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Sota Sasaki is affected by the lethal “candle disease”, however, it turns out that his semen is the cure?! From MADA labo, the creators of the (in)famous Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers comes the BL visual novel, The Patient S Remedy!

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Sota Sasaki is one of several unfortunate men afflicted with the lethal “candle disease”, a case of progressive cell degeneration that typically kills within 5 years. Yet it turns out that Sota harbors what might be a miraculous cure for the disease in his bodily fluids! The diligent doctor thus offers Sota a deal – if he agrees to provide his semen and participate in the research to develop a cure, then he’ll be given special privileges within the hospital ward. Will Sota inject the other male patients with his cure for the sake of science and finding his own miracle treatment? Will he abuse the privileges granted to him in return?

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The Patient S Remedy Review

After experiencing Mado Labo’s Naked Butlers I was ready for just about anything with their second game—and I was not disappointed. This time we trade in butler torture porn for literally fucking men to health. Yes, you read that right. In the game, a young man uses his special semen to cure a group of terminally ill patients in a closed off hospital ward. But, despite it’s ridiculous premise, The Patient S Remedy is a game with a lot of heart and I found myself genuinely feeling for these characters and their circumstances.

At 22 years old, Sato Sasaki is in the prime of his life. He’s got a hot girlfriend, good friends, and with his graduation fast approaching he’s about to take his first steps towards a bright future. But, fate has other plans. After being taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning he is told that he actually has the lethal “candle disease”, a progressive cell degeneration that typically kills those afflicted within 5 years. And, because this is a boys love game, only affects men in their early to late 20s.

Shibusawa explains Sota's duties
I mean he’s not wrong…

As luck would have it, Sato’s bodily fluids could hold the key to a miracle cure, the only catch is that it has no effect on his own illness. Even though he can’t save himself, Sato’s special fluids can be used to cure others. So his doctor proposes a deal—if Sota agrees to participate in his research to develop a cure, he’ll be given special privileges within the hospital ward. Of course this is a BL game, while any fluid will do, semen provides the “best” result. And it just so happens that Sota has an unrelated condition that causes him to produce an inhuman amount of jizz. So it’s up to Sato to inject his curative cum into his fellow patients. Orally, topically, and even anal absorption can be used to administer Sota’s special treatment; by any means necessary.

The Patient S Remedy checks off some of the same boxes as Naked Butlers. A totally out there premise, check. Dubious consent, check. A sadistic protagonist, double check. The Patient S Remedy definitely isn’t afraid to cross a few boundaries. There are many scenes that’ll have even the most seasoned BL lover doing a double take. There is so much cum, so, so much cum. But, when you look beyond the the gratuitous bukkake scenes and the surprisingly well researched pseudo-science used to justified Sato fucking his way through a slew of terminally ill patients; The Patient S Remedy is actually a pretty thoughtful, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, emotional story.

There’s definitely an episodic feel to The Patient S Remedy, as you tend to follow a set routine of visiting the other patients in their rooms, interacting with the sweet nurse, Madoka, getting your own treatment from Dr. Shibusawa, or spending time enjoying the outdoor simulations of the Environment dome. How you spend your time is completely up to you, but given the ever present threat of your condition, most of your time will be spent treating the other patients.

Alongside Sato, there are three other patients suffering from Candle Disease. Haruki, a cute, quiet young man who has always been weak and sickly. Minagawa a cold and standoffish businessman. Yasuda a selfless and always cheerful older gentleman. As you visit each of the characters to administer your “special” treatment you get closer to them and learn more about their lives prior to winding up at the hospital.

There is a lot of sex in this game. Most of the sexual encounters are considered “treatments”. While his seed is specifically for medicinal purposes, Sato does enjoy his daily “duties”. He can be a little prone to sadism, but he is nowhere near as malicious as Tomaki from Naked Butlers, so he’s aight. Sato at the very least has some semblance of a conscience, which makes me think MADA labo took to heart some of the feedback from their first game. Sato says some questionable crap, courtesy of the “colorful” Mangagamer localization (‘ass-pussy’ is used so much it hurts) is actually likeable.

I wouldn’t call the other patients “love interests” in the traditional sense, because this game isn’t really a romance story. Sure, feelings of affection develop between Sato and the other guys after days of intense fucking, but given the circumstances it has more of a Stockholm vibe to it, so yeah, romance this is not.

I kinda doubt that

But, that said you do get the sense that everyone’s lives have been change in meaningful ways after spending so much intimate time together. And there is genuine affection between Sato and the other patients, to the point that they want the other to live a long happy life free from Candle Disease. Granted if circumstances had been different, maybe (and this is a BIG maybe) Sato and the other guys might have actually been friendly towards one another.

The sex and medical nonsense mask the very real truth that all of the characters in this game are dying. They’re most likely never going to see their friends or family ever again, let alone leave the hospital. Which normally would make for a pretty depressing story, but there is a hopeful tone to the narrative and the characters that balances out the sad vibes. This feels more like a slice-of-life drama than anything else and I found myself actually tearing up in a few places. I just wanted every to live and be happy.

The Patient S Remedy does offer a number of outcomes, that run the gambit from hopeful to bittersweet to emotionally heart wrenching (so make sure you have tissues handy). It can be a lot to get through, but I highly recommend you play all the endings, because the true ending is 1000% worth seeing at least once. This is one of the few true endings that felt genuinely earned and satisfying.

So the verdict: Is The Patient S Remedy Worth Playing?

For all the off the wall stuff that happens in The Patient S Remedy, that finale was surprisingly heartwarming. Which is something I NEVER expected to say about a game where a dude cures a bunch of sick guys with his magical cum… but, here we are… I laughed, I cringed, I even cried. This game had me feeling so many emotions and I am so glad I didn’t let rage quitting Naked Butlers keep me from playing this amazing game! It’s not for everyone and YOU MUST BE 18+ TO RIDE, but it’s a ride you’ll wanna experience (and then share with your friends).

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