Loca Games to Release their Fantasy Indie Otome, Yukar of the Abyss on Nintendo Switch December 7th

An Otome romance game where you pursue love with Japanese animal gods.

Exciting news from the indie games space, Loca Games announced a month ago that their fantasy otome, Yukar of the Abyss would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Early this morning the team announced that Yukar of the Abyss will be making it’s way to console ahead of the holidays on December 7th (America, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong) and December 11th (Europe, Australia, and New Zealand).

A fantasy Otome visual novel based on the myths and legends of Hokkaido, Japan. Meet and fight with unique Gods, overcome fierce trials together, and discover what happens when you pursue forbidden love with the divine..

About Yukar of the Abyss

Outside of our human world, there is another, Kamuy Mosir, the home of the Gods.

When the Gods descend to the human world, they transform themselves into animals and plants, sometimes bringing blessings and other times disaster.

Some Gods decide to take human form and make contact with us. In the present age, when people have long forgotten that the Gods exist, and are a part of our daily lives, a young girl has an encounter with one.

Our protagonist, tired and disillusioned with her busy life in Tokyo, decides to slow down and moves to Hokkaido for a fresh start. One night, on the train home from meeting up with her friends, she dozes off and realizes she has missed her stop.

Panicked, she gets off the train and finds herself at an unfamiliar station called Kamuy Mosir. Seeking help she walks toward some nearby lights, where she sees a group of people dressed in unfamiliar costumes having a party. Without warning, she is chased by the group and is captured by a young man. Her captor tells her that she is dead, and he will take her to the underworld, the land of the dead.

Still being pursued by other mysterious beings, our protagonist unexpectedly opens the door to the world of the Gods, where she must overcome fierce trials, and find her way around Nemuro, Kushiro, Sapporo, Otaru, Shiretoko, and many other places in Hokkaido. Perhaps even discovering what happens to forbidden love with the Gods.

Characters of Yukar of the Abyss

In Yukar of the Abyss, you take on the role of Kurumi Oki a young woman who leaves the hustle and bustle of Tokyo after losing her job. She unwittingly gets pulled into the world of myths and legends where she comes into contact with four men who will change her life forever.

Protagonist – Kurumi Oki

Love Interests

Romance four unique characters from gods and demons to a mysterious businessman. Each route has three distinct endings to discover.

Game Features

Your choices matter – Each decision you make will affect the story and the ending, will you live happily ever after or suffer eternal damnation?

  • Four main story routes to explore – Each with three unique endings.
  • Only love interests are fully voiced.
  • Collectible CGs – Six amazing art scenes to collect for each character.
  • Dictionary feature – Learn more about the ancient Ainu language, and quickly reference the definition of words.
  • Choose the name of the protagonist – For those who like to immerse themselves in the story, you can choose a custom name for the protagonist.
  • Playtime – Around 3 hours per route.

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