[Not Funded] Let’s Show Our Support for Chess of Blades A BL Visual Novel

Edit (4/5): The Kickstarter for this game failed to achieve the necessary funds by the deadline. Despite not reaching their goal, Argent Games will continue to work on the game!

Hey hey guys I know it’s been awhile since my last Kickstarter post, life has been throwing me curve balls left and right. But, I’m back again with another Kickstarter campaign, this time for the upcoming Boys Love romance visual novel, Chess of Blades from indie game developers, Argent Games!!

This is Argent Games’s second title in the span of a year and I for one am just happy to see developers willing to create more BL titles! There is definitely a market for BL games and Chess of Blades promises to be a welcome edition to the community! So, I’m definitely going to keep a close eye on this game’s progress.


Chess of Blades is a romance mystery boys love visual novel. Argent Games blends elements of the baroque and Victorian periods for wildly imaginative period piece, full of intrigue, suspense, and a dash of humor and wit!

The king is having a huge birthday celebration! Five days of dancing, festivals, and drinking, culminating in a grand masquerade ball. It just so happens that Rivian Varrison, the introverted son of a famous nobleman, is forced to attend this giant event by his father. By chance, or maybe something more deliberate, he runs into a host of colorful and shady characters, all with their own stories to tell. But when a sudden and mysterious crime happens on the second day of the celebration, Rivian finds himself thrown into the middle of it, and has to discover the truth behind what really happened — and who the people around him really are.
Synopsis (Argent Games)

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Left to Right: Linnaeus, Franz, Rivian(protag), and Arden


Since this is a fantasy romance game, each of the characters are either members of the royal court or members of the nobility.

Rivian Varrison is the protagonist and son of a famous nobleman, who finds himself at the center of mysterious goings on while attending a Royal engagement. While Rivian isn’t a bad guy, he can be a bit particular about certain things, which is to be expected from someone of his social standing.

  • Arden Raynsford is a kind-hearted and loyal member of the King’s Royal Guard. Arden has a soft spot for the portagonist, Rivian and would gladly lay his life on the line for the young noble.
  • Linnaeus Glaucia is the cool and intellectual High Inquisitor of the royal court. He is calculating and logical, but, be warned he has no patience for foolish people.
  • Franz Chaumont is an enigma! With his rugged good looks and imposing demeanor, Franz is a man’s man! He’s full of raw sex appeal and he can be a bit aggressive.


  • An expansive visual novel experience with over SEVEN HOURS of gameplay and features!!
    • The game features FULL VOICE ACTING!
    • Two gameplay options: a PG-13 version and a R18 version!
  • There will be a total of THREE romantic partners, each with their own unique storylines and endings.
    • There will be several choices throughout the game that will  effect the course of the story and Rivian’s fate!
    • There are a total of 8 endings
  • The game also features an fantastic soundtrack and original artwork!!
    • Over 25 beautiful CGS and various unique backgrounds!
    • Beautifully rendered character sprites!

This will be a commercial release, but by pledging at the $15 level, you all can snag a copy of the game. There are also a set of Stretch Goals that will expand the scope of the game if met. Some of the expanded features include additional NSFW scenes, a side romance for the butler, Silas, an official doujin, and much more!! Upon it’s release the game will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux! There are also plans to have the game Greenlit for Steam! The tentative release date is set for Summer 2017! The Campaign Goal is $13,000 and the KS will run until April 5th, 2017!

At this time there is a short alpha demo which can be downloaded from the KS campaign page. The alpha demo covers roughly 15-20 minutes of gameplay, but you get a good feel for the mechanics and the characters, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

So PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HEREand lend your support. There are still 27 days left for the campaign and every little bit helps! The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out!

You can also contact Argent Games on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

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