Labyrinths of Astoria Mini Review

So I wasn’t a huge fan of the previous Voltage USA titles, they all just fell flat for me. I felt that instead of adapting the existing Voltage games for an American audience, Voltage should have been more consistent in updating the stuff they already had! So when Voltage announced that they would be releasing Voltage USA 2.0—AmeMix, let’s just say I was less than enthused.

To say I was hesitant about the new venture is a bit of an understatement, to be honest I had even resigned myself to completely ignore its existence. But, curiosity and a lot of good press later had me downloading the first (and only) game in the series: Labyrinths of Astoria (now Astoria: Fates Kiss) onto my iPad Mini, and there it stayed unopened and un-played for weeks! That is until I received a ‘Coming Soon’ notification for Hades’ Main Story 1 and Lord help me, that man can get it!

But that is for another time and place…at the time the only appealing story available was Hydra, don’t get me wrong, Hydra is a cutie too, total pixel man package: dark hair CHECK, snarky smirk DOUBLE CHECK, hot/cold personality CHECK! But Hades is my SPESH!

Labyrinths of Astoria Hydra

Labyrinths of Astoria Official Synopsis

H.E.R.A. – Hell and Earth Relations Agency.

Hell and Earth doesn’t sleep, so neither do we.

Gods and Monsters living among humans can mean dangerous business… Good thing H.E.R.A. exists to keep them in line. 

With big dreams and an even bigger heart, you dream of climbing the ladder of H.E.R.A…. until one day five beautiful mythical beings approach you for your help! 

Will you fight to keep the realms in balance?

Can love between a human and a demi-god really work?

Find out in, Labyrinths of Astoria!

You (name changeable) are an agent of H.E.R.A (Hell and Earth Relations Agency), which is like the Men In Black, except instead of aliens, you deal with Greek gods and monsters. And where is this MIB-like agency located? New York, of course. You primarily work as a paper pushing desk agent, occasionally your supervisor gives you some small field assignments, but nothing too exciting! This all changes when you meet four monsters and a beautiful caramel hottie Greek god, who all need your help. Life as you know it is about to change as you help your supernatural partner solve their problem and find love along the way.

The Characters of Labyrinth of Astoria

Labyrinths of Astoria Characters
  • Join ice cold criminal, Hydra as he takes down corruption among the gods and learn along the way that first impressions can be deceptive.
  • Pal around with, Cerberus, a sweet monster with a heart of gold.  Fall in love with this lovable, charming…and did I mention well endowed Underworld gate guardian.
  • Or maybe the flirty prince Chimera is your guy. Help him manage his unstoppable power, while dealing with some serious daddy issues.
  • Feeling a little curious? How about the beautiful and mysterious Medusa? Help her exorcise some demons from her past that threaten her present.
  • Monsters not your cup of tea? How about a god?! Become the assistant of the gentleman god, Hades as he deals trouble in paradise…literally!

First Impressions of Labyrinths of Astoria

I was pleasantly surprised! This game was amazing! I mean absolutely amazing! It was like Voltage took all the things we had complained about in their other games and put them into this gem of a game!

  • They gave the MC eyes (which wasn’t really make or break for me)
  • She had personality, she is a witty, spunky, go getter, that can easily go toe to toe with her equally snarky love interest.
  • They gave her, her very own superpower…well kind of, more like Wonder Twins meets Twilight…but it’s something!
  • She had a life outside of her love interest. She bakes when she’s stressed (which is often). She has a quirky friend/coworker and a chef brother (who I secretly wished I could pick).

The game has two endings: Thrilling Love and Passionate Love, which each unlock a separate point of view story. Both endings and POVs are great, I happen to be more partial to the Passionate ending though. But be warned you can only view one ending per play through, and the Passionate ending is super hard to get! So I suggest the getting the End Set, for sanity’s sake!

Final Thoughts

This is going to be short…I highly recommend this game! It took two of my favorite things: Greek myth and Otome, and made a damn good game! It has a likable MC, interesting characters, a fast paced plot (if not too short) with a satisfying payoff, Lab- I mean Astoria: Fates Kiss is one of Voltage Inc’s best!

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35 thoughts on “Labyrinths of Astoria Mini Review

  1. I’m still desperately trying to get into mobile games. I quite frankly dislike the majority of them and would much rather keep getting releases for the Vita like Code Realize, Norn9, Amnesia Memories etc. but you have me intrigued!

    I played Love Letter to Thief , Takuto’s route, but I never got a kiss CG. I was thouroughly disappointed bc I was actually pretty into that game.

    Does Astoria have kiss CG’s from what you’ve played of it?

    Do you have any recommendations for someone who is still pretty hesitant towards mobile otoges bc I dislike:

    MC has no eyes, personality, respect for herself ( I understand it’s a diff culture but still )
    When the love interests are abusive, disrespectful, move way too fast, too pervy
    When the story is so bad even the love interests can’t save it
    When there are no kiss CG’s 🙁
    Anything that is similar to Kissed by The Baddest Bidder ( I honestly don’t understand the hype for this and it sickens me. Sorry if you like this!!)

