My Top Ten Favorite Voltage Guys

Okay so this started out as a Top Five List…but I just couldn’t narrow it down to just five guys. So, I scrapped that idea and instead expanded the list to My Top Ten Favorite Voltage Guys. These guys are my personal favorites, and this was by far the hardest list to compile. I like each of these guys for different reasons and it was really hard ranking them from 10 to 1, they are all just so wonderful *sigh*.

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As with any Top Ten List, this list is based on my opinion, so please put away the torches and pitchforks, because your favorite guy didn’t make the list…Remember this is my list, not yours. However, if you feel like there is a guy that should be on this list, leave a comment on this post, tell me about him.

Number 10: Takeshi Yuno- Dreamy Days in West Tokyo


This guy definitely gave me a run for my money (see what I did there?), starting out the list at number ten is Takeshi Yuno from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. Take is the quiet kid who spends his time reading manga alone in the corner. While he may be stingy with his words, Take is a loyal and sweet companion. He is an avid runner with his sights set on a professional career in the sport.

Why I Like Him: Take is such a big kid at heart, I love how excited he gets about manga! He is extremely awkward, but once he falls in love, Take is a pretty passionate guy. I especially like the way he handles adversity, he has a fighter’s spirit which makes him one of my favorites!

Number 9: Mitsuru Sanada- First Love Diaries~ A Kiss on the Beach


Some times there are characters that just catch you by surprise, they kind of sneak up on you, this is the case with the number nine pick, Mitsuru Sanada from First Love Diaries. He is a manipulative and calculating guy, who treats love like a business transaction. But, deep down he is extremely passionate and sensitive. He is the son of a prominent family of doctors, who wants nothing more than to be a veterinarian, but his father is hell bent against the idea.

Why I Like Him: He is what you might refer to as a cold intellectual. At first he is abrasive and snarky, but the more he falls in love the more vulnerable he becomes. He starts out pretty apathetic about his future, resigned to following in his father’s footsteps. But after meeting the MC and finding love he grows a pair, he stands up to his father and forges his own future.

Number 8: Naomasa Sakura- True Love Sweet Lies


At number eight is the stoic, silent lawyer and private investigator, Naomasa Sakura from True Love Sweet Lies. Naomasa is a man of few words, which can be off putting at first. But just because he’s quiet doesn’t mean he is completely without emotions. He can be just as passionate as the rest of the guys, he only needs the right catalyst. He was definitely a surprise favorite of mine in the game.

Why I Like Him: There is so much more to this quiet giant than meets the eye. Upon first glance he seems reserved, maybe even a little cold, but when he falls in love watch out! He is a passionate man, whose “vigor” more than makes up for his quiet disposition.

Number 7: Kota Igarashi- Scandal in the Spotlight


A man of many faces, actor turned pop star, Kota Igarashi from Scandal in the Spotlight comes in at number seven on this list. He is a brilliant actor, capable of mastering any role he’s given. But, when it comes to love he is a complete novice. Kota is the Revance member with the temperament of a moody cat. With his sharp words and surly disposition, this guy will really keep you on your toes.

Why I Like Him: Because I like hot/cold characters. Kota is a brilliant actor, but because of his age he still has trouble portraying some emotions on cue, namely love. I liked watching him grow personally and professionally as he opened his heart to the MC.

Number 6: Soryu Oh- Kissed by the Baddest Bidder


Cool mafia boss, Soryu Oh, from Kissed By the Baddest Bidder managed to snag the number six spot on this list. No one can deny that being a member of the mafia comes with it fair share of perks; power, wealth, and loyalty. But, at what cost? Freedom. The mafia is all he has ever known, all of his hopes and dreams were tied to the organization, that is until he discovered love.

Why I Like Him: Soryu has to deal with the conflict between his duty to the Ice Dragons and his duty to his heart. Voltage did an excellent job presenting Soryu as a man first and a mafia boss second. He is a red-blooded man just like any other, and just like normal man he wants a normal, everyday, ordinary happiness.

Number 5: Hades- Astoria Fate’s Kiss


It wouldn’t be a Top 10 list without this gorgeous caramel god, so coming in at number five, is Hades from Astoria Fate’s Kiss. Hades completely caught me off guard, he is the perfect gentleman, from his impeccably tailored suit right down to his calm demeanor. It takes a lot to get this guy flustered. As the God of the Underworld, he wields considerable strength and power both on Earth and up on Olympus.

