should be fine, but a longer pause might result in a ban, I’m afraid.

  12. You know, I got banned, not because of that time thing but because I used a bug to get like 1000 Hourglasses for free.
    And when I got banned i just laughed because I knew what I did and felt sorry. So I just created a new account and stopped cheating or using those bugs.
    Even if I got banned I’m on Cheritz side and understand why they did that.
    If you got banned for cheating stop being butthurt and accept that you did something wrong.

  13. So I got banned by doing the time thing, so as my sister, I regret it. Then I made another account with a different email and password, like seriously. The story just restarted, like on what always happens after getting an ending, it’s still the same thing (except ur HGs, Extras, photo album, etc.).

    I still don’t understand while people complain even if they didn’t take inApp Purchases, no need to complain, just start a new account, start a new storyline, and that’s it! Just the same way like before.

    P.S. I agree with Cheritz now, because I realized that time thing is unfair for the company.

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your story! Hopefully it will help others who were banned due to time manipulation understand that the ban isn’t the end of the world.

      Again thank you for commenting and I hope your MM experience goes well in the future! 🙂

  14. Oh my God, I was really ignorant. Never know anything about this whole petition.

    What should I say hmm, I just send an email to Cheritz team to send my appreciation. Because honestly Mystic Messenger is the best otome game that I’ve ever played.
    And If I were ended up spending my whole fortune on it, it was definitely my choice to made, and my action to take responsibility of. Cheritz team never made me pay by force. So I don’t understand why people start to blame them.

    The developer team sure have family to fed and bills to pay. So If you think their efforts do you good and you want to support them, then spend some money. If you dont think so, then don’t spend money. It’s supposed to be so simple.

    Btw, you had a nice blog. Will happily read other articles, in hope to stumbles with some cool game reviews.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and share your thoughts!

      I agree Cheritz is an amazing developer and they definitely deserve our support while they work through these issues. I agree this is a wonderful game and I think it’s wonderful that you feel so positively about it.

      Aww thank you! I’m so glad that you like my blog and your kind words really mean a lot to me. Feel free to check out my other reviews and content at your leisure and feel free to comment and let me know what you think! 😊

  15. I got banned earlier today and it said I abused the game by modifyig the time which I did not do. I clicked the help at h bottom left of the log in screen which took me to a form. Should I also email ?

    1. As long as you filled out the form it should be fine. However, if the ban isn’t lifted by the Friday update, definitely send them an email about the issue.

      But, if you want to do both now that’s fine as well. Just know that Cheritz will be releasing an update on Friday that will automatically reinstate all wrongfully banned accounts.

      I hope that helps!😊

  16. Greetings~
    I was one of the people who turned back time. I played 3 routes like that, was a bit upset I lost all the progress and pictures, but in the end I know I did wrong so what can I do but regret ^^’ I started a new account and got scared when some people got banned for no apparent reason ’cause I spent some money on it now. I’m a bit paranoid and hope they solve the issues.
    I’m on Cheritz side 90%. The 10 other percent being against the LOAD feature costing hourglasses, because I’m using that to get around paying for missed chats. Meaning, if I get up too late and miss a chat at 7am, and I manage to get up on time the next day, I load it from there and continue playing (I always save after a completed chatroom). I mean that’s the point of this feature, isn’t it? If it’s not free, I don’t see the point in using it. I can just straight up pay hourglasses for the missed chatroom, what’s the difference?
    On an unrelated side note, I thought someone might know here. Do you have to finish all routes to unlock the Secrets? I started Jumin’s story recently on the new account, I played through the normal routes before but that account got banned as mentioned above. It would kinda suck to have to go through all stories again (I know it’s my own fault *sigh*).

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post and leave your opinion!

      As for your comments about the load feature, I believe Cheritz mentioned that they would add a daily rewards feature that would balance out having to spend Hourglasses on loading.

      As for your question about secret routes, I am unsure of what you mean by Secrets. The extras and after stories unlock after you finish a route, so if that is what you were talking about, then yes. You’ll probably have to play through those routes again to unlock their character specific extras.

      I really hope this helps!😊

      1. Thanks for the reply!
        Daily rewards sound nice. I’m looking forward to that.
        What I meant is in the Extras there are the after stories for each of the characters and additionally 2 Secrets that are supposedly about V and some other character maybe (don’t know any details). I heard that you have to complete all characters first to unlock them, and I hope it’s not true.

      2. I believe those stories will be released later on in the future, so we have to wait a bit. Cheritz hinted at some additional content a little while ago.

        I hope not either lol because I’m skipping a few characters lol

  17. Ok, I’m on Cheritz’s side, and I agree with their decisions, because they do have bills to pay and families to feed. I got banned twice, for time travelling, and now regret both. (For the record, one was a test run, then it didn’t ban me then I got banned on my main account then that test one… I’ve learnt now) I simply made a new account, and didn’t cheat. Not the end of the world.

