Deliver Us From Evil (DUFE) Game Review

Deliver Us From Evil is a gothic amare visual novel developed by Galen Games, for Otome Jam 2021. Follow Ariel, an angel as she investigates the truth behind dark events taking place on Earth. Along the way she will enlist the aid of three attractive companions to help her with her heavenly mission. Thanks to the amazing team at Galen Games, I had the chance to check out the game and the additional DLC and I am here to share my thoughts on this impressive game!

Game Details

  • Genre: Mystery | Supernatural | Amare
  • Price: Base Game (Name Your Own Price) | Kaldran DLC ($6.99)
  • Demo Length: 3 – 5 hours
  • Where to Play: | Steam


Mankind has wished since the dawn of time, but when those pleas turn dark, Heaven decides to answer. Tasked by the Archangel Michael to investigate, will our young angel Ariel follow her mission? Or will she stray from the light?

Choose wisely between three heartthrobs to serve as your investigation partner and uncover the truth.

Characters of Deliver Us From Evil

In Deliver Us From Evil you have the option to romance three characters, Michael, Ace, and Keldran. While Michael and Ace’s routes are standalone romance options, Keldran’s route is a poly route that allows you to pursue Keldran and Ace. Your partner(s) will help you uncover the truth behind the mysterious goings on on Earth. Each path provides a unique perspective on the story’s conflict, challenging Ariel to choose between her mission and the chance at something more…

The Heroine – Ariel

Deliver Us From Evil Ariel

Romanceable Characters

Deliver Us From Evil Review

Take on the role of guardian angel, Ariel, after she is handpicked by the archangel Michael to take on an important mission on Earth. Mankind’s wishes, the lifeblood of the heavens, are being corrupted by an unknown force and it is up to Ariel and Michael to get to the bottom of the strange goings on. On their journey you can choose to follow the path of light and partner with Michael or get a taste of the dark side the mysterious and seductive pair Keldran and Ace.

At the time of it’s initial release, two pursuable characters where availableMichael and Ace, but he team has since expanded on the world with a prequel story exploring the relationship between two of the pursuable characters, Keldran and Ace. And now, the team has finally released the much anticipated Keldran DLC Deliver Us From Evil: Cadenza which includes the poly romance route between Keldran and Ace. I’ll be honest, I wanted Keldran the moment I laid eyes on himI mean sexy high high boots and those beautiful bedroom eyes, Keldran is just dripping with sex appeal! Michael is cute, but a bit too boy next-door for my tastes (though his himbo “stud” cut-off tee look had me cracking up), he seems more like a protective older bro than anything else. While Ace gives off off flirty party boy vibes, which puts one in mind of a quick and dirty weekend hookup, and doesn’t exactly scream white picket fence.

But, there is something to like in each of the LIs and I really enjoyed each route and while some of the routes felt a bit more rushed than others, I do think the story gives the characters plenty of time to breathe, so that the relationships feel genuine by the end of the game. The Deliver Us From Evil – Cadenza DLC does involve a poly relationship between Ariel (MC), Keldran, and Acethe relationship between Keldran and Ace is implied in the other routes, so I was looking forward to seeing how they interact in their own route and how the MC would fit in within their existing relationshipand the result is pretty enjoyable.

Poly routes can be difficult to get right since the writers have to create a working dynamic between three characters that feels natural with each partner and Galen Games did an amazing job establishing a budding relationship between Ariel, Keldran, and Ace. Though I will admit that Ariel’s relationship with Ace seemed to take a back seat to her interactions with Keldran in most of the route. I felt a stronger connection between Ariel and Ace in his standalone route, which isn’t a complaint, more something I noticed while playing. But, I did like that throughout Keldran’s route did have a lot of great communication between everyone involved, taking time to clearly establish what everyone wants from their relationship, which is something a lot of traditional otome games seem to struggle withso it is refreshing to see that openness in DUFE.

The MC, Ariel is interesting; she’s a guardian angel who has been sent on her first Earthly mission, so she is very naïve about the ways of the worldMichael has a bit more experience with Earth, but even he is laughably out of the loop on most modern things (remembers him thinking his “stud” crop top is high fashion). Some people might find this a bit frustrating, since Ariel can be a bit too clueless. But even with that said as the story progresses she does become a bit more confident and as a result she definitely becomes much more sassy and fiery.

There is a nice balance between the romance and the central conflict about the corrupt wishes and I really enjoyed the worldbuilding. There are a lot of biblical references, but it’s never expressed in a way that isn’t overwhelmingdefinitely not as convoluted as some of the later seasons of Supernatural. Each path gives a different perspective on everything going on and explores more about supernatural elements of the world. I recommend playing Michael’s route first, then Ace and Keldran’s routes.

Of course I can’t talk about Deliver Us From Evil without praising the art and voice actingthis game is gorgeous (and yes the LIs have nips). I found myself forgetting the story from time to time and just stopping to ogle all the boys…seriously, the eye candy in this game is insane! But, the highlight for me is the voice acting, I know I don’t talk voice acting very often, but the VAs in this game did a fantastic job bringing these characters to life. DUFE is partially voice acted so there were a few instances with repeated voiced phrases and sounds and occasionally there are full voiced lines, but what we do get is top tier and y’all there is a whole scene in Keldran actually sings opera and it’s heavenly (no pun intended). This is seriously a well put together game!

The Verdict: Is Deliver Us From Evil Worth Playing?

Absolutely YES! With the improvements to the Otome Jam release and the added Keldran DLC, Deliver Us From Evil – Cadenza is the definitive way to experience Galen Games’s gothic amare visual novel. It’s smartly written, beautiful to look at, and has a delicious cast that you’ll have fun getting to know! If you have been waiting to give Deliver Us From Evil a try, now is the time to give it a go, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Get to Know Galen Games

Thank you to Galen Games for providing early access to Deliver Us From Evil: Cadenza for this review.

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