Why I Like Him: He is surprisingly down to earth for a god. He treats everyone equally, no matter what their status is. They say you can tell a lot about a man by watching how he treats his subordinates. Hades values everyone equally and is always open to the opinions of others.

Number 4: Kai Fujisawa-My Wedding and the 7 Rings


The cold IT Executive with an ax to grind against the company that ruined his childhood, at number four is Kai Fujisawa from My Wedding and the 7 Rings. No one can deny that Kai is capable at his job, but his cold and distant personality leaves much to be desired. This is definitely one of the darker Voltage Inc routes and easily one of the best! Kai is one of my new favorites, and I sincerely look forward to seeing how his story plays out!

Why I Like Him: He is very much a product of his circumstances. But, when Kai opens up, he is a very sensitive and compassionate man. He is a possessive lover, but he never lets his emotions get the better of him (okay maybe once, but that worked out in the end). He puts the MC’s needs before his own and only pushes her away in order to protect her. Kai is a must read!!!

Number 3: Joshua Lieben- Be My Princess

josh stats

No matter how much time passes, or how many Voltage guys I choose, this Prince will always have a special place on any list! At number three is Prince Joshua Lieben from Be My Princess. He is a stubborn jerk, with some serious entitlement issues, but he’s a prince so I guess it make sense. He is bound by the rules of his country and at times he can be rather inflexible, but deep down he is a passionate man, with a deep love for his people and his country.

Why I Like Him: Joshua is such a dork. Because of his royal status he new to the ways of normal people, so a lot of his actions and words rub people the wrong way. He’s clumsy with love, and it is so cute to see his princely mask completely crumble as he fumbles his way into your heart.

Number 2: Scorpio- Star Crossed Myth

Scorpio description

In the number two spot is the abrasive god, Scorpio, from Star Crossed Myth. I’m not gonna lie, Scorpio can be a complete asshole at times, but deep down he’s really an adorable sweetie pie. As Vice Minister of the Department of Punishments, he has seen the absolute worst humanity has to offer. To the point that he has given up on expecting anything good from humans (his disdain does not extend to their gadgets though).

Why I Like Him: This is another guy with a tragic past, and it is because of his past hardships that he is such a jerk. He has to learn to put someone else’s needs before his own. He has to learn how to love…His character development is very well done and it is the main reason I like him so much.

So after nine positively wonderful characters, I know you’re wondering just who my number one pick is…Let me say that this guy was an instant favorite, there is simply no contest in my mind, he will always be number 1! He has a charm all his own, but he still manages to sweep me off my feet no matter how many times I read his stories!

So without further ado….

*drum roll*

Number 1: Takuto Hirukawa- Love Letter From Thief X


The genius hacker and thief, who stole my heart and the number one spot on this list, Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter from Thief X! He is the King of Tsunderes and a brilliant engineer. Takuto is a member of the Black Foxes a group of Robin Hood like international art thieves. He is the hacker of the group, capable of cracking any computer, safe, or lock with just a few key clicks. At first he’s cold to the MC and quick to insult not just her but everyone who manages to get close enough to incur his wrath. But, once you crack his rough exterior and manage to tame this raging beast, you will have in your possession an extremely loyal and horny passionate lover!

Why I Like Him: Takuto is the poster boy for tsunderes! He is one of the most frustratingly adorable characters I have ever played, but when it counts he’s the first one to come running to your aid. I love how much he has grown as a character from his Main Story in Season 1 to his Wedding Sequel in Season 3. You can really see how much he has matured over the years as a direct result of his relationship with the MC. There was never a moment that I doubted his love for the MC, which is made even more powerful by all of the obstacles they have had to overcome over the course of his story. I absolutely adore this guy and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new (or old) character to play, Takuto does not disappoint!

So that’s my list, were there any games you though should have been on the list that weren’t? Something on the list that you think shouldn’t be? Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr! As always Thank You for reading!

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      I totally understand school is kicking my butt big time lol! But graduation is so close! I hope your finals go well!

      Scorpio is great he shows a lot of great character development! But,Takuto is the guy you settle down with lol!

      1. Just a laptop and PC. I keep meaning to replace my ancient 4s but I’m super lazy and have better stuff to spend my money on like shopping at yesstyle. ^_^

  1. I finally played Naomasa and I have to agree with you! He def surprised me. I have Scandal in the Spotlight on my list of games to play soon so I plan on Kota in action for myself sometime in the future.

    1. Yes, Naomasa is such a good character. He is such a sweetie pie!

      Kota is hands down my favorite from SITS! I can’t wait to see what you have to say about him!

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