The Blerdy Tribe – Black Creators You Should Be Following

So, it occurred to me that my Blerdy Tribe was looking kinda thin, so I quickly set out to correct that and wound up discovering some truly amazing Black creatives—and I just had to share! With everything going on right now it is extremely important that we share our own stories and connect with one another, because at the end of the day we are all stronger together!

And as the media continues to drown out Black voices and tries to paint us as thugs—but we are people and our voices deserve to be heard! So, I’m gonna do my part to amplify some great accounts run by wonderfully unapologetic Blerds! I urge you guys to go out and show each and every one of them some love because they are out here proving that Black people are MAGIC!

Blerd Bloggers & Writers



Twitter | Instagram | Blog Instagram | Facebook

SCORPZGCA.COM is an anime and Japanese culture site run by British born Ghanian blogger Joseph Opoku. The site publishes entertainment news from nerdy media from anime to manga to games and more, you can find it all at SCORPZGCA.COM

Religiously Nerdy

Religiously Nerdy

Twitter | MAL

Religiously Nerdy is a pop culture blog run by Muslim Blerd Ellie.  The site is coming back from a hiatus, and has a ton of great nerdy content—from person essays to anime reflections and reviews, if you’re looking for a fun site with a unique perspective check out Religious Nerdy.

Amanda Actually

Amanda Actually

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube |Tumblr

Amanda Actually is a run by AichiYume a panelist, cosplayer and writer dedicated to informative, educational and always entertaining takes on the topics that matter most. Her site covers a wide range of topics, but what I love most are her personal essays and posts! She has a fun vibe and is definitely a joy to chat with!!

Blerdy Otaku

Blerdy Otaku

Twitter | Tumblr | Reddit

Blerdy Otaku is an anime and Japanese culture site run by Jeniel. She focuses primarily on anime and manga articles and reviews! There is so much great content to choose from and I love how upbeat and fun her voice is in her posts! Definitely check out her site, you won’t be disappointed!

Melanin Squared

Melanin Squared

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Melanin Squared is a nerdy blog run by besties Coco and Marrista where they cover a wide range of nerdy topics like—conventions, cosplay, entertainment, and even some food and travel! They also sell custom vegan cookie boxes under the name Squared cookies!

Anime and Chill

Couch and Chill

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr

Couch and Chill is a anime review site run by Ang. I’ve been following this site for a while now and it is full of great anime and Japanese pop culture content! If you’re looking for anime recommendations, check out Ang’s lists and they have a Life Imitates Anime series that you don’t wanna miss!



Twitter | Jumping in Headfirst (Blog)

Articles: CBR | The Comicon

Sage is a freelance writer who has contributed to CBR, The Gamer, and The Comicon. He loves all things nerdy from anime and Japanese culture to games and comics! As a writer he has covered all sorts of great nerdy content, bringing his own unique voice to everything he creates!



Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Articles: Sciliconera | Okazu

Mercedez has contributed to quite a few digital media sites, including Sciliconrea and Okazu/Yuri News Network—currently she is a contributing editor for the entertainment site, Anime Feminist! But, that’s not all she does, Mercedez is also a freelance Japanese to English translator!

Carrie McClain

Carrie McClain

Instagram | Twitter | Ko-fi

Articles: Black Nerd Problems | Medium

Carrie is an absolute powerhouse, having contributed to several projects as a writer, featured guest, and more. Currently she is an editor over at Black Nerd Problems, where she writes about all things nerdy–so you are sure to find something just for you among her contributions!


Karma aka TheBlerdGurl

Instagram | The Blerd Girl Shop | Twitter | FacebookTumblr | The Blerd Girl Podcast | The Radical Geeks Podcast | Ko-fi

Karma is the ultimate blerd inspiration! She has her finger on the pulse of all things nerdy as the creative brain behind TheBlerdGirl a multi fandom entertainment site (dare I say empire). Her site is a one stop shop for reviews, news, commentaries, interviews, and she hosts two podcasts!


The Blerd Mom


The Blerd Mom is a blog run by a nerdy mom with a passion for all things games and pop culture–Gaming, Movies, Tech, Sci-fi, Star Trek, and any and everything nerdy. Her site is a hub for thoughtful nerdy commentary and discussions, so stop by if you’re in the mood for great conversation!


Trans Arcade

Twitter | Twitch | Ko-fi

Trans Arcade is a blog run by Natalie Raine a Black Trans girl with a love of games and writing. She covers a wide range of games from mainstream games like The Sims and Assassin’s Creed to indie games and everything in between. If you’re looking for honest game critiques from a seasoned gamer, definitely check out Trans Arcade.

