[International Women’s Day 2018] My Top 5 Otome Heroines!!

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs, it’s International Women’s Day! The one day out of the year when we celebrate the achievements of women throughout history… and if you ask me we should be celebrating women every day of the year and not just on March 8th, because we women are out here slaying the game everyday… all day, but, I digress. I could not let this day pass without doing something to celebrate here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero (busy schedule be damned)!


So, to celebrate, I’m bringing you guys a list of my top five otome game heroines! Yeah, don’t let the lack of reviews fool you, I am still pretty deep in the Otome Games fandom, and I’ve noticed that otome heroines get a lot of flack from the community as a whole. In fact, we’re often quick to make excuses for a “terrible” love interest, who treats the MC like crap, but when we get an MC with “no backbone” we immediately write her off as an affront to feminist ideals and a step backwards for all woman kind… I, myself am guilty of bashing heroines every now and again… but, seriously otome heroines get a tough break, so in order to rectify that I’m spotlighting five phenomenal otome heroines that hold it down in their respective games. It’s hard work dealing with your own personal harem, and these ladies go above and beyond the call of duty.


Number 5: Saki Inafune – Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

First up is the leading lady from the mystery otome game, Sweet Fuse: At Your SideSaki Inafune. I’m actually surprised that not many people have played this game, because it’s a whole lot of fun, the mystery is on point and the characters are a riot, namely, Saki. She was one of the first otome heroines I ever encountered and she definitely set the bar high.

At only 18 years old, Saki is a strong, independent young woman who isn’t afraid to put her life on the line for those she loves. She has excellent intuition, which helps her out on a number of occasions. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, and even has a tendency to lose her cool from time to time, though she is generally good natured.


Number 4: Koharu – Norn9: Var Commons

Say what you will about Norn9, but Koharu is probably one of the best parts of the entire game. She’s more on the traditional otome heroine side of things; soft spoken, cute, good natured to a fault, she is the epitome of what an otome heroine should be… and I don’t know, it’s done really well. *shrugs* Yes she’s naive, but, she’s just such a well developed character, you really don’t mind it all that much. Plus she’s not a complete pushover… okay, she kinda is, but, she handles her own when she has to, so it balances it out.



Number 3: Cardia Beckford – Code Realize 

Right, so let me get this out of the way now… *cough* So, every time I think of Cardia, Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison starts up in my head… because she has poison coursing through her veins… get it? *awkward laughter*

Early on in the game, Cardia is another one of those heroines that would normally fall into the “weak” otome heroine category. She starts off innocent, sheltered, and completely reliant on her harem, but, once she learns more about the world around her, she becomes more and more independent. Also Cardia is intelligent able to quickly assess a given situation and determine the best possible course of action…. and did I not mention her touch melts through most things? Cus, that’s kind of cool.


Number 2: Chizuru Yukimura – Hakuoki series

What can I say, Chizuru is the OG combat heroine! Not only does she pull a full Mulan, dressing as a boy and leaving her home in hopes of finding out more information about her missing father, but, she also lives among the Shinsengumi…. Chizuru is the real MVP! She doesn’t just sit back and let the boys handle things while she waits at home, no, home girl is right there on the frontlines, kicking ass and taking names! Also, she manages to get the members of the Shinsengumi to fall in love with her… now if that isn’t enough to convince you of how great she is, I don’t know what is…



Number 1: Ichika Hoshino – Collar x Malice 

Last but not least, closing out this list is Ichika from Collar x Malice! Yeah, I couldn’t make this list without including this badass leading lady (she just barely beat out my girl Chizuru). She’s a 21 year old rookie cop, armed with strong desire to protect and serve the citizens of Shinjuku. She can be soft at times, but she never backs down from what she knows is right even if it puts her at odds with those around her, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Selfless to a fault and armed with a hand gun of justice, Ichika more than deserves a spot on this list!

final thoughts

Right, so before my supervisor comes back and catches me, let’s wrap this bad boy up!

These are just five of the many phenomenal otome heroines out there, and heck, I didn’t even include OELVNs in this list (coming soon). So, next time you want to bash an otome game heroine, remember there are plenty of other great ones out there too! So, let’s cut these girls some slack and celebrate otome heroines and women on this wonderful International Women’s Day!!

I wanna hear from you guys, what are some of your favorite otome game heroines? What makes them special? Oh, what’s that, you don’t play otome games? That’s cool, tell me about your favorite fictional heroines, your WCWs, if they’re a badass female character, I wanna hear about them!! 



3 thoughts on “[International Women’s Day 2018] My Top 5 Otome Heroines!!

  1. ROFL, dead over the Bel Biv Davoe reference!

    I came and expected to see Ichika on here, and was not disappointed on where she landed. I’m learning to re-love Chizuru cuz I (finally) started playing kyoto winds recently…I have Norn9+ but have yet to start it! Now I’m looking forward to it.

    Great list Naja-senpai! <3

  2. I’m surprised Saki didn’t rank higher to be honest, if only for the guys’ reactions when she gets mad.

    But I’m glad to see Chizuru rank high. She gets bashed for being so weak. Geez, it’s 1860s Japan, people!

  3. I’m not a fan of Otome games but if your talking about badass females in games I got one name for you, Bernadette Mataki (Gears of War 3). She wasn’t all that in the game but just do a quick search on her lore and you’ll see that she’s a real one.

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