Swipe Right: Otome Guys I’d Totally Date in Real Life

Otome games are all about exploring your fantasies, doing things you can’t do in your everyday life. Whether that’s getting sucked into a virtual reality game or fighting alongside the legendary Shinsengumi, in otome games you can be or do whatever you want. The biggest draw of otome games are the love interests, each game gives you your very own harem of hot guys to romance. But, let’s be real, half of us would never date some of our favorite otome guys in real life. In fact, some of the most popular otome guys are downright assholes.

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If not for the fantasy aspect of otome romances we wouldn’t give most otome guys the time of day. Hell, I’m guilty of liking questionable characters, some of my favorite otome guys are either tsundere or kuudere and I find those kinds of guys insufferable in real life. And don’t get me started on oresama characters, ain’t nobody got time to stroke the ego of an arrogant man child.

So that got me thinking about the otome love interests I would date in real life and the results were pretty surprising. None of my favorite otome characters actually made the list, but thems the rub I suppose…

Character Matches - Mineo 2

Sometimes you just need a guy you can vibe with, someone you can talk to as an equal and Enomoto is that guy. Out of all the guys in Collar x Malice, Enomoto is the one I could really see myself getting along with, since he isn’t some hot shot detective. He’s the kind of guy you can really talk to, maybe even grab a few drinks with. Enomoto isn’t perfect, but he doesn’t try to be, he’s honest and straightforward and I find that really endearing. But, even more than that, Enomoto is someone you can rely on when things get tough.

Character Matches - Caramia 2

I am a ride or die Axel fangirl, and it pains me to say this, but if given the choice I probably wouldn’t want to date him in real life. However, his boss Caramia is right up my alley! He’s helpful and kind, which given the fact that he is the Don of Famiglia OZ was really unexpected. I can be a bit pushy at times, and since Caramia is so used to being bossed around by Kyrie he’s more than capable of handling a more dominant partner. He’s an avid reader and I could totally imagine spending lazy afternoons reading books and chatting. There’s also the added bonus of him being the head of the biggest mafia family…

Character Matches - Sousuke.PNG

There are plenty of Voltage men I could see myself dating IRL, but I limited myself to just two and Sousuke Kikuchi from Finally in Love Again definitely makes the cut! He’s more of a strong silent type, and can come off a bit gruff, but he is oh so genuine. He’s a man of few words, but when he does say something he really means it and he always keeps his promises. I mean he held on to crush for 20 years… if that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is! But, what I love about Sousuke is that he’s never overbearing with his feelings, always putting the needs of his partner before his own. However, once he’s got you he isn’t afraid show just how passionate he can be…

Character Matches - Victor

I managed to play a bit of Fran’s route in Code Realize and I was instantly smitten with this quiet, unassuming scientist. Some girls like brawn, but I definitely like a guy with a good head on his shoulders and Victor Frankenstein is a frickin genius! But, rather than being cocky about his abilities, Victor constantly downplays his accomplishments. He isn’t a pompous douchbag, he’s just a really sweet guy who just happens to be ridiculously smart. He could easily use his gifts to elevate his status, but he is content with helping others with his inventions.

Character Matches - Ichthys

Last, but certainly not least is Ichthys from Star Crossed Myth. Now, I have said on several occasions that Scorpio is my SCM bae, however if I ever met anyone as stubborn as Scorps in real life I’d probably punch him in the face. Cold aloof types are only cute in otome games… However, if I did get the chance to date one of the guys from SCM in real life it would definitely be Ichthys. If I’m being completely honest, I really want someone that can make me laugh and Ichthys with his penchant for pranks is exactly the kind of guy I’d be drawn to the most. He can go a bit overboard at times, but when you’re with Ichthys you’re bound to have a good time!

