Summer Blogging Plans

Hello fellow Heroes and Travelers, it has been brought to my attention that I have yet to write out my Summer Blog Plans… As I said in my Year End Wrap Up post, I am terrible with schedules and outlines. So for the sake of my followers, I will attempt to write down all of the posts I may or may not write this summer….

pretending to write

Summer Gaming Playlist

So this in of itself is only a vague, rundown of games that I might be playing this summer, but I have a habit of getting distracted fairly easy… So, forgive me if I skip around a game or completely neglect another.

Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS

First up is, the Zero Escape series (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward)… Since the third and final game, Zero Time Dilemma, is scheduled to hit stores in June, I’m going to go back and replay (and review) the first two games in the series! I absolutely adore mystery/puzzle visual novels, like these! Enough time has passed between my first playthroughs, that I have successfully forgotten all of the plot twists and reveals, so this’ll pretty much be like a first playthrough all over again. I can’t wait to take another spin through the Nonary Game!!

ace attorney.png

So this summer I plan to walk on the side of justice, one Not Guilty verdict at a time… That’s right, I’m gonna play through the original Ace Attorney trilogy in honor of the upcoming sixth game, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney- Spirit of Justice! I also plan to live blog my playthroughs on Tumblr under the #Now Playing Ace Attorney, so be on the look out for that closer to the September Ace Attorney 6 release date!

Fire Emblem Awakening.jpg

So last up for the Nintendo DS and 3DS games is Fire Emblem: Awakening! I just had to see what all of the hype was about, so I bought Birthright, but I have zero experience tactical JRPGs. So, I borrow my brother’s copy of Awakening so I could get a feel for the mechanics, before diving in to Birthright! I am so excited, this will be a first for me, so be on the look out for my pleas for aid and noob ramblings on twitter in the near future. I also plan on writing a review after my first playthrough, but we’ll cross that bridge when I get there…

Otome Games & Visual Novels

seduce me 2.png

I have been salivating over this game since it was announced back in 2015! After a series of unexpected delays, it is finally out and I am chopping at the bit to get to it! I have essentially put all other games on hold until I finish this game so, if I go ghost for a bit this is the reason why! I can’t wait to see what goodies Michaela and Seraphim have in store for us in this final installment of the Seduce Me saga (check out my review of the first game HERE).


Now that I’m done with DRAMAtical Murder, I think it’s high time I go back to Dandelion~ Wishes Brought to You~. I played this game months ago, but after the bittersweet open ending of Jisoo’s route, I tucked it neatly back into the dark nether regions of my Backlog. So, in the spirit of forgiveness, I’m gonna give Dandelion another shot (crosses self repeatedly) in the limelight. So expect a review for this at some point in the future, I’m thinking about making this into another Full Review…


I am a lover of indie games and English otome, so it’s no surprise that a few of them have managed to sneak their way onto my summer playlist! War Valentine Edition, is the game that you all voted on about a month ago during one of my weekly polls, so I’m going to commit to getting this game done this summer for sure! I’m also acquainted with the game’s creator, Dreamgazer, so I’m really nervous about reviewing this game lol. It looks like a great game from what I’ve seen so far, so look forward to this review in the near future!!


I absolutely loved the other Winterwolves’s titles, so I was super excited when this game came out back in March. However, I was too busy to even play it, but now that I’m done with school it’s time to give this game a whirl! Archaeology + Romance, what could go wrong?

code realize.jpg

Okay, this has been a long time coming… I’m finally going to commit to playing Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth! I have heard nothing but good things about this game even before it was localized for the West, so I am super excited to finally have the time to play it!

mystic destinies 2

Now that Tatsuya’s main story has been released, I feel like it’s about time I jumped on the bandwagon! This game looks really interesting and the art is gorgeous, so I figure why not. There are only two routes available so far, so I’ll try to get to both of them this summer, but no promises.

Mobile Otoge/ Mobile

In addition to my other games, I plan on tackling my backlog of mobile games… NTT Solmare has been pushing out some gorgeous looking games and I’m itching to play them, Eternal Vows and Scarlet Fate chief among them! I also have some games from D3 Publisher’s Forbidden Romance series of games that I have been meaning to get to, not to mention some free to play games, like Midnight Cinderella and Destined to Love from Cybird. Finally, I’m going to try to put a dent in my Voltage Inc. Backlog…So yeah, expect a ton of Voltage reviews in the near future! And when I say a ton, I mean a TON…There are so many stories that I’ve been neglecting and I plan on reviewing them all!

final thoughts

So two things just happened that may make this list hard to stick to:

  1. I finally heard back from one of the jobs I applied to! YAY!!! So at least until August, I will be employed…But, I don’t have a concrete schedule yet, so I have no idea what my work hours will look like as of right now.
  2. I’m also going to be helping my brother out with his gaming website, Ice Gauntlet, as his Assistant Editor. So, from time to time, I will be asked to review their articles before they are officially published. I may also submit some articles for the site myself, so we’ll see how that goes.