Blerd Podcasts

Getting Animated

Getting Animated

Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | MAL

Podcast: Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts | Spotify | Anchor

Getting Animated is a weekly anime and Japanese pop culture podcast hosted by Destiny! She’s been very vocal in the anime community and her passion for anime is evident in everything she does! Destiny has covered a wide range of series and interviewed content creators, industry folks, and black voice actors! If you aren’t listening to Getting Animated, you’re missing out!

The Anime Tea

The Anime Tea 

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Podcast: Anchor | Breaker | Overcast | Pocket Cast | RadioPublic | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

The Anime Tea is a weekly anime and animation podcast hosted by Phoenix! This is a fantastic podcast that isn’t afraid to spill a little tea—Phoenix covers tons of great anime series on her cast, sometimes solo and sometimes with special guests from the blerd community. She’s a real chill creator who is passionate about anime and a great advocate for black creators!



Twitter | Site

D.J.M is a blerd creator that I became recently acquainted with and a self proclaimed Jack of Fandoms who hosts not one but four podcasts! Each podcast covers a a wide range of topics from nerd culture to anime and even sports! If you are looking for some well rounded blerd content, D.J.M is your man!

LAN Party

L.A.N Party Podcast

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Twitch

Podcast: Podbean | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud

L.A.N Party is a weeky NYC based podcast that focuses on gaming and nerd culture! These guys are a blast to listen to and their passion for all things nerdy shines through in everything they do and their chill down to earth vibe makes it feel like you’re having a convo with friends.

Sailor Moon Fan Club

Sailor Moon Fan Club 

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Official Site

Podcast: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Sailor Moon Fan Club is a newer podcast, hosted by Victoria aka @missoldskool  and like the name suggests is the ultimate space for Sailor Moon fans! In each episode, Victoria interviews Sailor Moon fans from every corn of the nerdy diaspora–authors, comic book & manga creators, musicians, and more.

Melanin Animated

Melanin Animated


Podcast: Anchor | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Melanin Animated is a podcast series hosted by the dynamic duo Kyla and Imani that celebrates all things animated, but with a melanin twist! These ladies have me getting nostalgic for the toons of my childhood with their fantastic content over on Instagram! They’re podcast is set to drop on June 5th, so be sure to toon in!

The Animatics Podcast

The Animatics Podcast

Twitter | YouTube | InstagramCarrd

Podcast:  Spotify | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud

The Animatics Podcast is an anime and manga podcast run by 5 girls from London! Their podcasts are super fun and chill, and the chemistry between the hosts is undeniable! What I love most are their Hot Takes where they talk about hard hitting issues in the anime community!



Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Podcast:  Stitcher | Google Podcasts

BLERDcoMIXed is a podcast about Blerd shit & Blackness from a couple of Mixed-Black blerds. They don’t shy away from keepin it real about current events, bringing their honest and hard hitting commentary in each new episode.

Blerd Artists

Moon Toons Art

Moon Toons Art 

Twitter | Instagram | TumblrComissions | Patreon | Ko-fi | Facebook

Comic Series: Tapas – DEREctions

Mouna is a Queer Black artist and comic creator whose art featured diverse characters with a special passion for LGBT+ positive stories. She has created short comics for anthologies such as Dirty Diamonds, and DC Conspiracy’s Magic Bullet. Mouna is currently publishing an original shojo comic series, DEREctions. 


GDBee aka Geneva

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr | Online Store | Art Portfolio | Patreon

Comic Series: Webtoons – HoverGirls |HoverGirls Site

Geneva aka GDBee is a Black female artist and comic creator from North Carolina whose work has been featured on digital media sites like Medium and mainstream book publications. She also has two self-published works–the childeren’s book Allie and Gator and the slice of life magical girl comic, HoverGirlsGeneva’s works are known for their bold use of color and whimsy and diverse characters.

S Morishita Studios

S-Morishita Studios

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | S-Morishita Official Site | Patreon

Comic Series: Tapas – Love! Love! Fighting | Tapas – Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! | Webtoons – Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! 

