Astoria: Fate’s Kiss Mini Review

So as many of you may know Astoria: Fate’s Kiss is the sequel/second season of Voltage Inc’s urban fantasy romance game, Labyrinths of Astoria

Now that Season 1 has come to a close, in preparation for our second season, we’d like to announce a name change, from “Labyrinths of Astoria” to “Astoria: Fate’s Kiss”! Love can be like like a labyrinth – first, you have to fight your way through challenges to be with the one you love! So then, the next stage is up to fate! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


I am so hyped and I’ve only played the prologue! Let me start off by praising Astoria Fate’s Kiss and Voltage for including POC, and for those who don’t know that is “People of Color“, as characters in the game! It is refreshing to see characters of all shades and hues as side characters and main characters! I mean holy Hera, even Zeus, the king of the gods is black, and not kinda Black, he’s Black, Black! Like a chocolate dipped dream! Yes! It is so rare to see POC characters in otome, and I for one hope that Voltage USA, keeps it up with their future AmeMix releases!

great job

But I digress…

So far only Hydra is out right now, and that’s okay! I love Hydra and I am really looking forward to the rest of his season 2 stories as well as rest of the gang, especially that caramel hottie with the body, Hades!

my body is ready

The Plot of Astoria Fate’s Kiss

You (name changeable) are now a bona fide field agent at H.E.R.A.! Goodbye days of paper pushing monotony and hello ADVENTURE! Not that you didn’t have your share of adventure as a paper pushing grunt, but at least now it comes with a slight raise in pay. Your life seems to be on the up and up, career wise and personally. You and your lover, couldn’t be happier, now that all the drama from season one is behind you. Nothing but blue skies and sunshine on the horizon. But, all is not as it seems, when Zeus in all his godly wrath suddenly appears at H.E.R.A. What’s going on?  So much for having a peaceful life…

Characters of Astoria Fate’s Kiss

Labyrinths of Astoria Characters
  • Join ice cold criminal, Hydra as he takes down corruption among the gods and learn along the way that first impressions can be deceptive.
  • Pal around with, Cerberus, a sweet monster with a heart of gold.  Fall in love with this lovable, charming…and did I mention well endowed Underworld gate guardian.
  • Or maybe the flirty prince Chimera is your guy. Help him manage his unstoppable power, while dealing with some serious daddy issues.
  • Feeling a little curious? How about the beautiful and mysterious Medusa? Help her exorcise some demons from her past that threaten her present.
  • Monsters not your cup of tea? How about a god?! Become the assistant of the gentleman god, Hades as he deals trouble in paradise…literally!

Overall Thoughts

Hydra, Cerberus, Chimera, Medusa, and Hades are all back for this next installment of the Astoria series, and boy am I excited. Especially since it seems like Hades is going to have a more elevated role in the overarching plot of the second season (at least in Hydra’s story anyway). I am hoping to learn a bit more about the gods, especially Zeus! But more importantly, I want to see how the romance between, our feisty heroine and her supernatural lover, progresses over the course of the season. Will it fall into one of those common Voltage clichés? Or will it rise to meet my expectations?

I will be over the moon with glee if Fate’s Kiss is anything like the fast paced roller coaster that was Labyrinths, but I am still wary of Voltage USA…. Hopefully Voltage will keep up the momentum, but only time will tell. I will try to remain optimistic, Voltage has surprised me before.

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8 thoughts on “Astoria: Fate’s Kiss Mini Review

  1. Pfft omg I love your Lemon gif!!!!!!! XD Never can go wrong with Adventure TIme! I have to agree with you. I went for Hades immediately bc he’s of color and how awesome is that? Will have to try out Hydra bc dang did he look awesome in that op!

    1. Thanks,the gif spoke to me…Hades is definitely my favorite…I love that Voltage USA is incorporating more characters of color! But I also loved Hydra’s season 1, I’m going to play his season 2 this week!

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