Irresistible Mistakes | Toshiaki Kijima Main Story Review: I Slept With an Executive from Work?!

After a night of heavy drinking, the MC discovers that she slept with the Accounts Planning Executive, Toshiaki Kijima. Unable to reconcile the Demon Executive with the sweet, loving man she shared a night of passion with, the MC initially dismisses the notion that Toshiaki was the one she’d slept with. But, when he sends her a text asking to meet up at the same bar, she realizes the idea might not be as far-fetched as she originally thought! Is there really more to this cool businessman than meets the eye? Or was that night just a beautiful delusion?

Irresistible Mistakes Toshiaki Kijima

This was the route I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint. This route was very different from Tachibana’s but in a good way. I can’t see how any of the other routes in the game are going to top this one, it was just so… PERFECT! If you want a general overview of Irresistible Mistakes, click HERE, it’s covers the basic premise of the game and will include links to the other character reviews I will write for the game. 

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Irresistible Mistakes Review – First Impressions

Voltage has been teasing us with this game for months and finally their newest app, Irresistible Mistakes is available for download!! In this game the MC has a one night stand with a complete stranger only to discover that her one time bed buddy happens to be one of her co-workers?! Voltage had me at one night stand! I have been so hyped for this game since the first time I saw the PV on Voltage’s official YouTube channel.

Irresistible Mistakes combines the office romance premise from games like Office Secrets and Our Two Bedroom Story, with the mature romance of In Your Arms Tonight and Finally in Love Again in order to create something that surpasses all of their other games up to this point!

Game Details

  • Genre: Mature | Office Romance | Mobile
  • Platform: Google Play | App Store | Amazon App Store
  • Developer: Voltage Inc.
  • Similar Games: Office Secrets | My Love For You is Evermore | Our Two Bedroom Story
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