Wanna Chat With Other Otome Fans? Here Are Some Places You Should Check Out

This post is in response to a lot of things, but recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of otome fans lamenting that they don’t have people IRL that they can talk to about their hobbies. Which I can kind of relate to. I have friends that are into Japanese culture, anime, manga, comics, and other nerdy media, but none of them seem to be interested in otome games. Sure, I’ve convinced one or two to play a game on my laptop when we’ve hung out, but they don’t really play them on their own. And my bestie, bless her has sat by and listened to countless hours of my rampant fangirling about my newest otome crush.


But, aside from that, I don’t really have any IRL otome friends. In fact, I’ve met all of my really good otome buddies online, but with that said most of my online friends are more into anime than they are otome games (though, I have managed to convert a few). So, it got me thinking, where exactly do all the cool otome fans hang out? I mean, we are living in a “social media” age, so there are plenty of ways to connect with people that have similar interests as you. But, it can be a bit intimidating when you first start out, especially since most communities are fairly well established. So, I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of places I lurk check out when I want to chat it up with my fellow otome fans online…



Kicking off this list is Reddit! You can pretty much find anything you want (and don’t want) on Reddit from memes to news to sh*t posts… this place has it all… But, nestled among the various communities, subreddits, and forums is r/otomegames . It is the place to be for otome fans and game developers to chat about all things otome games! From chatting about your favorite games to the latest otome games news, r/otomegames has you covered!

There is always new content posted every couple of hours and the community is pretty active, so if you’re looking to engage with folks there is always someone online. There are even weekly posts where you can ask questions and share your own content. But, what I really like are the specific game posts where you can ask questions about a game to folks who are either actively playing the game or have already played the game, so it makes the gaming experience a lot less solitary… of course there are spoilers, but they are always clearly marked. I love this subreddit, because there are always a lot of great discussions going on at r/otomegames about the different aspects of the otome games fandom, so if you’ve been itching to chat with other otome games this is definitely a great place to start!

I also recommend checking out the r/visualnovels subreddit, though this one is about visual novels in general.



Like Reddit, if you can think of it there is probably a Discord channel for it. However, Discord was originally created with gamers in mind, to give them a place to communicate with one another. So, on Discord you can create chat servers, and send text messages, videos, images, or voice chat with other members of your server. Most of the channels I’ve been a part of are invite only and they have their own set of channel rules, but once you’re in what you do from there is up to you! Most have their own chat channels broken down by specific topics/subjects so you can chat with folks about that topic, though most have a general chat where you can chat about whatever you want.

What’s great about Discord is that you can create your own servers or you can join existing ones, which gives users a lot of flexibility. Like Reddit, there are a lot of discussions going on and because users are from all over, there is someone always online. I’ve noticed that a lot of indie game developers have their own Discord channels where they release news and updates on their games and even take suggestions from channel members.

Amino 1.png

Otome Amino

I am still pretty new to the Amino app, but there is a lot of content on their for folks to enjoy! Like the other options on this list, Amino is split up into various fan created communities, where you can chat and share content with members of that specific community. But, since this is an otome games related list, I really want to talk about the Otome Amino community! This is a one stop shop for all your otome needs, from reviews to walkthroughs to community guides to random blog posts and polls to fan art, the Otome Amino has everything! They even have their own wikis which have information on various games and characters, not to mention the chats and private message groups!

Unlike most places where you can only see content of your friends, followers, and acquaintances Otome Amino lets you see content from everyone regardless of who you’re following. There is so much to see and do on the Otome Amino, I strongly suggest checking it out if you have the chance you won’t be disappointed!!

My username is pokeninja90 on Amino if you wanna connect and make friends!



Recently, Tumblr has had more than its fair share of issues but despite some questionable choices on the part of the owners, it still remains one of the best places to find otome games related content. There are so many blogs dedicated to otome games from fan blogs to developer run blogs the sky’s the limit!

Though, I really like how creative folks get on Tumblr, there are your run of the mill otome memes floating around, but there’s also fan art and fan fiction, screenshots, reviews, and even RP accounts! What’s great about Tumblr is that if you like someone’s content you can just reblog it and add it to your blog. I once spent five hours on Tumblr reblogging KuroTsukki fan art and it was time well spent! So, get lost in all that Tumblr has to offer and maybe make a few friends along the way!

My tumblr is Blerdy Otome, I really just reblog a lot of Haikyuu stuff.



Last, but not least, Twitter… I have a ton of social media accounts, but the one I’m most responsive to is twitter because it’s so convenient! Otome news is posted almost immediately by dedicated otome accounts and fans alike.  Developers also make frequent posts about new releases, upcoming games, contests, giveaways, and more!

Bloggers especially like to link their new posts to their Twitter accounts, so you never miss out on new content. If you’re looking for specific content you can search hashtags to find the latest tweets featuring them (just search #OtomeArmada and see for yourself). The private DM chat is also a must for one on one or group chats with followers and friends or write your own tweets and share your otome love with the world!

Go Make Some New Otome Buddies

So even if you don’t have many IRL friends to share your love of otome with the internet is home to a ton of great places where you can meet and chat with otome fans around the world. Online connections don’t always replace in person connections, but it’s nice to chat with people that like the same things you do even if their on the other side of the world. Also, who knows one of your otome buddies might live close by!

But, as with most things online, be careful what information you share with others and be on the look out for anything suspicious… and have fun!

*Also, if you wanna find me on any of these sites/apps my handles are all on my Where to Find Me page.*

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12 thoughts on “Wanna Chat With Other Otome Fans? Here Are Some Places You Should Check Out

  1. I used to be on twitter and tumblr for otome, but I’m too shy to slide into people’s DMs for a conversation haha. Will definitely check out the discord serve and maybe Amino, because they have group chats on there!

    1. Mea culpa on the late reply!

      LOL I’m the same way, I usually tweet at people that I know or reply to stuff.

      Discord is pretty lit most days and Amino too, but there is a lot of stuff to shift thru there (but totally worth it).

      1. mmmm, that’s tricky lol There’s a voltage fandom one (Voltage Fanatic (Hell)), Argent Games and Steamberry Studios have pretty active servers…. there is literally one just called Otome Games that I kinda lurk around…

      2. Lmaooo. I will probably visit the otome games one lol. I don’t really follow exact studios 😂😂😂. Granted Abracadabra can get it TBH, my free game skillets.

  2. Super late comment, but with stuff happening with the Reddit API changes, some people have moved off of Reddit to https://kbin.social/m/Otomegames and https://lemmy.world/c/otome_games. Kbin seems to have more discussion and engagement at the moment, but both are pretty small.
    Also, thanks for making this blog. Always appreciate the written form to talk about things over videos, and you definitely provide. Also, the art of yourself or your avatar is really nice!

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