    Wow, I’m sorry for that whole post/rant.

    1. Similar sentiments about Kissed by the Baddest Bidder here. I don’t understand the hype.

      HMMMmmmm I recently started Shall We Date – Destiny Ninja, and it’s a definite improvement on their previous titles. The main character has eyes, personality, and can fight for herself (although they still do the damsel in distress thing–comes with the genre?). The story seems somewhat predictable so far with only a couple unexpected developments, but the protagonists seem like decent guys. Can’t say anything about the kiss CGs though since it seems those are premium content. Sigh. Cell phone games just aren’t on the same level as Vita games. (I’m playing through Code: Realize now ^_^)

      1. Yeah, I’m glad someone can agree with me on this lol.
        Hmm, I’ll look into it. I don’t hate on damsels-pretty sure I’d be one lol-and as long as the heroine at least TRIES at something, I’ll give her credit.
        What is with those premium content stuff? I don’t get much about mobile games. I understand Paid VS Gree but Premium and all that makes no sense to me lol.
        So you can’t see kiss CG’s only unless you pa for a premium version? I didn’t see an option for Thief X lol so maybe they never had one for Takuto.
        Thanks for your help, Boba!!! ^^

      2. And yes!!! Code Realize is well worth the praise, money and hype. What routes have you done? I’ve only otten through Impey’s and was pretty happy with his. I’m not gonna lie-pretty pumped to get Lupin’s route done bc so many ppl love this guy, he’s actually likeable, and I’m pretty interested in him.

      3. I haven’t had time to play, so I’m only on Chapter 5 >_<. I tend to play through the first time and just see what happens, then start going for specific guys in later playthroughs. I think I'd go for Lupin first, but apparently my glasses fetish is strong because I'm attracted to both Frankenstein and Helsing LOL.

        Impey has one of my favorite voice actors, and I love hearing his reactions to being picked on ^_^. Very like Yosuke (his character in Persona 4).

        Now that we've commented all over this post, I wonder if pokeninja has game recommendations for both of us xD.

      4. So after you said that it picks up from Chapter 8, I blasted through the rest of a route from Chapter 5 last night (LOL). My first romance was Victor Frankenstein. The megane fetish and scientist/alchemist attraction was apparently too strong. I also realized he has Shin’s voice from Amnesia when I got to later chapters ^_^. He’s super adorbs. Total sweetheart.

        I’m probably gonna go for Lupin next. I like his personality a lot, too. Plus…he reminds me of Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon. This may be the only game where I get to romance a Tuxedo Kamen lookalike xD.

    2. It’s all good about the rant, I created this blog so I could have discussions about otome/otoge with people who like it! But to answer your questions….I believe Astoria did have a Kiss CG…Voltage tends to skimp on them, I guess it has something to do with us using our “imagination” (in Spongebob voice)! I play a wide range of games, but I tend to lean more towards mobile games because of access and availability. (and the fact that I forgot most of the Japanese I learned in school)…

      Now as for suggestions….I tend to pick the cool/ice queen types or full out tsunderes. I like the challenge, there is just something about melting the heart of a cold-hearted guy and discovering he’s nothing but a big sweetie underneath! I loved LLFTX, I just recently played Takuto’s Wedding sequel, and my Tsundere Hacker HunBun, is the best (I think he might be the canon route)! He always brings a smile to my face and makes my heart go pitter patter *swoon*

      I don’t hate Kissed by the Baddest Bidder…but I have serious issues with the whole I bought you so I own you plot and the huge social standing gap, Which creates a bit of Stockholm Syndrome…so the relationship seems sort of unequal…BUT, Soryu’s route definitely downplays the bidder aspect (he’s a mafia boss, so he has more important things to deal with) and makes for an enjoyable plot, which revolves around melting the heart of the cold mafia boss, who secretly wants to have a “normal happiness”…It’s actually really sweet, Soryu and the MC both step up and become better people because of the relationship…I highly recommend his route if you play any of the KBTBB routes (it’s the most normal)….NOW as for Eisuke Ichinomiyia, now he is a cold hearted bastard, with way to many issues for my take, yeah he can be sweet in his own twisted way, but not enough to make the torture worth it. I especially remember a scene where instead of the usual 5 min deadline he usually gives the MC to respond to his pages, he gives her 30 mins to respond….and how does the MC react??? She gets excited, then she realizes how stupid and sick the whole situation is and gets depressed again.

      Any of the guys from Be My Princess, not BMP2, but BMP1…I liked all the guys, but Joshua Lieben is Prince of the Naive and King of the Tsunderes…He is a sweetie who needs a hug…and if you give him riceballs, he’ll love you forever!

