My Top 5 Best Mobile Otome Games

This is second and final post of my Best and Worst Mobile Otoge post series! If you want to know what my picks for the Worst Mobile Otome Games were check out the first post, HERE.  I know it’s been a while since the first post and for that all I can say is… My bad. I’ve been too busy with real life and other reviews to write get back to writing this post. And honestly, it’s a lot easier to choose games that I disliked over games that I liked. So, I’m pretty picky when it comes to what games I play, and more importantly which games I spend my money on so this list was kind of hard to narrow down. I tried to choose a diverse set of games, but as I said before I’m picky.

control your emotions

Before you all start grabbing your torches and pitchforks, this list is purely my opinion…You are more than welcome to agree or disagree with me if you want, by all means leave a comment and suggest better “worst” games. So without further ado here we go: My Top 5 Best Mobile Otome Games.

My To 5 Best Mobile Otome Games

midnight cinderella

Number 5: Midnight Cinderella– Cybird


I adore this game! You play as a teacher who is selected to be the princess of you country. Your normal life is over as you are drawn in to the world of politics and tradition. But, before you can relax into your role, you are told you must select a suitor from a group of noble men. So begins your rags to riches romance.

I am a sucker for princes, princesses, and knights, it’s my one weakness…well that and the art is gorgeous! I mean look at them, not one bad character design in the bunch! I started this game a few months ago with Byron and I absolutely loved his story progression, sure the MC leaves much to be desired, but the story more than made up for that. While both the MC and Byron are “smitten at first sight” the overall romantic progression is relatively slow, on account of them being royalty from two rival countries.

The game is not without its issues, but they are typical in free to play games, so I won’t rehash the same things here. But the story more than makes up for those shortcomings! But what really puts this game over the edge is the customization options for your avatar! You can now choose different skin tones in addition to the usual customization! Finally and MC that looks like me…well kind of, it’s progress, so I’ll take it! I highly suggest this game and if you want here’s my player ID: KppDKWES (IOS)!


Number 4: Shall We Date: Guilty AliceNTT Solmare


Alice in Wonderland has been a popular premise for otoge in recent years, but this game is one of the best. The story follows a young woman who stumbles upon a strange antique shop on her way home from work. Once inside she is drawn to a beautiful jewelry box, but when she opens it the heart shaped jewel inside breaks. When she informs the shopkeeper about the fate of the jewel, he claims that there was never anything inside that box. As compensation, the MC pays for the box and takes it home, that night she has a strange dream that transports her to Wonderland. There she finds herself accused of breaking the Queen’s heart and is tasked with making another one or else she’ll be sentenced to death. The only way the girl, now called Alice, can create a heart is by spending time with one of the residents of Wonderland.

This was a fun and light mobile otoge, the plot was easy to follow and the characters were great. Both the Wonderland and Real World designs for the love interests were lovely and fit well with each character’s personality. I will admit though, that some of the clothing worn by the characters in the Real World were a bit over the top (looking at you Mad). Each character was given time to develop throughout the story. However, the game as a whole is a little short and could have been improved by adding a few more chapters to help better explain some of the more complex plot points.


Number 3: Destiny Ninja 2-NTT Solmare

Android| IOS

Okay, so I know a few of you are wondering how the heck Destiny Ninja 2 wound up on this list. Especially since I went out of my way to put its prequel, Destiny Ninja on my Top 5 Worst Mobile Otome Games list… So what changed? Did I come to terms with my hatred of ticket based free to play games? No, not really. But, a great story and well written characters trump my distaste for ticket based systems every single time!

The game takes place in well after the events of the previous game and features the descendants of the characters from the first game. This time around the symbols of the MC’s village are in danger of being corrupted. So she and one of eight warriors must set out on a quest to purify the sacred symbol or else ayakashi will descend upon the village.

The main reason this game is on the list is because the MC is fricken amazing! I love it when otome games give me strong and capable female leads, and DN2+ is no exception. This MC knows how to handle herself both in the field and on the home front. On top of that, the art in this game is to die for, some of the best I’ve seen from a free to play game!

war of prayers

Number 2: Shall We Date: War of Prayers– NTT Solmare


This is one of the best mobile games I have played in a long time, and it’s a paid game to boot! You play as a village girl who is chosen to be a Prayer Maiden, young women who are chosen to protect the populace from attack by shadow monsters using magical gems. Each maiden is paired with a knight who works along side the Prayer Maiden in order to eliminate shadows. But once chosen, a Prayer Maiden is forbidden from falling in love.

I am a sucker for forbidden romances and this game does not disappoint, the bad endings are bad and the good endings are what you’d expect, super sweet. The magical girl concept of the game is executed well and doesn’t seem cheesy or over played. The characters are wonderfully unique and vibrant! None of the characters stick to their roles, they surprise you with unique quirks and realistic reactions.