Visual Novel: A Troll’s Fairy Tale Game Page

Sharean Morishita aka S-Morishita is Black female artist, comic creator, and game developer behind S-Morishita Studios and S.K.Y. Art and Design. Her works feature strong Black female characters and she is the creative brain behind the romance comic series Love! Love! Fighting!which follows Oriana a Black plus sized woman as she navigates life and love in South Korea. Sharean also developed the fantasy romance game A Troll’s Fairy TaleBut, what I love most is that she posts regular tips and advice for aspiring artists and comic creators on Instagram!

Lady Nefertitii

Jasmine aka Lady Nefertitii

Twitter | Instagram | Online Store | Art Portfolio

Comic Series: Webtoons – Kaleidoscope

Jasmine aka Lady_Nefertitii is a digital artist and comic creator who specializes in character design and portraits. She is currently working on the ongoing romance drama comic series Kaleidoscope over on Webtoons. Jasmine also runs free art Skillshare classes!


Rachel Elizabeth aka Raxheli 

Twitter | Instagram | Redbubble StoreKo-fi | Paypal

Rachel is a digital portrait artist whose works that uplift and show the beauty of the Black community! She has a Redbubble store full of stickers, bags, shirts, prints, and more all featuring Black and brown characters and anime inspired merch!

Lauren Brown


Lab Illustration by Lauren Brown

Twitter | Etsy Store | Official Site | Instagram | Tumblr

Lauren Brown is a digital illustrator who previously worked as a background illustrator for the animated TV series Archer. She has also lent her talents to game company Electronic Arts before moving on to the social game developer Zynga. She is also available as a freelance illustrator and she sells merch at cons– enamel pins, stickers, prints, and more!

Nneka Meyers

Nneka Myers 

Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Etsy Store | Official Site

Nneka Myers is a Canadian illustrator and character designer who has contributed to noteworthy print and animation studios. Her works have been featured as part of digital campaigns for Disney, Universal Studios and more. She has illustrated a number of children’s literature, notably the Jada Jones series and the Nella the Princess Knight Step into Reading series.


Marcus William 

Twitter | Instagram | Website | Tumblr | Online Store

Comic Series: Tuskegee Heirs | Tuskegee Heirs Facebook | Tuskegee Heirs Twitter | Tuskegee Heirs Instagram

Marcus Williams aka MarcusTheVisual is an illustrator and the creator of the comic book series Tuskegee Heirs and Super Natural. He has created a number of works inspired by nerd and geek culture from redraws of comic book characters like Storm from the X-Men to original to original works like his Ebony Mages series–featuring illustrations of Black female mages!

Lehxra Art


Twitter | Redbubble Shop | Threadless Art Shop | Tee Spring Store | Fiverr | Patreon | Art Portfolio | Ko-fi | YouTube

Games: Creator Page | Merge Critters (Google Play) | Merge Critters (App Store)

Lehxra is another Black artist who has dabbled into game development, having worked on quite a few original game concepts! She has a handful of titles listed on her Creator page and is currently working on the dating sim, Now Accepting Roommate.



Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | YouTube

Alyse is a freelance artist, translator, and former vocalist for an all-girls punk band currently living in Osaka, Japan.

Lindsay Rollins

Lindsay Rollins

Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Ko-fi

Lindsay Rollins is a Visual Artist, co-creator and animator at Rocket Adrift cartoons.

Blerd YouTubers

Andre – The Black Nerd

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Twitch | Official Site | Black Nerd Comedy| Shop

YouTube Channel

Andre aka The Black Nerd is an internet personality/comedian who talks about just about every facet of nerd and geek culture. He creates videos about Movies, TV, Cartoons, Gaming, Comics and More.

Shay Taree

Blog| Twitter | Instagram

YouTube Channel

Shay Taree is a YouTuber who talks about all things pop culture from anime, manga, Disney, comic books, and more. She has an awesome video series called Nerd News where she gives hot takes on the latest in nerd culture!

Aisha – MommaLuvsManga

Blog | Twitter | Instagram

YouTube Channel

Aisha Soleil aka MommaLuvsManga is a wife and mother who loves anime and manga! Her channel focuses on manga reviews, hot takes on nerd culture, and she even does some great collaborations with other creators and anime industry companies!

AwestruckVox – The Roundtable 

Twitter | Instagram

YouTube Channel

Kevin Williams is the founder of the animation fandom YouTube channel The Roundtable. The channel is your one-stop shop for daily content on all things animation! News, reviews, discussions, theories, in-depth analysis & breakdowns brought to you by those who share a strong admiration for cartoons!


YouTube Channel

That1BlackGuy is a YouTube channel that focuses on short and hilarious videos about games and anime. He has a few semi-critical segments that focus on specific aspects of nerd culture–they’re just chill video critiques from a chill dude.

