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  • Itsuki is one of Mikoto’s love interests and his route is available at the start of the game.
  • Itsuki’s route has two endings, a Happy End and a Tragic Love End.
  • For Final Itsuki CG: Obtain the Itsuki Short Story from the Norn9 Store for 110 points. After reading the story (choices don’t matter), the final Itsuki CG will unlock.
  • Personal Recommendation: Senri > Heishi > Akito > Itsuki > Sakuya > Kakeru > Masamune > Ron > Natsuhiko

Itsuki Happy End Walkthrough


1. Look for a room with Mikoto (Mikoto)

2. A hiyoko

3. Chase after them

Character Select > Choose Mikoto

Mikoto Path

Chapter 1

Choose Heroine name

Mikoto Route Branch Save

Character selection > Itsuki Kagami

Itsuki Kagami’s Route

CHapter 2

4. Refuse to do so (Itsuki Affection Up)

5. Do not compliment him (Itsuki Affection Up)

Itsuki CG Unlocked

CHapter 3

Keyword Sigh Unlocked

6. Do not go with him (Itsuki Affection Up)

Itsuki CG Unlocked

7. Draw card one from the left (Itsuki Affection Up)

8. Draw rightmost card

9. Draw leftmost card

10. Draw leftmost card (Itsuki Affection Up)

Chapter 4

Keyword Bath Time Unlocked

Note: The dream sequence is the same in all playthroughs with minor changes depending on the love interest you choose. You can choose to skip it or play through it as normal.

11. Do not go to the castle (Itsuki Affection Up)

12. Kick down the door (Itsuki Affection Up)

Itsuki CG Unlocked

Itsuki CG Unlocked

13. Hyoko Channel: Watch (Choice doesn’t matter)

Chapter 5

14. Remain calm (Itsuki Affection Up)

15. Apologize (Itsuki Affection Up)

Save 1

16. No, I do not (Itsuki Affection Up)

Itsuki CG Unlocked

17. It is wrong (Itsuki Affection Up)

18. Hyoko Channel: Watch (Choice doesn’t matter)

Chapter 6

19. Take his hand

Itsuki CG Unlocked

20. Agree (Itsuki Affection Up)

Itsuki Affection MAX

Chapter 7

Itsuki CG Unlocked

21. Remember what happened on the roof

22. Remember what happened in the dream

23. Remember what happened in Itsuki’s room

Itsuki CG Unlocked

Itsuki CG Unlocked

Itsuki Happy Ending

Itsuki CG Unlocked

Itsuki CG Unlocked

Itsuki Tragic Love End Walkthrough

  • Itsuki’s Tragic Love end does contain an unlockable CG.
  • Because this is a “bad” ending I have included content warnings (click the red bar to reveal them)
Content Warnings (Minor Spoilers)

Content Warnings: Please be mindful of the following content warnings: Major Character Death

Load Save 1

Chapter 5

1. Yes, I do

2. It is

3. Hyoko Channel: Choice doesn’t matter

Chapter 6

4. Take his hand

5. Get angry

Chapter 7

No choices

Itsuki Tragic Love Ending

Itsuki CG Unlocked

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