GrimmGirl Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 3 of Haikyu

Hello Heroes and Travellers, today we have a special guest post from the lovely, Katrina Sade from over at!! The Haikyuu Fangirl Duo is back with part two of our Haikyu Collaboration post series, so join me in welcoming GrimmGirl to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!! So without further ado, I’m gonna turn things over to Kat!!


I’m back! Pokeninja90 and I have decided to torture ourselves further by bringing you our Top Three Moments from Season Three of Haikyuu. As always this was a challenge! It has become a bit of a tradition for us to guest on each other’s blogs for this challenge. So below you can check out my previous work here on Nice Job Breaking It Hero. You can also see Pokeninja90’s collaboration work with me on GrimmGirl!

I hope you all enjoyed the stroll down memory lane and are ready for some serious Haikyu talk. I have to admit (I know I say this every season) but this was so hard to write! You would think with only 10 episodes this would be easier but no. It seemed like I was having a favorite moment every moment! I swear by the end of the first episode I had about 12 favorite moments.

I managed to narrow everything down to three and I’m pretty pleased with them. Each of these moments basically encompasses everything I loved about this season.

Three: Noya Makes the List Again

My beautiful Noya didn’t quite make the list for s2 but it wasn’t because he wasn’t his traditional amazing self, there was just so much going on! This season however I couldn’t write my top three moments without acknowledging his amazingness. My third favorite moment has to be when Noya picks up Ushijima’s spike.

I feel like that sets the tone for the team. As usually Noya is there to give them confidence. When he picks up that spike you can tell the relief within the team. It let’s them know that Ushijima isn’t invincible and reminds them that they can still fight! I honestly I think it is Noya’s ability to pick up Ushjima’s spike that gives confidence to the rest of the team.

Suddenly taking Ushijima down seems very possible!

Two: Bow Down to Tsukki… The New King of the Court

MVP for sure goes to Tsukki this season! I remember season two Tsukki began to catch my attention but in season 3 he completely blows my mind. After season 3 the Tsukki fangirls spread like wildfire and it’s no mystery as to why! Tsukki is amazing this season!!

Honestly I could probably do a post strictly on favorite Tsukki moments for season three! That’s how many he had. However since space is limited I decided to chose a Tsukki moment that sort of wraps all of his moments into one.

My second moment has to be when Tsukki comes back to the court after his injury!

The way the team reacts to his entrance 100% shows how much everyone came to rely on Tsukki throughout this game. It also solidified his spot as a necessary member of the team. Isn’t it crazy that not that long ago coach Ukai was questioning whether or not Tsukki would be regular? He felt that while Tsukki was tall he lacked the enthusiasm to improve.

After season three let no one ever doubt the commitment Tsukki has now developed to his team! The moment Tsukki enters the court after his injury not only the team but the audience as well immediately felt a sense of relief and victory! When he comes back you just have this belief in your heart that Karasuno is going to win!


One: The Big Win

I don’t think it will come as that big of a surprise but my favorite moment of season three is when Hinata scores their winning point and Karasuno finally wins! Nationals here we come!

Not only is it a moment we have all been waiting for since the beginning of the season but the animation used for that last quick was some of the most beautiful animation I have seen for this show. It might be some of my favorite bit of animation ever in fact.

Hinata’s spike though and everything leading up to it was so symbolic! It really proved what Oikawa has been known to say about the team with the stronger six is the winner. I love how the animation showed Ushijima holding down Tsukki/Hinata but as each member started doing their part the gravity of Ushijima began to lesson until finally as a team they were able to break through!

So perfect <3

The only thing that could make season three better? About 50 more episodes!!! Come on world, where is my season 4 already?!

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19 thoughts on “GrimmGirl Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 3 of Haikyu

  1. Tsukki!!! Yeah, definitely the new king of the court. Now he’s definitely a member of the team in spirit. I love his character development in this season.

    1. Me too!!! Although now after obsessively rewatching the earlier seasons I can see his hidden Karasuno team spirit! I think in the beginning I was just so thrown off by his personality I couldn’t see his hidden awesome. But if you watch the earlier seasons and of course in the manga you see how when anyone is looking down on the team he whips out his annoyed face. The salt. <3

      1. Ahahaha! I know, right? He’s quite the complex character. Karasuno is gonna get more awesome. Oooooooh. Can’t wait for more.

      1. Hahaha! Exactly 😂 There’s a reason this post came out months after s3 was finished. Naja and I had to rewatch the entire series like three times lol!

    1. Yes!! Kat killed it with her pics (as always LOL)

      ha haha ha, if we could have written about the whole season I know for a fact that that is exactly what we would have said! XD

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