Aksys Games Anime Expo 2022 Announcements

During their Saturday panel at Anime Expo 2022 publisher Aksys Games made a few announcements about some of their existing projects and some new titles! Of course Western otome gamers are eager to see if anything new is on the horizon for us in the coming months and into 2023! So, here’s a rundown of the big announcements from Aksys Games at this year’s Anime Expo!

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Norn9: Var Commons First Impressions Review

Norn9: Var Commons is PS Vita port of the 2014 PSP game NORN9 Norun+Nonetto developed by Otomate and published by Idea Factory. The game was later released in English by Aksys Games in 2015. Norn9 follows a group of teen espers as they traverse the globe on their giant Death Star like airship.

Game Details

  • Genre: Sci Fi | Mystery | Romance
  • Rating: ESRB T
  • Developer & Publisher: Otomate & Aksys Games
  • Where to Get the Game: Aksys | AmazonPSN Store
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