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  • Masamune is one of Koharu’s love interests and his route is locked at the start of the game.
  • Masamune’s route unlocks after playing either Senri or Kakeru’s routes.
  • Masamune’s route has three endings, a Happy End, a Bad End, and a Tragic Love End.
  • For Final Masamune CG: Obtain the Masamune Short Story from the Norn9 Store for 110 points. After reading the story (choices don’t matter), the final Masamune CG will unlock.
  • Personal Recommendation: Senri > Heishi > Akito > Itsuki > Sakuya > Kakeru > Masamune > Ron > Natsuhiko

Masamune Best End Walkthrough


1. Go to the roof with Ms. Weirdo (Koharu)

Character Select > Choose Koharu

Koharu Path

Chapter 1

2. Timed: Tell him where Senri is

Choose Heroine name

Koharu Route Branch Save

Character selection > Masamune Toya

Masamune’s Route

CHapter 2

3. I’m fine (Masamune Affection Up)

Masamune CG Unlocked

CHapter 3

Keyword Powers Unlocked

4. Don’t listen and stay (Masamune Affection Up)

5. Try baking by yourself (Masamune Affection Up)** (Delayed love catch)

**For choice 5 at least once, choose Ask Otomaru for help, the resulting scene is hilarious!

Masamune CG Unlocked

Chapter 4

Keyword Love Unlocked

6. That only I ever get to see them (Masamune Affection Up)

7. Hyoko Channel: Watch (Choice doesn’t matter)

Save 1

8. Don’t go inside (Masamune Affection Up)

Chapter 5

Note: The dream sequence is the same in all playthroughs with minor changes depending on the love interest you choose. You can choose to skip it or play through it as normal.

9. I was terrified (Masamune Affection Up)

Masamune CG Unlocked

Save 2

10. Do nothing (Masamune Affection Up)

Chapter 6

11. I’ll be thinking about the future (Masamune Affection Up)

Masamune CG Unlocked

12. Ruffle his hair (Masamune Affection Up)

13. Hyoko Channel: Watch (Choice doesn’t matter)

14. Tell the truth

Masamune CG Unlocked

Masamune CG Unlocked Hand kiss?

15. Say nothing (Masamune Affection Up)

Masamune Affection MAX

Chapter 7

This chapter has a scene that may be triggering for some people, so I have included a content warning (just in case)

Content Warnings (Minor Spoilers)

Content Warnings: Please be mindful of the following: Major Character Death (on screen)

No Choices

Masamune CG Unlocked

Masamune CG Unlocked

Masamune Best Ending

Masamune CG Unlocked

Masamune Bad End Walkthrough

  • Masamune’s Bad end does contain an unlockable CG.
  • This is an early “game over” end and does not have a true conclusion.

Load Save 1

Chapter 4

1. Go inside

2. Go for it

3. No regrets! Go for it!

Masamune Bad End

Masamune CG Unlocked

Masamune Tragic Love End Walkthrough

  • Masamune’s Tragic Love end does contain an unlockable CG.
  • Because this is a “bad” ending I have included content warnings (click the red bar to reveal them)
Content Warnings (Minor Spoilers)

Content Warnings: Please be mindful of the following content warnings: Major Character Death

Load Save 2

Chapter 5

1. Hand him a cookie

Chapter 6

2. I’ll be thinking about you

3. Give him a massage

4. Hyoko Channel: Watch (Choice doesn’t matter)

5. Lie to the gross guy

6. Ask about his duty

Chapter 7

No Choices

Masamune Tragic Love End

Masamune CG Unlocked

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