Irresistible Mistakes Review – First Impressions

Voltage has been teasing us with this game for months and finally their newest app, Irresistible Mistakes is available for download!! In this game the MC has a one night stand with a complete stranger only to discover that her one time bed buddy happens to be one of her co-workers?! Voltage had me at one night stand! I have been so hyped for this game since the first time I saw the PV on Voltage’s official YouTube channel.

Irresistible Mistakes combines the office romance premise from games like Office Secrets and Our Two Bedroom Story, with the mature romance of In Your Arms Tonight and Finally in Love Again in order to create something that surpasses all of their other games up to this point!

Game Details

  • Genre: Mature | Office Romance | Mobile
  • Platform: Google Play | App Store | Amazon App Store
  • Developer: Voltage Inc.
  • Similar Games: Office Secrets | My Love For You is Evermore | Our Two Bedroom Story

The Story

I should never have done that…
He was a total stranger. I didn’t even know his name.
But we spent the night together…!

It was just a huge mistake. There could never be anything between us!
Or so I thought…

“I want to see you again tonight…”

That simple text from him was just the beginning of an incredible love affair…



Okay so they aren’t really strangers (at least not all of them), most of the potential love interests technically work with her, but that doesn’t mean she knows them… so, I’ll let that bit slide. But, I guess if I had to have a one night stand with someone, I’d rather it be a hot co-worker than some rando I picked up at a bar…

As for the guys themselves… DAYUM! This is the first game in a long time where I have my eye on each and every one of the available love interests. I can already tell that I’m going to go broke with this one, because I want them all, but, I do have my eye on Toshiaki Kijima… cool types are my weakness, but alas, there’s only one route out right now and it’s not him… However, unlike the other games I’ve played, you can play the first chapter of each of the romanceable guys after completing the prologue, even if their route hasn’t been released yet!!

Irresistible_Mistakes chara
Left to Right: (Front) Toma Kiriya and Shunichiro Tachibana (Back) Toshiaki Kijima, Taku Hayama, Go Okubo, and Dr. Yukihisa Maki
  • Shunichiro Tachibana is the 36 year old Creative Director at the MC’s ad agency, Addison & Rhodes. This guy is just dripping with unrestrained sex appeal… He has alpha male written all over him, from the way he talks to the seductive way he looks at the MC… Usually I avoid these guys like the plague, but there’s something about the guy that piqued my interest…
  • Toshiaki Kijima is a 34 year old Account Planning Executive, who likes his coffee black *wiggles eyebrows suggestively* He’s a bit of a hard ass at the office, his subordinates call him the “Evil exec” and “Data Devil” behind his back not that he cares much. Because of his no nonsense attitude at work the MC immediately rules him out as the man she slept with… but, maybe he’s much more passionate than he lets on…
  • Toma Kiriya is a 30 year old genius Copywriter, he’s kind of aloof and more than a little blunt, but he’s a respected employee on the fast track to success! He claims that he doesn’t remember sleeping with the MC because he couldn’t really see her face since he wasn’t wearing his contacts…. not that he’d remember her very much anyway, apparently he’s “not good with faces”… He doesn’t really seem to care one way or another about the one night stand…
  • Taku Hayama is the only rando in the bunch, she actually managed to pick up a stranger at the bar the night before and when she runs into him again she has the audacity to call him the pick up artist. LMFAO she calls him a “smooth operator” and a “lothario“, but honestly I don’t get that vibe from him. He’s just a regular at that particular bar that just happened to be at the right place at the right time…
  • Go Okubo is a bartender “with a thing for sophisticated women” WTF Voltage?!! (I giggled at that for a good 10 minutes!)  He’s the youngest guy in this lineup at the ripe old age of 24 and I can’t help but get the sense that he’s up to no good. He looks like a tease, so for once I kind of agree with the con artist description…
  • Yukihisa Maki is Addison & Rhodes’s in-house doctor, he’s definitely much more perceptive than he lets on. Okay, so he’s not one of the potential love interests right now, but I suspect he will be in the future, so I’m just covering my bases… plus he’s gorgeous!

Gameplay and Features

Purchasing Stories

So this coin based system is here to stay because this is the third game to adopt this new system and Voltage just switched Kissed By the Baddest Bidder over to the Coin system too… It’s similar to the system in place for Sweet Cafe,  players purchase coins which can be used to purchase stories within the game (players can still buy stories using real money too). Coins just offer a more streamlined buying option, allowing players to purchase stories without having to go through the respective app store login processes. Coins can also be used during in game events that will be held periodically. Coins purchased in the game will never disappear, unless you delete the app.

Restoring Purchases

This game also uses the new Restore/Transfer game data. Instead of having to keep track of Transfer ID codes, players can now register an email address and password that will be used to restore purchases and transfer data to new devices. The email and password can be used multiple times for multiple devices!