Slice of Otaku

Twitter | Instagram

YouTube Channel

Slice of Otaku is a YouTube channel that focuses on all things animation! Slice of Otaku uploads fun and informative critiques and reviews of popular cartoons like Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Avatar the Last Airbender, and more.

Blerd Streamers





Black Girl Gamers

Black Girl Gamers





Blerd Developers

Akabaka Chromatose


Twitter | Discord

Akabaka is an indie game developer currently working on the up coming 2D Visual Novel/Roleplay Game Chromatose.

Chromatose – You’ve awakened in a strange nightmare after a fall that should have ended your life. Around you are amnesiac strangers who are also trapped in this world for their own unique reasons. Escape the collective nightmare in 12 hours, or never wake up.

Chromatose Game Page

Behind the Games Chouette

Jessinia – JeliParade


Jessinia is an indie game developer who already has three completed games under her belt—the sci-fi romance Pairs, the fantasy adventure Of Ice & Snow, and — and is working on her fourth–a fantasy romance called, Ocean Pearls. 

Pairs – An alien with sketchy morals craves a human’s heart. A young man schemes to get his parents back from death. A mutant tries to figure out where her heart lies with her childhood friend. An illusionist struggles with his motivations for becoming a hero.Four stories. Four people. A chance to understand them all.

Pairs Game Page

Skullforge the Hunt

OMC Games

Official Site | Twitter

OMC Games is a game development studio currently working on their first game—Skullforge: The Hunt a top down single-player action adventure RPG.

Skullforge: the Hunt – is a top down single-player action RPG. Follow the adventurer Desi Cornerstone as she tracks down one of the men who enslaved her many years ago. Once she arrives on the island of Sorova, she begins her hunt for her enslaver only to be caught in a web of intrigue as two factions of vie for power over the island’s diamond trade. Skullforge: The Hunt combines the fast paced action and storytelling of classic SNES RPGs and the survival aspects of 8-bit cult classic Alternate Reality with a modern dialogue system to create a fantastic adventure. Can Desi find her prey while staying ahead of the those who would try to exploit her for their own gain?

Skullforge: the Hunt Game Page 

Bus Arrow Studios

Bus Arrow Studios

Twitter | YouTube

Bus Arrow Studios is an international indie game development studio currently working on the romantic visual novel, Angelic Waves. 

Angelic Waves – Follows  Maxwell Cross, an out-of-love person who barely has a social life, has slight anxiety problems and is living in a small apartment. One day, three attractive women move in the luxury suite two floors from you. Get to know each of the women and maybe love will blossom in this fun romance visual novel.

Angelic Waves Game Page


Night School Studios

Official Site | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | YouTube

Night School Studio is an American independent video game developer, known for the graphic adventure game, Oxenfree. They currently have three completed games to their name, the most recent being 2019’s Afterparty.

Afterparty – In Afterparty, you are Milo and Lola, recently deceased best buds who suddenly find themselves staring down an eternity in Hell. But there’s a loophole: Out drink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth. What adventures will you stumble through in the underworld? Every step is up to you. Time to go on the best bender ever, uncover the mystery of why you’ve been damned, and drink the big guy under the table.

Afterparty Game Page

Super Retro Duck

Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Tiny Bird Garden Site

Super Retro Duck  is a two person independent game developer, established in 2016. Their debut game, Tiny Bird Garden is inspired by other collection games like Hit-Point’s Neko Atsume, Skillshot Labs’ Notice Me Senpai, and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe –  A “bird collecting game” where the player customizes a garden space for Tiny Birds to visit and enjoy. The Deluxe version has expanded gameplay–exclusive items, mini games, and widescreen display, for desktop (Windows/PC and Mac). Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe includes  Story Mode—a twelve chapter, visual novel style story. Progress in the story is reliant on the player’s progress in the base game play. This also includes expanded NPC character profiles, heart levels, and Friendship Events.

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe Game Page | Google Play | App Store


Cinna – Pixelbae LLC

Twitter (PixelBae) | Twitter (Cinna) | Tumblr

PixelBae a newly established Dating Sim developer dedicated to creating free gaming content geared towards adults. Their first project is a pirate themed fantasy romance visual novel, Tempest Tides (still in development). 

