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  • Natsuhiko is one of Mikoto’s love interests. Natsuhiko’s route is locked at the start of the game, his route unlocks after playing either Sakuya’s or Itsuki’s routes.
  • Natsuhiko’s route has two endings, a Happy End and a Tragic Love End.
  • For Final Natsuhiko CG: Obtain the Natsuhiko Short Story from the Norn9 Store for 110 points. After reading the story (choices don’t matter), the final Natsuhiko CG will unlock.
  • Personal Recommendation: Senri > Heishi > Akito > Itsuki > Sakuya > Kakeru > Masamune > Ron > Natsuhiko

Natsuhiko Happy End Walkthrough


1. Look for a room with Mikoto (Mikoto)

2. A hiyoko

3. Chase after them

Character Select > Choose Mikoto

Mikoto Path

Chapter 1

Choose Heroine name

Mikoto Route Branch Save

Character selection > Choose no partner (middle option)

Natsuhiko Azuma’s Route

CHapter 2

4. Give it to him

CHapter 3

Keyword Uh Huh Unlocked

5. Hyoko Channel: Watch (Choice doesn’t matter)

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

6. Take the initiative (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Chapter 4

Keyword Reward Unlocked

7. Mouth-to-mouth (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

8. Someone was defying The World’s orders

9. We had been flying in circles (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

10. Refuse (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Chapter 5

11. Because suffering people need me (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

12. Bluff (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

13. That is a waste of time (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

14. I want to go with you (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

Chapter 6

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

15. Stare at him silently (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Save 1

16. …going out to look at the stars? (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

17. Arcturus

18. Spica (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

19. You are so kind (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

Chapter 7

20. Dodge the question (Natsuhiko Affection Up)

Natsuhiko Affection MAX

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

Natsuhiko Happy Ending

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

Natsuhiko Tragic Love End Walkthrough

  • Natsuhiko’s Tragic Love end does contain an unlockable CG.
  • Because this is a “bad” ending I have included content warnings (click the red bar to reveal them)
Content Warnings (Minor Spoilers)

Content Warnings: Please be mindful of the following content warnings: Major Character Death (off screen)

Load Save 1

Chapter 6

15. …still mad at me?

16. Altair

17. Sirius

18. You are so clumsy

Chapter 7

19. Tell the truth

Natsuhiko Tragic Love Ending

Natsuhiko CG Unlocked

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