You've Got a Match.gif

So, there you have it, there are the otome guys I’d most likely date in real life! This list is devoid of my usual go to guys, and I guess that’s just the difference between fantasy and reality. I mean I have my limits, I rarely go for oresama characters in otome games and when I do I tend to really dislike them. But, I’m pretty okay with tsundere and kuudere characters… so long as it’s just in a game. I have had dates with guys that run hot and cold, and it is frustrating as hell IRL! I’d much prefer someone I could just chill with to someone playing with my emotions. In reality, I’d much prefer the adorkable guy or the funny guy over someone distant… at least if this list is any indication.

Well, dear readers this is where I turn things over to you guys! What are some characters you wouldn’t mind getting to know better IRL? They can be from any medium; anime, manga, film, books, etc. And the relationship doesn’t have to be romantic, it can be anyone you think you’d really get along well with…

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14 thoughts on “Swipe Right: Otome Guys I’d Totally Date in Real Life

  1. “let’s be real, half of us would never date some of our favorite otome guys in real life. In fact, some of the most popular otome guys are downright assholes.
    If not for the fantasy aspect of otome romances we wouldn’t give most otome guys the time of day. Hell, I’m guilty of liking questionable characters, some of my favorite otome guys are either tsundere or kuudere and I find those kinds of guys insufferable in real life. And don’t get me started on oresama characters, ain’t nobody got time to stroke the ego of an arrogant man child.”
    As a die hard fan of Himuro Reiichi (TMGS1) and Hikami Itaru (TMGS2), I don’t think I wanna date them in real life at all. Date an uncle is … out of the question (if you count his real life age he is 40+ now), not to mention he if he is my teacher omg… And I can’t think of a date with knowledge pop out here and there. I want a rest, not to study as I have to at school !
    But I do have a fav char that I would love to date in real life! It’s Yurisawa from Koibana Days. Although I doubt if he ever wanna date me – in real life, hahaha.

    1. Ah yes, our questionable otome guys, they’re so perfect in the game, but in real life… NOPE LOL

      Oh my gosh!! Yurisawa is so cute!!! He looks like such a refined character!!

      1. YES! Yurisawa is a sweet, caring ra reliable guy. Even he could be very scary he choose not to cuz he always want resolve everything peacefully.

  2. Yeah I think we have the same taste in the guys we like in Otome games. Then also this is a great list of who we should/would date haha!

    I’m always the fan of the possessive guy in otome games. It is always nice to have some one want to be with you that bad… In fantasy haha.

    I really liked Lance in Nameless he was that tsundere character. Also because you got to have a bit more of a relationship with him in that game which was nice for once.

    1. Oh! United in our love of questionable otome guys!! XD

      LOL I feel you there, knowing they’ll do anything for you is definitely appealing. Though I draw the line at yandere…

      Lance is a tsun you say? I might need to pick up Nameless again… for research purposes 😛

      But, I’m glad to hear that they develop the relationship beyond the usual gimmicky stuff.

  3. ahhh naja yesss i love this post the graphics the boys. fantastic work! i especially love mineo and sousuke making this list!! those are two id def date irl!

    1. AWWWW HAZEL!!! Girl thank you for being my sounding board for the bios!!

      YES Girl, you know I had to put those two on there, Mineo is my CxM bae and Sousuke is just an all around dream!

  4. This was such a good read! Loving the post! And did you make those pictures by yourself? I legit thought it was some website 8) I would have to give this a good thought! 😂 great post!!

  5. Loved this post! Some of my favorites in otome are killers, so I certainly like some questionable characters.

    I’m not sure if I would date my favorite otome boy, Kei Soejima from Masquerade Kiss, in real life or not. We’re very compatible, but his trauma led him to have some toxic traits (I am asking Voltage to give him a therapist).

    If I had to say, I would probably go with Fran from Code: Realize, as well. Impey is my favorite, but he’d probably be too loud for me irl. My choice from Collar x Malice (based on what I’ve played), would be Kei, though he’d have to learn the same lessons he did in his route.

Gush about cute otome boys~