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Okay, first I want to apologize for being late with this post! I am currently out of town for the holiday weekend and there is no wifi where I’m at… so I am literally reliving my childhood. It also seems like every time there is a big announcement in the otome community,  I’m away on vacation or something…

Mind you all, I’m still on vacation…I am literally writing this from my Galaxy S7. So forgive me for a few errors/weirdness, as it is hard to post from this thing and I avoid it when I can!

Aksys to Localize More Otome Games

Say what you will about Aksys and their previous forays into the world of otome localization, from the…dismal translation of Norn9 to the successful adaptation of Sweet Fuse, Aksys has been a bit of a shot in the dark. But, at present they seem to be one of the few companies willing to even consider localizing games for the West. So, instead of pointing out their flaws, I want to take this time to celebrate some momentous news: they will be localizing not one but FOUR otome titles! Let that sink in for a minute! FOUR otome games: Bad Apple Wars, Period Cube, Collar x Malice, and the Code Realize fandisk! So let’s run through them all!

Bad Apple Wars

Bad Apple Wars is a 2015 otome game from Ideas Factory, released by Otomate for the PS Vita. The game follows a young woman who finds herself enrolled at a school for lost souls after an incident at her school’s entrance ceremony. All students that manage to graduate from NEVAEH, will be able to return to their normal lives.

Okay, this looks like a cool concept that I have seen several times before in anime and manga, but this will be my first time seeing it in an otoge!  I’m really interested in giving this game a shot once it is released in 2017!

Period Cube

Next up is otome game based on the drama CD of the same name, by Otomate. As of right now, this game has yet to be released, so we can only hope that this will be a simultaneous Japanese/Western release… While searching for her missing brother a young woman finds herself transported into the world of a popular online RPG. In order to escape the protagonist along with her childhood friend must clear the game.

This kind of reminds me of Sword Art Online, but as a reverse harem. I’m curious about this game and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us in 2017.

Collar x Malice 

The third announced game is another upcoming otoge game, set to be released in Japan in August! Aksys is definitely trying to get ahead of the game this time around and I love it! The game follows a policewoman on the trail of some serial crimes in her city when she is attacked by a mysterious assailant. Confused and with nowhere to go, she is suddenly approached by a group of strange men who are also on the trail of the mysterious goings on.

Code Realize~Future Bessings~

Tumblr went crazy about this title when it was announced a few months ago! The last game announced for localization is none other than the Code Realize Fandisk! I am so stoked about this game, like beyond words!!!

MangaGamer Game Announcements

So on the heels of all those otome localization announcements is MangaGamer with an exciting mix of upcoming game releases!!!

If You Love me, Then Say So!

So I will admit that eroge games aren’t really my cup of tea, but this game definitely has a great design! The game boasts an extraordinary degree of player freedom within game, which some may find refreshing…

Hadaka Shitsuji- Naked Butlers

It has been awhile since MangaGamer released No Thank You, and I was starting to think that was going to be it for the BL games… and then this happened! As a BL fan, I am over the moon about this announcement! The game, originally released back in 2011, follows a normal college student who finds his everyday life tuned on its head when he is unceremoniously fired from his job. Broke and desperate he answers an ad calling for butlers and the rest is history!

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Okay so think She’s All That, with photography and sexy time… This is the first official 18+ otoge release, and despite some lackluster reviews I’m excited!

This game will be released in two formats, the regular 18+ format and the special all ages Steam release!

final thoughts

I am super excited for all of these upcoming game releases! Finally, we otome gamers are getting our time in the sun, but do not let this moment of triumph make you all complacent! Keep pushing,  keep messaging, tweeting, and sharing! Let your voices be heard, companies are listening, the time is now to strike while the iron is hot!! We got this!

Are you guys as excited about these announcements as I am? What games are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments section! Remember to LIKE and SHARE! As always THANK YOU for reading!!

17 thoughts on “[News] Upcoming Games from MangaGamer and Aksys

  1. Sadly, I’m about as not excited about these as I’m ready to collapse on my bed and sleep for the rest of the week. If it had been any other company than Aksys for BAP, Period Cube and CxM, I would had had something to look forward to, but nope. I’m going to just stick with Japanese otome games or RPGs for now.

    1. I’m holding out hope for these titles, since it’s rare that otome games even get looked at for localization. Perhaps the announcement is a sign of change at Aksys in terms of their localization team. Only time will tell.

      1. Unless they prove themselves to me, I can’t trust them enough to buy otome games from them. I’ve bought all their otome titles so far and it has just gone downhill with the three I have played. I still have Sweet Fuse to play (and well… the rest of Norn9), but considering both Sweet Fuse and Hakuoki are from a while ago… Yeah, I’m really skeptical about the quality they will have for their new games. I’ve lost any respect I had for them back when they released Hakuoki after Norn9.

  2. It’s great that companies are willing to invest on such a niche market. Tbh, I’m wary about the Aksys games, so I’ll wait and see, but I’m rooting for them to do it right and good.
    MangaGamer has really stepped up the ladder with bringing the very first JP R18+ otome game, so I’m hoping it is as good as some reviews said it was.
    Though the one I’m most excited for is that 999 is getting a remaster, with voices, and HQ art. Voiced Santa!! /squeals

    1. Same, but I’m hopeful, this is still a good thing! Hopefully this is a sign of change.

      Yes, MangaGamer has more than earned my money, so no worries there!

      1. Me too, I’m rooting for them, and see it as a good move. I won’t lose hope until they come out and see reviews, ditto for Taisho Alice.
        MangaGamer has really outdone themselves, specially with snagging and bringing niche&indie visual novels,like Umineko/Higurashi, and now BL and otoge (✪㉨✪)

  3. I’m just so happy to see this day arrive. I hope this continues and more otome games are released. So long as Aksys does their best with their translations…they usually are fantastic. Code Realize, Hakuoki, and Sweet Fuse were all great as were the translations. I just sincerely hope they choose another team than the one they used for Norn9…that was awful.

    1. Same I am so happy about this, but I really do hope that Aksys picks a different team. I bought Norn9 when it was on sale for 5 bucks on PSN, so I’m not as pissed about buying it as some folks who paid full price…

      I’m really looking forward to 2017, and I’m hopeful more companies will take the hint and start localizing more otome games too.

      1. Good for you haha I bought it the day it came out…but Gamestop took forever. I like having the phsyical copy on my shelf…but damn do I get moments of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rofl
        Same!! Do you know when Bocchimusume is coming out?

      2. Usually I do too, but when I heard how bad the translation was I waited. Lol everytime I pick up the game, I go nope and shut my vita off again lol.

        Bochi musume should be out in 2017 like the rest, there is no official release date yet so we’ll see. I’m still waiting on Kenka Bancho, that game looks awesome.

      3. Haha well that’s good. I should’ve waited but I was too excited…at least Code was great. Did you ever play that? Sorry my brain is DERP
        And ooo 2017 looks like a great year then. Gotta get through classes and not fail them rofl
        Hopefully Spike annoucnes Kenka. But then maybe they don’t want to compete with all those annoucned otoge? They said if we wanted a western release they’d consider it but still no updates…

      4. So I have Code…and I have played maybe 15 minutes of it before I put it down and never picked it up again lol. It was during the school year and I was working on my Capstone project so I had to stop playing, but I liked what I played.

        Yes, girl get through those classes! You got it!

        Yeah I figured, but Kenka looks like my kind of otoge lol. Maybe they’ll announce it one of these days…

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