    I just have one concern; if Cheritz is being hyper vigilant about time travelling and bans, what’s gonna happen when daylight savings rolls around? Is every person in the West gonna be banned? I’m just kinda scared to be banned again. I’m so close to finishing Yoosungs route…

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your story!!😊

      I was worried about that too since I live in the States!

      But, they made an official announcement about it on their tumblr and twitter accounts. From what I read they will take the time shifts into consideration in future updates so you shouldn’t have to worry about being banned for that.

  18. I’m 100% on Cheritz’s side. Honestly, I cannot believe some people actually had the cheek to complain about getting banned for cheating and then trying to justify it with being “poor students”.

    I’ve been supporting Cheritz ever since they started when they only had Dandelion. I was a poor student then too. But I saved and PAID for the game. A year later, when Nameless rolled out, I did so as well because I honestly liked what they were doing (and omg no more stat grinding!!!). In fact, MM being a Freemium game is stunning to me, considering how Cheritz is still a relatively small firm.

    Even more stunning is that, in some of the MM chat groups I was in, there was even people talking about how good those games are and being huge fans of Cheritz then spreading free files of Dandelion and Nameless!

    It breaks my heart because if not because of poor students like me who decided to pay for those games, there would have been no MM. And if you’re a real supporter, you’ll be convincing people those games are worth the money not giving them free files! )):

    As for MM this time I didn’t buy anything since I missed the VIP package pre-order and didn’t want to pay the amount + shipping after. But because of all the free hg we’ve been getting, I don’t feel the difference at all. I pay for reading in advance as well as phone calls to the guys after almost every chatroom. And I love it! I love how the calls are always relevant to the chatrooms but do not affect your knowledge of the storyline much even if you didn’t call/pick up..

    In some ways, I would have preferred if they just made us pay a fixed price for the entire game. But Cheritz’s current system is innovative as well as open to allowing even non-paying customers to have a good time without losing out on much. So people who complain about being poor and not able to afford ought to just be thankful they can even play without paying in the first place instead of complaining that they’re unable to get away with even more.

  19. Can I totally agree on your post here??

    I think it’s quite appalling how people are reacting to something that is blatantly considered cheating – and bashing on Cheritz for it too??
    As a person who has successfully completed 2 routes and is on her 3rd, I just want to say that all this backlash is quite uncalled for. The main issue here is can you, or can you not commit to the game and it’s requirements? The game provides plenty of options to continue playing a day – if you miss a chat, you can use HG. If not, just save and load the next day to keep playing from the same time. I’m also not the biggest fan of some of the chat timings (3/4am ones ughh), but as it is set, so it has to be played. Currently I’m standing with 198 HG (didn’t buy any), including the fact that – I have spent 40HG unlocking 2 after endings, and also have spent some HGs on missed chats. I still have over 30HG to get from my guests and 15HG from my 1500+ hearts. Cheritz has been extremely generous with the 50/60 HGs for the past few updates, and we can usually count on 10HG per update every few days. In any case, I would definitely consider paying out real money for purchasing HG because this is just such a wonderful game. I’ve played a few otome games before and it’s always deleted from my phone within a few days because of how boring it is.

    tl;dr – I think Cheritz is quite fair on its stance because MM is an amazing game and they’ve been quite generous with their HGs recently,

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!! I totally agree with everything in this comment! Cheritz is one of the most generous game devs there are and to see people treating them so badly really makes me mad. If only ppl could be more understanding…

  20. I just have a question. I’ll have a timezone automatic hour change this saturday. Do you think it will also count as hour manipulation? Like I can’t do anything is winter hour change 🙁

  21. Hi! I would like to ask what signs will the game show you that you’re banned? Will it show “Network Error. Please Try Again” endlessly even if you pressed retry?

    1. Sorry this has taken me so long to get too, but I feel like that is a system error. From what I gather, if you have been banned you actually get a pop up notice that says your account has been banned. If the problem is on going I suggest giving Cheritz a heads up through their help email address. I hope this helps 😀

  22. I am planning to earn money from my talent and start selling DIY crafts just for the calling cards and hourglasses. I have a bank account but my mom is not letting me to use it even though its my own money.
    I am a grade 8 student and i stay at school for almost whole day like 17 hours, sometimes 18. My christmas break is almost over and i came to the point that i cried because of this. But i realized sooner that what Cheritz had been through is also hard and that i decided to try other route’s on my summer vacation. I
    Hardly suggest for those students like me to just watch in youtube about your favourite part or route of your character for it is fun too. I only wanted to play it myself to make my own choices and experience it like it is real but, it is life we cant do anything for it… For those who are giving petitions, please I beg you to think first before Cheritz will change their generosity

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