Chapters and Endings

There are a total of five main love interests to choose from, each with their own individual routes made up of 13 chapters with two obtainable endings: Provocative Ending and Heartfelt Ending. The Provocative ending features a more dramatic climax to the romance between the MC and her chosen beau, while the Heartfelt Ending features a much more intimate, romantic climax. Like every Voltage Inc game since the dawn of time, players can change the course of the story by making choices throughout the game (usually two per chapter, with three options each). Players can keep track of which ending they’re headed towards with the help of a Love Meter that appears at the end of each chapter!

love meter irrisitible mistakes.png

Irresistible Mistakes Review

After a night of drinking with coworkers, you (name changeable) wake up in a hotel after having a one night stand with a complete stranger. Embarrassed and kicking yourself for being so stupid, you book it out of the hotel room without even finding out the identity of your one time bed buddy. A night of passion that should have never happened, a mistake… You attempt to forget about the whole sordid affair, but of course things don’t always work out like they should, your one-night stand wasn’t a stranger like you thought, but one of your co-workers! What’s a gal to do when the biggest mistake of your life turns into something more? Can a love develop after a one night stand?

I love the direction Voltage is taking with their newer otome games, they are moving away from the cutesy fluff of their earlier titles, in favor of more mature stories with older MCs. This time around the MC is woman with a stable career at an ad agency, she’s not one of those pure Mary Sue types like some of the others, she’s a woman of the world. While she regrets having a one night stand with some rando she met at a bar, she doesn’t become a blubbering mess when she wakes up in that hotel room, she picks herself up and handles her business! And by handle business, I mean freak out about which of her sexy co-workers she fu- I mean slept with…but can you blame her, I’d be freaking out too if I woke up in a hotel room completely naked…

As for the whole one night stand premise, Voltage has played around with the idea of the MC sleeping with a guy prior to starting up a relationship before (Aki from Finally in Love Again,  Ota Kisaki from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, etc.), but this is the first time they built the entire game around something this “risque” and I’m curious to see how they change things up in each of the individual routes. While I am excited about the premise, I’m not sure about the longevity of something like this… I mean let’s be honest, how many different ways are there to tell this kind of story? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the story plays out in the individual routes…

After playing through the prologue, I am in love with this game, it was definitely worth all the hype. I like the mature premise, it’s a welcome change from all the high school romance games we’ve gotten in the past, I am so done with high school!!  Not only are the potential love interests all much older than the traditional Voltage lovers, but the MC is also much older too! Now, I have nothing against the younger MCs, but I’ve found that I relate more to otome MCs when they are a bit closer to my age, so this definitely earns the game some brownie points! Plus she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, so hopefully she stays that way throughout!

The characters are all pretty interesting and I’m curious to see how everything plays out in the individual routes, but like I said earlier I have my eye on Toshiaki Kajima. He’s my otome bias so I’m definitely going to purchase his route the minute it’s released!! I’m also interested in Toma Kiriya, because it’s hard to get a good read on him and I like a challenge!!

There’s actually one more guy that I’m interested in, but he’s the MC’s childhood friend and it doesn’t seem like he has a route *shaking my head* leave it to Voltage to make all these tasty looking side characters.

It’s criminal for a non- love interest to be this fine…

Let’s see, whoever the artist for this game is, I hope Voltage keeps them on for more games, because the character designs and backgrounds are gorgeous!! Now, don’t quote me on this, because I’m not 100%, but it looks like it’s the same artist that did My First Last Kiss… But, what really blew me away was the soundtrack!! All of the background music in Irresistible Mistakes has a mellow, jazz-y feel to it that definitely gives the game a much more mature feel. I especially like the slowed down version of the main theme that plays during the “romantic” scenarios, it kind of reminds me of something you’d hear in a K-drama!

Overall Thoughts on Irresistible Mistakes

Right now, there’s only one route available for purchase and I’ll be playing that later on today, but as a whole I really like this game so far! Hopefully, Voltage doesn’t flub everything up in the individual routes! But, all in all I have high hopes for this game! Expect individual reviews as the routes are released!!

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15 thoughts on “Irresistible Mistakes Review – First Impressions

  1. I saw Maki and was like “yes please” then the game pulled a oh no you don’t on me (for now at least). :C Thankfully I like how Kijima seems so far, especially after seeing him in the free chapters for Tachibana. I get the feeling he’s one of those nice guys hiding behind a stoic, tough exterior.

    PS: I like how the protagonist is actually good at her job (and enjoys it) and the guys encourage her. It seems like in most Voltage Inc, the protag is either really new and always making mistakes or just not that good at her job and the guys tend to mock her and tear her down (“for her own good” of course. e_e)

    1. OMG YES! I was like noooooooo! I want the other guys too! Yes me too, I can’t wait to see how his story plays out, I have really high expectations after playing Tachibana’s route… so Voltage better live up to them! LOL

      Yes, it’s about damn time too, I am so glad that she has a backbone this time around and Tachibana definitely surprised me at how sensitive he is… definitely a great route!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!!

    1. IKR!! I love it when all the characters are a bit older and not just one mature guy! Yes, girl they are all men! None of that little boy stuff LOL

      And the MC acts like a grown woman too!

  2. High School games/anime are really overdone so a more mature release is a nice change of pace. When I go out drinking I often regret the stupid things I did, but I have yet to end up sleeping with a co-worker!

    1. Yeah, i feel the same way! So, I am so happy that their newest title featured a more mature premise and characters!

      LOL Same, I was playing the game and going, this could have been me if I didn’t know my limits… smh

      1. Ahh, it was the official Japanese Voltage site, not the one for their visual novels. I’d have to google it again since I didn’t save the link

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