Sinister Specs: My Top Six Sadistic Megane

I kinda sorta have a thing for megane characters… there’s just something hot about a man in glasses that really gets my blood pumping! Ray Bans, dark frames, wire frames, bifocals, trifocals, fashion lenses, *fans self* I love them all! Give a man glasses and he instantly becomes 10x hotter in my eyes… Now, I will admit that I’m partial towards megane characters with dark hair, but I’m not picky, all megane men are welcome in my harem!!

So a little while ago my megane bias was put to the test by MelinAnimeland, Heyitszel, and Jill… They wanted to see just how far my megane obsession went by presenting me with a truly despicable megane character, one that should have been a huge turn off for anyone in their right mind. But, you see my love for bespectacled hotties transcends reason,  however, their attempt to shake my bias gave me an idea. Why not write an entire post about my all time favorite sadistic megane characters?!  Yes, the whip cracking, megane characters that set my heart aflame with their icy bespectacled gaze!! So without further ado, my Top 6 Favorite Sadistic Megane!!

*Disclaimer: I’m not gonna lie, most of these guys are completely horrible, and I in no way condone their actions. This post may contain some triggers for some folks, including, but not limited to the mention of sexual assault and abuse. I don’t go into detail about any of that, but I do mention it in passing…

Number 6: Sousuke Aizen- Bleach


So coming in at number six is the super mega hottie, Sousuke Aizen! Okay, technically Aizen wasn’t a megane for long, he kind of ditched the glasses when he revealed his true bad guy nature, but he wore them just long enough to steal my heart so he makes the list!!

So Aizen was the former Captain of Gotei 13, Division 5, and a pretty chill, kind of bookish dude. I mean, look at that pic, he looks like the kind of guy you’d bring home to meet the folks! He didn’t cause any trouble or raise any red flags, he just kind of existed and then BAM! Suddenly Aizen is revealed to be this manipulative badass! He murdered the governing body of the entire Soul Society, tried to get Rukia killed sooner rather than later, instigates a civil war among the Captains, fakes his own death… and he pinned it all on his sweet, innocent lieutenant, Momo! He then goes on to be one of the biggest baddies in the entire series, causing mayhem and destruction wherever he goes…

Number 5: Kyoya Ootori- Ouran High School Host Club


Kyoya isn’t exactly a cold-hearted bastard, I mean he is, but he’s no where near as bad as Aizen, so why is he ranked higher than the dude referred to as satan himself? Because a full time megane trumps a part time megane every single time, so coming in at number five is the infamous Shadow King, Kyoya Ootori!!

So, Kyoya is a 2nd year student at the prestigious Ouran High and a member of the elite Ootori family… Blessed with wealth and a superior intelligence, Kyoya is a total catch, except he’s a master manipulator. He takes a rather hands off approach to things, preferring to watch those around him dance like puppets on a string, like a sexy bespectacled puppet master. He can be a bit cold and at times downright scary, using his families influence and power to ensure that everything within the Host Club goes according to plan… so what if someone has to suffer, it’s just a means to an end!

Number 4: Ryoki Tachibana- Hot Gimmick


Anyone that has read Miki Aihara’s shojo manga series Hot Gimmick can tell you just how painfully problematic it is, and a lot of that is thanks my number four pick, Ryoki Tachibana.

This guy is an abusive prick with some serious social issues and a bit of an inferiority complex… So you know that saying about boys teasing the ones that they love? Well, Ryoki takes that saying and turns it up to eleven! He relentlessly tortures his love interest, Hatsumi Narita, who he blackmails into being his personal slave. Ryoki literally treats the girl like his personal punching bag, and I mean that literally and figuratively, but for some reason I can’t find it in me to completely hate the guy… and I guess that says something about me on a personal level. He gets better as the series progresses, but the things he does in the name of love should earn him a one way ticket to the big house!

Number 3: Kazutaka Muraki- Yami no Matsuei 


When I started thinking about guys to put on this list there were two characters that came to mind. The first being the handsome devil you see here and the second you’ll meet later on… When I think of sick sadistic bastards the first guy that comes to mind is Dr. Kazutaka Muraki, this guy makes the last three guys look like harmless little boys!

This angel faced, hottie is the main antagonist of the shounen-ai series, Descendants of Darkness and one of the most damaged characters in the entire series (which says a lot, because all of the characters are damaged goods in that series). Outwardly Muraki is a kindhearted doctor who works tirelessly to protect the lives of his patients, but in reality he’s a sick sick moo cow that treats both the living and the dead like his personal play things. In the series he sexually assaults and murders one of the protagonists, and then presumes to make the guy’s afterlife a living hell…

Number 2: Claude Faustus- Black Butler


Okay, so I pretty much had my pick of the litter when it comes to sadistic characters in Black Butler, I mean they all have their fair share of dark moments… So after thinking long and hard I decided to phone a friend, my lovely beautiful soulmate, Bishie, and she suggested I pick Claude Faustus.