But, with that said, this is a tentative list, I may add/drop games at random depending on my moods, but for the most part these are the games I have been most wanting to play. So there is a high likelihood that I’ll actually play them in the end. I also have OZMAFIA, but I dunno how to fit it on to this list. I do plan on playing it, just not right now, but I may change my mind after I get used to my new work schedule.

In between reviews I will post some Top 5/10 lists, Fangirl Moments posts, and Demo reviews for a few upcoming games, so keep an eye out for that. I’m also working on two Rants, but I only work on those when the spirit moves me, so don’t anticipate those coming out in the near future. I was also inspired to do a 30 Day Anime Challenge after seeing how much fun Katrina Sade has been having with it over on her blog, GrimmGirl… I plan on starting that on July 1st.

So what do you guys think of my summer plans? Do you think they are plausible? What do you guys have planned for the upcoming summer break? Let me know in the comments section, feel free to share your thoughts with me (I promise I don’t bite). Finally, as always, THANK YOU for reading!!


30 thoughts on “Summer Blogging Plans

  1. Best of luck with Awakening! I just started playing it last week, and I’m pretty bad at it. Just be careful if you’re playing Classic mode; every move really does count.

    1. Lol absolutely! Gotta love my pixel men! XD I convinced Kat over at Grimm Girl to join me on the darkside, maybe one of my reviews will get you to join too! Heh heh heh

      1. Gasp! And so Kat now has joined the dark side. I feel so alone. I’m thinking of downloading one of those free otoge apps for my tablet, just to try out whether I’ll like the experience or not but I’m hesitating. Sigh.

      2. Lol you should definitely join us! It’s so worth it! Heh heh heh. Free otoges are good for beginners but the ticket based restrictions and checkpoints are a hassle. There are also some free pc English otoges that are good and the don’t have restrictions

      3. Oh! So that’s why I read so many complaints about waiting for tickets daily at the review section of the app. Hmmmmm. I’ll think about it.

      4. I got Shall We Date’s Love Tangle. It looks gorgeous. It’s my favourite of the 2 so far. And Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story. And now I know what those daily tickets mean. Oh my gosh. I don’t think these apps are for me. I’m one of the impatient ones. Sigh. Someday. . . . . . I’ll buy and play full DS otome games.

      5. Lol yeah the tickets drive me nuts, so I usually avoid the free to play unless I’m bored. But, I have heard good things about Love Tangle. I’ve actually played Our Two Bedroom Story, the storyline is good and at least you can buy the routes so no tickets! 😀

      6. Love Tangle is a treat for the eyes. It’s kinof driving me nuts because not only do I have to wait for tickets, but I also have to accomplish these tasks that takes a lot of time to complete, and not very interesting before I’m able to read the next set of chapters. Our Two Bedroom Story is easier and faster to play. But appearance-wise, Love Tangle is gorgeous. I won’t say that you’ve successfully roped me in to join the dark side yet. . . .I’m not too pleased with these free games after all. I’ll only admit that I’ve finally joined the dark side if I decided to buy the full games you girls play.

      7. Lol…it’s a step and I shall except it for now as a small victory in the greater war!

        The Shall We Date series is better looking than Voltage, that’s for sure, but i like the price and accessibility of Voltage. Let me know what you think when you finish Love Tangle though!

      8. Ahahaha. You’re one relentless temptress, that’s for sure.

        Hmmmm. I’ll give it another week, I think. I’m having doubts playing these free games. We’ll see.

      9. Well, that is my job as otoge temptress lol!

        But definitely let me know what you think, I’m very interested in people’s opinions of otoge. I may even write a post about it in the near future….

  2. I already told you this, but I just have congratulate you again for landing a summer job! You’re going to rock it for sure. And it’s so nice of you to help out your brother.

    I’ve also heard a lot about Code: Realize, particularly about its beautiful art. Is there a particular route you’re looking forward to?

    Ooh, I also have OZMAFIA!! I’m not that far in, but I’m loving it so much so far.

    I’m liking your summer plans. Good luck with them all! And, truth be told, I’m very much looking forward to your review of War: Valentine Edition. I was actually planning to remake it some time between June to July, so don’t feel like you have to be in any rush to play it! With any luck, I’ll finish the new and improved remake in time, and you’ll have that to review instead. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! 😀

      There isn’t any particular route that I am looking forward to in Code Realize. I have tried to stay as spoiler free as possible so I avoided any in depth game reviews and whatnot.

      I really hope that I can get through all of my planned games this summer!

      Really?! I can’t wait to see the remake, but even if I don’t get to it in time I still can’t wait to play the version that is out already! XD

  3. I *loved* Awakening, and it’s still probably my favorite 3DS title so far. It’s a lot more forgiving than the recent ones, so at least there’s that. Do play it with the sound on (in case you’re someone who turns the 3DS sound off entirely) because the soundtrack is fantastic and pretty important to the experience at parts.

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