Tag Game- Five Flaming Hotties- Otome Edition


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, it’s been forever since I participated in a tag game so thank you Mel ( Mel in Animeland) for including me in this one. I will admit that when I received the WordPress notification about the tag I started considering which hotties to use for this post and sadly, I had a really hard time narrowing the list down to just five hotties… I mean, I love all my baes and husbandos for different reasons so picking just five… it was a struggle. Also, I’m doing things a bit different with this post, all of my choices will be from games (heavy on the otome baes).


The rules

  • Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts to all blogs involved and including the picture above.
  • List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  • Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
  • Add some appealing pictures.
  • Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.
  • Post the rules.

My Five Flaming Hotties

So, these guys aren’t in any particular order, because… reasons? Yeah, let’s go with that. But, seriously, I couldn’t bear to rank these men, because they are each special in their own way, the only common factor is that they are all scorching hot… well, at least to me anyway. The kind of men that make you wanna sing, make you wish you were part of their world…. *ahem* So,  some of you might be shocked by my list, since there is a notable absence of megane characters… I mean there’s one, but you’d think I’d have a whole list full of megane dudes… but alas, no… as much as I love my megane baes, they don’t always make the final cut. So, without further ado my list:

Kai Fujisawa- My Wedding and the 7 Rings


I told myself I’d only put just one Voltage guy on this list, and after weighing my options and a few sleepless nights, I decided to go with IT Executive, Kai Fujisawa from My Wedding and the 7 Rings

From the moment I saw this guy I was in love, he’s the total package: Tall, dark hair, a great career with room for growth, and cash… loads of cash! Sure his personality could use a bit of work, but deep down, like, really deep down, he’s a sweetheart and hot damn is that a motorcycle?! *swoon* Oh and don’t get me started on how “passionate” he can be…

Craig- Dream Daddy


So, yeah… the picture pretty much explains exactly why this guy is on this list, I mean… LOOK AT THOSE ABS… I mean, smile, look at his smile! Craig from the BL visual novel, Dream Daddy is just that, a frickin’ DILF!

He’s recently divorced, with three adorable little girls (a set of twins and an infant), but don’t let that put you off the guy, he’s an absolute dream. He can be a bit of a health nut, but if getting up at 6AM to jog is the cost of waking up next to this stud muffin… it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make!

Hajime Saitou- Hakuoki series


So of course my boy Hajime Saito from the Hakuoki series made this list, he is my favorite guy  in the game and one of my all time favorite otome love interests! There is just something sexy about a guy with a big sword *wink*, but seriously,  silent swordsman are hot and Saito always manages to take my breath away!

This guy is a tough nut to crack, at the beginning of the game he is cold, to the point of being downright scary, he’s a trained assassin that would gladly follow any order without question. But, after spending time with him, he becomes much more forthcoming with his feelings and when he smiles ‘the whole world stops and stares for awhile~’

Kyle Hyde- Hotel Dusk series


Okay, so this is cheating a bit, since my man Hyde isn’t from an otome game, but when I played through Cing’s detective visual novel series, Hotel Dusk a few years ago, I couldn’t help but think, “Damn that man is fine, in a gritty world weary kind of way…” I mean, it isn’t like Hyde is this suave detective or anything like that, he’s a gruff, disillusioned grump, about as far removed from a bishounen archetype. But, I’ll be damned if he still isn’t hot!

I know, the game isn’t a romance, it’s a mystery, detective game with multiple plot twists, so romance should be the last thing on your mind when playing Hotel Dusk and it’s sequel, but *bites lip* Hyde… he can get it!

Reiji Sakamaki- Diabolik Lovers franchise


Last, but not least Reiji Sakamaki from the Diabolik Lovers series! Yeah, he’s the lone megane on this list… I seriously considered putting Kent from Amnesia on this list, but while Kent is my boy and I love him to bits and pieces, I don’t actually find him all that attractive (… it’s because he’s blonde). So, I fell back on the dark haired, sadistic megane vampire, Reiji! Okay hear me out though!

Yes, he is not opposed to drugging people’s tea, and yes, he’s a manipulative bastard, but dammit I am allowed to have one trashy bias… right? I mean, he’s handsome and dangerous and a megane, and I love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim! Okay, maybe not so much love, but I wouldn’t be opposed to being a little sinful with him!

Well, ladies and gents, that’s my list!! Another huge thank you to Mel for tagging me in this challenge, thingy, it was a lot of fun! So because this is a tag game, I have to select seven victims, so for my seven tags, I choose:

  1. Katrina Sade of GrimmGirl.com
  2. Remyfool of The Lily Garden
  3. Stephanie Clarke  of Anime Girls NYC
  4. Moonid of Random Garage
  5. Auri of Manga Toritsukareru Koto
  6. Takuto of Takuto’s Anime Cafe
  7.  Carla of Pop Culture Literary

4 thoughts on “Tag Game- Five Flaming Hotties- Otome Edition

  1. Thanks for tagging me!
    I haven’t 100% decided if I’m going to post tag challenges on my blog yet, but I really like the community feeling of participating, so I’ll respond here (especially because I’m so late to the party ^^; This came in as I was finishing a long semester!) I’m not at all familiar with your choices, but several of them would be pretty strong on my list if I did know them.

    Let’s see… This is a tough one!
    #1, Luciola of Last Exile. He’s gorgeous and highly patient.
    #2, Daisuke and Dark of D.N. Angel. They’re both rather stunning in their own ways, and rather purposefully stunning in opposite ways. (A very strong runner up is Satoshi, but I didn’t want to let D.N. Angel take up too many slots 😉 )
    #3, Nausicaa, of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Beautiful, athletic, very in-tune with nature.. pretty much a dream come true.
    #4, Kuranosuke of Princess Jellyfish. Highly attractive in and out of drag, and very enthusiastic. (Far too “preppy” to be anyone I would want to hang out with, though.)
    And #5, Mytho (I’m not entirely sure how his name should be spelled in Romanized characters, actually, so I just went with what is on the WikiFandom) of Princess Tutu. Charming, quiet, artistic, sweet, and stunningly beautiful.

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