[Bite-Sized Review] Kitty Love – Way to look for love

Kitty Love-Way to Look for Love is the latest otome game from DIGIMERCE, and among the first wave of otome games released for the Nintendo Switch. The game follows Honoka, a young shop clerk who is magically transformed into a cat. In order to break her curse, Honoka must lock lips with one of five eligible bachelors. There’s her sweetheart of a boss, Takuma Suguri; her childhood friend, Kohei Natsume; the stoic patrol cop, Shogo Fujimoto; the friendly neighborhood host, Kyosuke Kawahara; and finally the mysterious flower arrangement artist, Narumi Saijo. The love interests, were pretty by the book, checking off all of the usual otome tropes and cliches, but, they are still enjoyable enough. There isn’t a set play order, however, I highly recommend playing Narumi Saijo’s route last, lest you want game ruining spoilers, granted the “big reveal” was kind of obvious from the beginning.

Kitty Love Otome.png

Kitty Love was originally a mobile game released back in 2014 and I’m not going to lie, this port feels like a mobile game. Cute art, free source stock backgrounds, and a luck of the draw translation. On the positive side of things, the art is cute and the premise is pretty interesting, but, the quality of the English translation undermines all of that. It’s really hard to get into a game when every other line is riddled with typos and other delightful grammatical errors. To it’s credit, Kitty Love isn’t Taisho Alice bad, but it’s damn close to QuinRose’s Alice in the Heart, there are parts that were unreadable and others that had me and my friend cracking up. The voice acting was solid, with some pretty big names among the voice cast, so that was a plus.

Ultimately, Kitty Love-Way to Look for Love is a cute game that is bogged down by it’s dismal translation. The cute art and story are no consolation for a poorly translated game, this is a visual novel, 95% of the gameplay involves reading, so I expect the writing to be clean and free from glaring grammatical errors or typos. Unfortunately that was not the case and it sucks, because for $24.99, I expect something that has been carefully proofread and quality checked, not something that reads like its been pushed out by an online translator.

Kitty Love – Way to find love

Where to Buy: Nintendo.com

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