Sinister Specs: My Top Six Sadistic Megane

I kinda sorta have a thing for megane characters… there’s just something hot about a man in glasses that really gets my blood pumping! Ray Bans, dark frames, wire frames, bifocals, trifocals, fashion lenses, *fans self* I love them all! Give a man glasses and he instantly becomes 10x hotter in my eyes… Now, I will admit that I’m partial towards megane characters with dark hair, but I’m not picky, all megane men are welcome in my harem!!

So a little while ago my megane bias was put to the test by MelinAnimeland, Heyitszel, and Jill… They wanted to see just how far my megane obsession went by presenting me with a truly despicable megane character, one that should have been a huge turn off for anyone in their right mind. But, you see my love for bespectacled hotties transcends reason,  however, their attempt to shake my bias gave me an idea. Why not write an entire post about my all time favorite sadistic megane characters?!  Yes, the whip cracking, megane characters that set my heart aflame with their icy bespectacled gaze!! So without further ado, my Top 6 Favorite Sadistic Megane!!

*Disclaimer: I’m not gonna lie, most of these guys are completely horrible, and I in no way condone their actions. This post may contain some triggers for some folks, including, but not limited to the mention of sexual assault and abuse. I don’t go into detail about any of that, but I do mention it in passing…

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30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13: Anime Character that I’m most similar to

Okay so when I saw this prompt I immediately Googled one of those awesome anime quizzes… and I don’t know whether I should be extremely proud of the results or laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing was. Well the quiz said that my anime twin was Vegeta from Dragonball Z… yeah… I don’t think so, Vegeta is a bit more ruthless than I am. So I immediately set out to rectify the situation by offering an alternative candidate for my anime twin.

Ouran Twins

After much deliberation, I finally settled on a character that I felt fit my personality better… This character is about as close to an anime twin as I could get, I’m pretty bad at personal assessments in the first place. So let’s get this show on the road, the anime character that I’m most like is…

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30 Day Anime Challenge-Day 7: My Anime Crush

Asking anime fan to choose just one anime crush is like asking someone to pick a needle in a haystack. Asking an anime fan to choose just one anime crush is like asking a person to choose just one fandom on Tumblr…. I could go on, but the point is choosing one anime crush is not a simple task!


I have had several anime crushes over the years, each one with their own special charm points and features. So believe me when I say that this was not a decision I took lightly. I spent days trying to figure out which character I would write about for this challenge and every single time the result was the same… So without further delay, here is my anime crush…

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