Homeboy is a demon butler like Sebastian, except where Sebs is calm, composed and an all around perfect butler, Claude is a sadistic megane with some serious control issues. After he gets a taste of that sweet uke blood, he turns into a completely different person. He becomes aggressive, forceful and just an all around jerk to everyone that isn’t Ciel…

Number  1: Reiji Sakamaki- Diabolik Lovers


Last, but not least, in the the number one spot is Reiji Sakamaki!! I can almost hear the collective groans from you all… of all the fictional megane guys and all the guys on this list, why oh why would I pick this guy to be the number one sadistic megane? Well, because when I think of a sadistic megane guy, Reiji is literally the first character that comes to mind…every single time!

Okay so if you’ve played any of the Diabolik Lovers games or at the very least have seen the anime, you’ll know that each and every one of the Sakamaki bros are sick, twisted jerks… But, out of all of them Reiji is by far my favorite! At first glance, Reiji is a cool refined vamp, with delicate features and elegant mannerisms… But, like the rest of the boys he can be arrogant, prideful and a bit of a dom. Reji demands perfection from everyone around him, and disobedience of any kind is generally followed by a swift *fans self* punishment!! If there was a guy that I’d sub for it would be Reiji, without a doubt!!

So that’s my list, were there any sadistic meganes that you though should have been on the list that weren’t? Something on the list that you think shouldn’t be? Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!


52 thoughts on “Sinister Specs: My Top Six Sadistic Megane

  1. OMG LOVE!! I need to watch most of these and want to play diabolik lovers now!! Ahhh great list! They are all so twisted and the megane just adds that extra appeal!! 😀

    1. LOLOLOL I knew ya’ll would like this post 😛

      We’ll probably never get Diabolik Lovers localized, and the anime is so bad, you just can’t help but watch it!

      OH Yeah! twisted megane are oh so dreamy!! 😀

  2. Oh lord Naja!! Youve got a bit of twist in ya, but im definitely checking out Riyuki. Maybe ive got a little twist in me too! *^-^*

    1. You know it LOL! Oh yeah, that manga had me facepalming, but it was one of those things you just couldn’t look away from!! I knew I was supposed to hate him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! 😛

      LOLOLOL gurl, I feel like I knew that XD

    1. YES!! Another megane fan!! XD

      Thank goodness I’m not the only one. I was like I know in real life I’d probably run for the hills if I saw these guys coming, but I’ll be damned if I don’t think they’re hot in the fantasy world. 😛

    1. OMG I’ve heard about him, so I looked him up and *fans self* that man is definitely welcome in my harem!!

      Ahh, another list, another list 😛 I’m already working them in!! XD

  3. Great list! Aizen looked like a good guy with glasses. I say Uryu would be better because he wears his glasses all the time lol. To add on your, I would include Yukio from Blue Exorcist. Besides that, I like your list and keep it up. 🙂

    1. Awww thanks Matt!! Yeah, Aizen looked like a total boy scout and then BAM he was a cool looking bad guy!

      Oh man I completely forgot about Uryu! He was an awesome megane character!!

      I haven’t seen Blue Exorcist, is it good?

      1. You’re welcome Naja! What a complete change of Aizen. He looked innocent in the beginning. Uryu is awesome too. I seen Blue Exorcist (not the newest one) and I like it. I watched in English Dub and like the cast. If you like Exorcism and awesome music, it’s not bad.

      2. Personally I like it. If you finish it, let me know what you think. It has action and some funny humor. It does mention references such as the Bible and Satan. If you don’t mind the religious content, it’s not that bad. They are not being blasphemous.

  4. For like 2 seconds after having read the sentence wrong, I thought that your “lovely, beautiful soulmate,” was **CLAUDE** and I was dying. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

    I am also just laughing so hard because characters like Reiji and shows like DiaLovers exist (not that I haven’t watched the whole thing through, mind you–lol.).

    1. LOLOLOLOL can you imaging that, Claude my soulmate XD

      OMG YES! There are so many shows like this, but Dia definitely takes the cake… but somehow I just can’t look away!

    1. OMG I am so glad I’m not the only one!! I wanted to hate him, but I just couldn’t do it!! He was like one of those fixer uppers, I just wanted to see Hatsune fix him!

    Chokes on Yami no Matsuei, sobs weakly
    Oh Reiji Reiji, getting on my knees ready for a whipping wouldn’t be bad at all if it was him 👀👀👀✨✨✨

    1. OMG YES!! When I saw it, I just knew I had to have it in my post 😛

      LOLOLOL I had to really dig deep for this one!! But, I’m glad ya’ll liked it! 😀

  6. Whew, you’re steaming up the place with this list! I’m partial to a high and mighty guy with glasses too 😜 Even though you already have your Black Butler pick in place, my best megane has to be Grell. He’s more of a chaotic-sadistic while you’ve gone for sultry and serious, but with him you feel he’d treat the one he loved like royalty ❤️ There’s definitely something sweet and gentle about him he prefers to hide, underneath all the murderous love games.

    1. LOL Of course, had to do something a little spicy! 😛 Oh my gosh yes, the way their glasses glint when they turn their noses up at you XD

      OOOOH Yes!! He’d have definitely fit on here too, LOL chaotic sadists have their appeal too… I might have to consider doing a part two to this list one of these days. “Murderous love games”…. you don’t say…. I’m listening 😀

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