Tempest Tides – Join the renowned crew of the Vashani as they sail the high seas searching for riches and lost treasures in lands both near and far. Each decision you make determines your fate. Freedom, Seduction, Temptation…Your destiny is in your hands. Will you rise with the sun and waves? Or will your choices drown you to the seas dark depths? What path will you take? The choice is yours, stowaway.

Tempest Tides Development Blog

Charmbox Media

Charmbox Media

Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | YouTube | Official Site

Charmbox Media is an independent game developer working on their first project, Fool’s Paradise, a 2D adventure space western.

Fool’s Paradise: The Ballad of Piano Black – Humanity has expanded beyond our star to the vast reaches of the galaxy. The Earth lead United Milky Way Systems has manifest civilization amongst aliens races of the galaxy. As the wealthy enjoy the sunset years of a dying earth, the rest of the galaxy pushed ever towards the 4th quadrant; the last new frontier of the galaxy. In this wild space of criminals, goverment fund genocide, and croprate slavery it the Wranglers, interplantary bounty hunters, that cross the line between civility and savagery to keep the peace.

Fool’s Paradise: The Ballad of Piano Black Game Page

Rocket Adrift Games

Rocket Adrift Games

Twitter | YouTube | Official Site | Podcast | Discord

Rocket Adrift Games is a three person game development team consisting of Titus, Lindsey, and Patrick. Their first game, Order a Pizza was created for the annual game jam NaNoRenO 2019.

Pizza Delivery Game – A visual novel where you play as a divorced dad trying to order the perfect pizza. As a divorced dad you learn through exploring the items in your apartment and navigate difficult conversations in order to find the perfect pizza. Abby, your daughter is meeting Margot your girlfriend for the first time. It’s an awkward situation that only the right pizza toppings can solve. Explore their back stories and make a tough decision and everything will be FINE. No weird shit will happen… We swear.

Pizza Delivery Game Game Page

Blerd Shops



Twitter | FacebookInstagram

Nami Wear is a Black owned anime streetwear brand.

NamiWear Site

Adorned By Chi

Adorned By Chi

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Adorned By Chi is a lifestyle brand and comic series created/ founded by Jacque Aye.

Adorned By Chi Shop

Oh So Paper

Oh So Paper

Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Oh So Paper is a Black owned stationary shop founded by Danielle.

Oh So Paper Shop


Ota Q

Ota-Q Apparel

Facebook | Instagram

Ota-Q Apparel is a Houston based Japanese fashion brand founded by Callie.

Ota Q Shop

Happy Monstah

Happy Monstah

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Online Store | Patreon

Happy Monstah is a whimsical street wear brand that centers around uplifting alternative & quirky interests. We have pins and more!

Blerd News & Media

Black Nerd Problems

Black Nerd Problems

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Black Nerd Problems is a website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree.

Black Girls Anime

Black Girls Anime

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Black Girls Anime is your front-page, “for the culture” news and media outlet for all things ANIME, MANGA, and GEEK. Always curated with LOVE, BLACK WOMEN, and POC in mind.



Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Quirktastic is the premier group live streaming and content platform for geeks and hobbyists. Find your community, find your squad.

Blerd Over

Blerd Over

Facebook | Instagram

BLERDOVER is here to promote black excellence in the Blerd world and also to let the black community know that’s it’s ok to be a nerd! And there are more of us out here!!!

Soulcial Dreamers

Soulcial Dreamers

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitch | YouTube

Soulcial Dreamin’ Entertainment is a  Multimedia company centered around Music and Nerd Culture.

Bretty Brown and Nerdy

Pretty Brown and Nerdy

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Pretty Brown and Nerdy is the go-to resource for gaming, film, comic, and television. Providing articles and video content that is entertaining and informative − while giving in-depth analysis and constructive criticism. Be the change you want to see in the world is the motto we go by.

Blaque n Kulture

Blaque N’ Kulture

Facebook | Instagram

Blaque N’ Kulture is a blogging site that gives you nerdy news, reviews, stunning features and much more! Visit Blaque N’ Kulture, today!

Hot Girl Anime

Hot Girls Anime

Twitter | Instagram

Hot Girl Anime is a news & entertainment on: anime, manga, & weeb sh* created by NYC besties Shalina & Jasmine.

Add These Amazing & Talented Blerds to Your Tribe!

Of course this isn’t a complete list of all the talented Blerds out there, so I strongly encourage you to go out and discover some for yourself! Each and every person & group on this list is here because they are passionate about their craft and dedicated to bringing you the best content!

If you know of someone you think should be on this list, let me know–I will be updating this list periodically as I discover new talented people!

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