[Not Funded] Let’s Show Our Support for Mindless Box a Halloween Themed Otome

Edit (10/31): The Kickstarter for this game failed to achieve the necessary funds by the deadline. As of right now there has been no additional news about future plans for this title!

It’s October and folks are already getting into the Halloween spirit, there are tons of supernatural and horror themed content on the way and I am here to bring you one more!! I know I’m late with this (again), but better late than never… So this time around I am covering a Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming Halloween themed otome game from Maimie’s Toybox, Mindless Box!!

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The concept for Mindless Box was developed by Gabicho, the sole member of Maimie’s Box and has been in development for a few years now. There was a demo released back in 2014, but final release will a complete overhaul of the previous project.

*Disclaimer: The images in this post belong to Maimie’s Toybox. 


Mindless Box is an upcoming teenage coming of age otome game with a wickedly fun Halloween feel! The game relies heavily on the player’s choices to guide the course of the story.

“Players will join the young witch Emily as she finds herself reciting a spell incorrectly as well as dropping a jealous woman’s toe into a boiling concoction. This seemingly harmless mistake caused a very dangerous explosion, blowing the roof off of Emily’s favorite hiding place.  
Unfortunately, that favorite place of hers was the old janitor’s closet at Autumn Harvest Academy.   With no money to her name, Emily is forced to work off the cost of repairs by sacrificing her nights to clearing out the abandoned dorms adjacent to the academy.   

Along with three other troublemakers and one best friend, Emily soon finds herself thrown into mishaps and tragedies after discovering a mysterious chained up box. She begins to lose sight of herself and someone she thought she knew.”

Official Description


In Mindless Box each of the main characters are students  at Autumn Harvest Academy.

  • Emily is the heroine of the game and a witch in her junior year at Autumn Academy. After a magical mishap, she finds herself having to perform a bit of “community service” as the school’s new night janitor. While doing the time for her crime, she and four other “delinquents” uncover some secrets about the school that should have stayed buried.
    • Jack is Emily’s loyal friend and a sophomore. He’s a sweet guy that would do anything for Emily, but other than that he doesn’t have much of a personality.
    • Lucas is a senior student who isn’t one for joining the crowd, but his quick wit cause others to flock to him. He is constantly working towards an unknown goal…
    • Daniel is a quiet freshman with a sharp tongue who wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life. However, life has other plans for him, as he finds himself constantly getting into fights. But, beneath his prickly exterior is a truly good guy.
    • Stephen is a rebel without a cause and a senior at Autumn Harvest Academy. He is a hopeless flirt, who’s philandering ways have landed him in the dog house. Stephen is an upbeat guy who’s only flaw is that he lacks direction.


  • Four character routes and Two hidden routes
    • Each character rout comes with Three unique endings
    • There are 10 unique endings
  • An after hours version with ecchi senarios and CGs
  • An animated opening and ending.

There are a set of Stretch Goals that will expand the scope of the game if met. Some of the expanded features include partial voice acting, digital artbook/anthology, and future MB games. Upon it’s release the game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux! The tentative release date is set late 2017! Currently the game has $524 of it’s $4,500 campaign goal with 36 Backers! The campaign will run until October 31st, 2016!

So PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HEREand lend your support. There are still 18 days left and they are currently at $524 and every little bit helps! I can’t wait for the finished project when it is released early next year. The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out!

You can also contact them on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

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