Super Special Awesome 500 Follower Collaboration Extraveganza w/ Two Happy Cats!!

Righteo, hey hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs, today I’m bringing you guys a super special awesome collaboration post! A little while ago I hit my 500 follower milestone here on WordPress and I was playing around with ideas for what I could do to celebrate this momentous occasion when I saw that my blogging twin Steph over at Two Happy Cats had also just hit 500 followers over on her blog… that’s when I got an idea… a deliciously wonderful idea, why not do a collab/joint celebration?!


For those of you that don’t know, Steph and I started blogging around the same time, I think our anniversaries are just a few days apart, so I like to think of her as my blogging twin from halfway across the world. We struck up an instant friendship, bonding over our love of otome games, boy’s love, and of course Junji Ito!! So it must have been fate that we hit the big 500 follower milestone around the same time, and it seemed only fitting that I celebrate with one of my favorite bloggers around! If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you check out her site, she covers a wide range of topics, from otome games to anime to boy’s love to personal pieces, she is just a phenomenal blogger and friend!

For our super special awesome 500 Follower Collaboration, Steph and I decided to write up questions for the other to answer, so we each came up with six questions, I’ll be answering her questions here and she will be answering her questions over on her blog!

Let’s get this party started!!

Steph’s Questions

1. What sparked your love for otome games?

Oh hooo, this is a funny story really… not really, it’s pretty tame and I answered this in the post I Date Hot Guys on My iPad: A Love Affair with Virtual BishiesBut the cliffnotes version is that I started playing otome games on a whim, I’d just gotten an iPad mini and I was looking for apps to download for it. I stumbled upon one of Voltage Inc.’s mobile otome apps and the rest was history. There really wasn’t one moment, just the perfect storm of boredom, my tendency towards impulse buying, and the fact that I am and always will be a hopeless romantic… It’s like otome games were handcrafted for people like me LOL. 

2. What’s your favourite & least favourite otome cliche?

My favorite and least favorite otome cliche, oh-oh, I could seriously answer both with the same answer… the character archetypes. When they’re done well, they add substance to the narrative, but when they are done poorly, the whole game goes to shit… 

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that Steph wanted to know which archetypes I like and dislike… *ahem* I HATE FLIRTY PLAYBOY TYPES, with Yandere characters coming in at a close second. As for my favorites, I’m partial to Tsundere characters and aloof/distant characters… I guess I like a challenge…

3. If you could design your own otome game, what would the genre be, types of guys and what type of heroine would you feature?

Oh, oh, OOOOOOH!! The genre would be supernatural mystery, I’m partial to supernatural romances… probably a mix of different supernatural elements, I wouldn’t limit it to one specific region or anything, since I’m pretty big on diversity. 

As for my harem, I’d go with a diverse cast of characters from several different ethnicities and backgrounds, I’d also throw in some “non traditional” love interests for balance. AND OF COURSE THERE WOULD BE A MEGANE OR TWO, but not in the usual intellectual or cool/aloof type capacity, I’d make the hot-headed character a megane for kicks and giggles! 

I’d have a customizable MC, since I like when the heroine looks like me, and I’d probably have a mini quiz or something that determines the heroine’s personality early on. But, I like independent MCs that can handle their own, but, aren’t afraid to ask for help if they need it… and would it be too much to ask for them to have some sexual experience?!

4. With the MangaGamer 2018 survey out, what are your top 3 games you’d like to see localised?

Ah, this question gave me the most trouble… I never actually know what to put for those LOL though I’m tempted to say Diabolik Lovers just to piss people off…

But seriously, I want Kenka Bancho Otome, since Spike Chunsoft are being dicks about localizing it… yeah, I said it, Spike is full of shit for what they pulled! *ahem* I mean, we really got a raw deal with that one… And Clock Zero would be wonderful!!

5. What instantly turns you off an otome game?

UNLIKEABLE HEROINES!! If the heroine ain’t right I can’t really get into the game since she is supposed to be our in game proxy. I really hate it when the MC acts contrary to how I would act in specific situations… I can pretty blunt and kind of a hothead, so when a heroine quietly takes shit from a love interest, I get heated! 

6. You’ve just started your otome debates feature, do you think that any of the debates will ever be resolved or will there always be points of contention within the otome community?

Yeah, I started that to bridge the gap, not incite more conflict, yet some folks felt the need to start pissing contests over it, and I’m not one for pissing contests. But, I digress, honestly, I don’t know. People on both sides are so set in their ways that it’s hard to see people from both camps coming together as a cohesive unit…. perhaps if something threatens the security of all otome games, then perhaps people will be persuaded to set aside their differences for the greater good. But, as of right now, I don’t see it happening on grand scale. 

I know, that’s kind of bleak, but the reality is, pretty much summed up by this video: 

So, for any real change to be made, we need to get the sticks out of our asses and look at the bigger picture… and that’s just my two cents on that…

Well that sums up my answers for this special 500 Follower Extraveganza! I want to thank Steph for agreeing to do this collab with me, I had a lot of fun with your questions, and I sincerely hope I did them justice with my replies. If you want to see how she answered my questions, I strongly urge you to check out her post over on her blog ASAP! Also give her a follow, she is seriously a fantastic blogger and a joy to chat with!

That’s it from my end, catch you guys on the flipside!!

10 thoughts on “Super Special Awesome 500 Follower Collaboration Extraveganza w/ Two Happy Cats!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on 500!!!! 😀 I’m so happy for you! You deserve it so much!! I love the collab you did here and all the answers you gave! Keep up the amazing work!! I’m happy to be one of the 500! 😀

  2. I just came over from Two Happy Cats and am going to say pretty much the same thing to you: congratulations on this terrific milestone. I have been lucky enough to follow both your blogs for a while now. And it really has been wonderful. I especially admire your awesome work with the Etsy craft. May your blog be around for many more years! 🎉🎉🎉

  3. It’s so cool to see two blogging “sisters” go at it side by side, encouraging the other with their funny quirks and relatable likings throughout their blogging journey. Like I said on Steph’s post, the two of you really do have much of the same humor, fun, and taste in anime and hobbies—it’s no wonder you’re friends on the net! Congrats to such a grand milestone, 500, WOAH! And here’s to many more posts, laughs, and otome nonsense along the way—congratulations~!!

  4. Congrats!

    I’m hoping now that Aksys/Idea Factory makes some more announcements soon now that March is just around the corner. I had Binary Star in my cart the other day, but I decided if it doesn’t get announced in their next otome licensing blitz, then I’m giving up hope on it and importing it. Clock Zero seems to be a popular request, so I have higher hopes.

  5. ahhh! 500 followers is such an epic milestone! Congrats! Also, absolutely agree about the unlikeable heroine being a turnoff for an otome game. The game I play most often recently received several new male protagonists to play with but it came with a new female heroine who is just eh and it made me utterly sad.

  6. Huge congratulations on hitting 500 followers! I really hope you just keep doing what you do, never mind the silly people who want to make a fight out of everything 💕

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