30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13: Anime Character that I’m most similar to

Okay so when I saw this prompt I immediately Googled one of those awesome anime quizzes… and I don’t know whether I should be extremely proud of the results or laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing was. Well the quiz said that my anime twin was Vegeta from Dragonball Z… yeah… I don’t think so, Vegeta is a bit more ruthless than I am. So I immediately set out to rectify the situation by offering an alternative candidate for my anime twin.

Ouran Twins

After much deliberation, I finally settled on a character that I felt fit my personality better… This character is about as close to an anime twin as I could get, I’m pretty bad at personal assessments in the first place. So let’s get this show on the road, the anime character that I’m most like is…

this to that.jpg
Get you a girl that can do both!

It’s always so awkward talking about myself like this, so I’ll be brief. The character that I feel that I am most like is Haruhi Fujioka fro Ouran High School Host Club, the independent and blunt cross-dressing member of the Ouran Host Club.

So where to start… Well my family wasn’t the most affluent growing up, so I definitely learned early on to be tight-fisted with my money. Even now I am pretty shrewd where money is concerned, I go out of my way to avoid spending money when I can. I’m not big on material possessions, usually opting to use my possessions until they wear out. Especially when it comes to clothes, I rarely buy new clothes and when I do it’s usually during a really big sale and even then I’m still hard pressed to buy anything. Sure there are times when I get all dolled up, you know, hair and clothes the whole nine yards. But those days are few and far between, I’m much more comfortable in sweatpants/jeans and graphic tees, oh, and my Chucks. I wear those things everywhere!

Personality wise, like Haruhi, I can be pretty blunt at times which can come off a bit cold, but I’m actually pretty chill. I get along well with most people without having to make much of an effort. In fact people find me extremely easy to talk to and often confide in me about problems that arise in their lives… But, sometimes even complete strangers like to share with me. When I worked as a barista, customers would tell me a lot about their personal lives, without me having to pry… perhaps I should forget about being a researcher and look into becoming a host or something lol…

I tend to take everything in stride and I rarely get emotional or angry about anything. It’s actually really hard to get a rise out of me, you have to work really hard to get me angry… I mean really, really hard and even then I don’t really hold a grudge. I’m like water, I just go with the flow. But, I’m also very independent and practical, I prefer to deal with things on my own and I’m not one to ask for help if I have a problem. But I’m used to dealing with multiple situations at once anyway…

So, yeah… that’s my choice for the anime character that is most like me. What do you think of my pick? Which anime characters do you all think you’re most like? Let me know in the comments section. As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

26 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13: Anime Character that I’m most similar to

  1. I was trying to figure out which character I’m most similar to as well! Bless your soul for linking to the quiz but I did end up choosing my own alternative than following the answer the quiz gave me.

  2. What a great answer! Thanks for sharing! I loved Haruhi more than the other guys on that show, so I think being like her is a great thing! I tend to consider myself similar to more reserved, smart characters in shows, although they tend to be either too smart for their own good or evil (Light, hehe).
    That said, I have resonated with a character from a recent show, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya from My Hero Academia. I first got into My Hero Academia when the anime first came out, then proceeded to catch up with the manga., I love Deku. He’s a character that’s somewhat outcast (no powers in a world where everyone has powers), smart (always thinking ahead and taking notes), fanboyish (he passionately loves heroes and knows everything about them, which helps him often), reserved (kind of like a loser, buuuut…), and also a hard-working believer (despite all of these setbacks, he still tries very hard and keeps going). I’ve grown to admire him and his “quirky” personality!

    1. Aww, thank you for sharing!! I have yet to see My Hero Academia, but I have heard about it (and I’ve seen a bit of the trailer). It looks like a cool show, its interesting that you say you resonate with Deku because he is an outcast. Underdog characters are always so relatable in anime, because we all see a bit of our own lives in their struggles.

      Great choice!!

      1. Thanks! I love My Hero Academia, and the manga’s doing really well in Japan! I hope it finds similar success in the west!

  3. Hahahaha xD omg!! I can’t even think which chara I’m most similar to xD
    Maybe Mio from K-On!… maybeeee XDD

  4. AAA, now you talk about it you’re similar to her <3
    I like your personality, as someone who is quick to emotions, it feels refreshing that you have this "don't judge" aura/sense when speaking with you ( ˘ ³˘)❤
    My similarities with Haruhi are just the monetary ones, I wish I was that laid back tbh.
    I have no idea which I resemble the most. Probably the hyper, annoying side character everyone hates that gets depressed/down easily and nobody cares about xDD;
    I must do that quiz, just to see what it gives +_+

      1. I did the quiz you linked and it gave me Vegeta, found a better one that have me Neku from The World Ends with You. I guess I’ll revert to my good old answer: Shinji Ikari is me but prebuscent and male xD;

      2. Right? How can you and me both be Vegeta? XDD
        Evangelion is a really psychological series, so you’ll love it if you’re into that (^_−)☆

      3. XDD
        Then I guess they saw that Vegeta deep down is a marshmallow, and figured they’d use it instead of Vegeta’s typical personality and so assigned it to you and me 😂

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