I will admit that some characters are better than others, but as a whole the game offers a very organic and well written cast of characters. I found myself instantly drawn in by the beautiful artwork and music, but it was the well written story that had me binge playing this game in a single night! This is one of the best and should be played right now!

mystic messanger.png

Number 1: Mystic Messenger– Cheritz


I enjoyed playing the previous Cheritz titles, Dandelion Wishes Brought to You and Nameless. So when I saw that Cheritz was developing a new mobile game, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Despite some server issues and login errors that were present during its initial release, Mystic Messenger still manages to be an amazing mobile otome game!

In Mystic Messenger the MC (you) stumble upon a strange messenger app while browsing for game apps in your favorite app store. You decide to download the strange app, because ‘why not’. After trying out the app, the MC enters into a chat with a mysterious user, named Unknown. The stranger convinces the MC to go to random apartment. Once there you are invited to join a chat room full of attractive men!

This is by far one of the most unique mobile otoge premises I have seen in a long time. All of the character interactions in the game take place through chat room messages that occur in real time. So, expect to lose a lot of sleep trying to woo your chosen beau (some chats are only triggered at 1AM)! This is a super fun game with some well written character (707 is my bias) and I highly recommend playing this game, it’s one of the best mobile games!

So that’s my list, were there any games you though should have been on the list that weren’t? Something on the list that you think shouldn’t be? Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? Feel free to Comment on this post! As always Thank You for reading!

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36 thoughts on “My Top 5 Best Mobile Otome Games

  1. Thanks for this post 🙂
    I like to play mobile otome games once in a while and I always wonder which ones are good
    I’m playing Mystic Messenger and I’m loving it. It’s so funny lol

      1. I started this week actually xD
        so I got Yoosung’s route but meh, I don’t like him hahaha
        And you?
        I want Jumin though <3 loved him!!

      2. I’m doing Zen first, but the character I really want is Seven!!

        Yoosung is cute he just complains a lot about V… and at 12AM, I’m not very sympathetic lol

    It’s a sad time in your life when I’ve only played a lil of Midnight Cinderella (but dropped it because of too many games), DN2+ and Mystic Messenger from your list :’D

  3. The long awaited conclusion! Thank you so much for making this series, girl!

    “I am a sucker for princes, princesses, and knights, it’s my one weakness” GURL. Like HELL YAS.
    I’m trying to find more games with this theme, or even shojo manga, anime, and Drama Cds. So far I think I’ve played/seen all there is 🙁 so I’m hoping drama Cds will give me the fix rofl.

    Such a shame the newest Beast Master was such a flop because it had all of that shit *cries*

    So glad you loved War of Prayers too! XD Who was your fav(s)?

    1. Ikr! It took me forever to get this out! I had to revise this list so many times before I posted this 😛

      Princes and Princess are always a winner!! Let me find myself a prince, girl I’d be gone so fast lol

      Right, you’d think there’d be more otome about princes.

      Ah don’t remind me about Beast Master and Prince… I’m still salty about that!

      Lol, you were the one that got me hooked on war of prayers! But Liam is bae! Kyaaaaa I still get weak thinking about him 😍

      1. Haha well you were busy so don’t worry about it! The wait just made it worth it XD
        And yassss. God I want more STUFF with royalty because that is my weakness. And forbidden love. *sighs*
        Haha I’m glad you liked it 😉 And gurl Guilty Alice is soooo good too! XD Cheshire is bae. And I still can’t choose between Liam and Evans.

      2. Yeah that’s true lol. I’m glad you liked it!! 😀

        OOOOH, forbidden romance is really good too!

        I love Guilty Alice! Oh man, I haven’t played Cheshire’s route yet only Joker and Mad!

        I keep hearing that Evans is a really good route in the game, maybe I need to give it a go 😉

      3. Yep! I was so surprised. He’s like that prince charming except actually charming rofl.
        He and Liam were my favs for diff reasons, but both supported the MC and were her friend before her lover. Really appreciated that.

      4. I dunno, that would be so cool! But NTT Solmare just put out that new game, Guard Me Sherlock so IDK when they’ll get back to it (if ever)

    1. LOLOLOLOL *sigh of relief* I am safe from your wrath 😛

      I admit that Midnight Cinderella was number 1… and then MM came and knocked it back a bit lol

  4. This list is awesome!
    Would definitely try all of them!
    I started playing Samurai Love Ballard: Party recently and got interested in otome games, thank you for this list.

  5. Very nice list with helpfully reviews. First otome game I ever played was Ikemen Sengoku: romance across time, and I became addicted. Needed more otome love so I’m trying DN2+ thanks to you! I did originally look at playing midnight Cinderella but the male characters all look super young and since I’m older than them it feels kinda weird.

Gush about cute otome boys~