      I liked Kyosuke from Storm Lover Kai and Subaru Shidou from Sweet Fuse By Your Side, Jisoo from Dandelion…and I also play BL games and Independent English Otome Games, like

      As for other suggestions I guess I’ll have to put together a post of my favorites…this kind of turned out to be pretty long….

      1. No I’m glad you took the time to write all of this! I am also glad to meet other otoge fans and talk with them about controversial issues and things we love about the games! XD
        Lol it seems we have the same types! I think I lean more towards tsunderes tho, and hopefully they are megane! XD
        Hmmm well its good to know that about KBTBB. I’m glad to know there are some good moments but lol I don’t think I’ll be playing it again. 😛
        BMP looks really cool and I hope to give that one a chance one day.
        OMG I still have to finish Sweet Fuse lol I’ve only playd Waka, Meoshi and Mitarashi. I loved what I played so idk why I haven’t finished it. Well, I will make some time for it!
        I kind of have a bad habit of buying new games before I finish one…I used to not be like that. What happened to me? Lol
        O I still haven’t played Dandelion but I saw a playthrough of Jisoo by Cry on youtube. Jisoo is hilarious! It was so funny how he loved romance novels and then cornered the protagonist to try and kiss her! XD
        I heard Nameless upped it’s quality so I actually want to play that one instead bc I heard about the “rapey” vibes the bad endings left in Dandelion and after my best friend was raped, I just can’t sit back and think “It’s just a story.”
        I look forward to a post like that!!!!!!!!

      2. OMG! Megane men are my kryptonite! Glasses make everyone 10x hotter!

        I am still playing though Sweet Fuse, I have the same problem as you…I tend to buy new games before I finish the ones I have…like some kind of squirrel storing them away for winter…

        I wrote a short post on Dandelion… The game was good but seriously super bittersweet…I have Nameless on Steam, but, I reluctant to play after the emotional roller coaster Dandelion was….as for the bad ending…yeah it’s a little stalkery…

      3. OMG YES someone who understands the megane ikeman!XD I was all over the dude in Tokimeki 3 who was the class pres just because he had glasses lol. Is that a fetish? I don’t really like them in real life bc tbh, I haven’t seen a hot dude with glasses who studied hard. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, but I can only think of Asian countries lol
        Yep…I have like 15 games including rpgs I haven’t finished…Winter is coming!
        OOO really? I will have to read that when I get back from tutoring today!

      4. Megane men are my weakness! Yes, I almost always go for the men in glasses! If it is a fetish, I am proud to say I have it! I have seen some truly gorgeous guys with glasses…*wipes drool*
        Lol winter is coming…but who cares when you can cuddle up with a few ikemen!

  2. That’s definitely nice to hear :O I kind of gave up on Voltage and solmare after I realized they kept milking their older titles (spending 100$ on Pirates in love is madness for all the sequels, adds, bonuses and extras lol).
    Could save 10 days with my devil though. XD

  3. Sorry for my late comment, but I was wondering if you got all the CG’s. I was reluctant to play this game. I don’t like the US style. But Astoria has beautiful art. Definitely had to play it as soon as i saw Hades.
    Plus I love that they have a girl (Medusa) in the mix. Very open minded and tolerant.

    And a kick butt MC! Love the eyes and hair.

    Okay back to my question. I finished all the mains from seasonn 1 Hades, but only have 1 CG of the 2. I played both endings.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks so much for your time and effort.


    1. First thank you for reading and commenting!

      So about your question, I have played all of Hades’s and Hydra’s season 1 stories and I have all of the Cgs. Which CG are you missing? Perhaps there was a choice that you missed along the way.

      1. In Hades main 1& 2, I’m missing the 2nd CG. But I played both endings.
        Not only in Hades stories, it’s same in Medusa, Hydra and Cerberus. But in the 3th storie I’ve got all 3 CGS.

        Kinda confusing….

      2. I’ll just uninstall and install again. Hopefully it will be fixed. When I play for the passionate ending, I do put it on fast forward… because I already read everything. Wonder if that’s the reason…

  4. Thx Pokeninja90.

    Re-reading at normal speed didn’t help either. I asked for help from Voltage. I’ll wait till they reply before I uninstall the app.

    I only bought the main, not the end set. Just played for the other ending with a walk through.

    1. Ah that’s why! I feel so silly! The second image in MS 1 and MS 2 is a bonus image that you get for buying the end set and not an actual story cg… Sorry it took me so long to figure this out

      1. Ohhhh hahaha that why! Well I was wondering that, but since got all 3 in main 3 without buying the end set. I didn’t think anything of it.
        Thank you for not giving up on me
        Nothing to be sorry about <3

      2. No problem! Im glad i could help!

        I really wanted to know myself so I went back and read the stories over, still couldn’t figure it out and then I read the tab about the end sets and it clicked…

        I’m glad we finally have an answer though XD

  5. Next time they have bundles, I’ll go for the total package.

    Yeah happy we finished the quest & mystery of the missing CG 😂

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