[New Release] Nightshade is HERE!!

Back in November, D3 Publisher announced that they would be releasing their historical otome game, Nightshade, well it is now available for purchase on Steam for just $27.99 (20% off until April 18th)!! Regular retail $34.99! The game is only available in English for the Steam client, so you will need to create an account to play it!

*Disclaimer: While the writing is mine, the images used in this post are not, they belong to D3 Publisher and Red Entertainment!*

What’s it about?

Nightshade, known as Hyakka Hyakurou: Sengoku Ninpouchou in Japan, is a fantasy visual novel set in the Senkoku Period, developed by Red Entertainment and published by D3 Publisher. The game was originally released for the PS Vita in 2016, but the English language version is only available for Steam!


Thanks to an age of constant war, the Iga and Kouga had independently achieved an expansion of their respective forces.

Both shinobi forces, owing to that long history of warring, shared an antagonistic relationship of mutual hatred towards one another. However, during the ninth year of the Tenshou era, the Iga forces fell into ruin due to the Tenshou Iga War started by Oda Nobunaga. The few Iga members that had survived were taken in by the Kouga forces.

Seventeen years later, the Sengoku period had ended and lasting peace came to the world.

Dreaming of performing shinobi duties, Ueno Enju (the protagonist), daughter of the Kouga forces’ leader, Ueno Kandou, had been training everyday.

After finally being selected to go on her first mission, a major incident occurs. It not only derails Enju’s fate, but the fate of the village as well…

D3 Publisher


  • OVER 50 Hours of gameplay and features!
  • The game is available in English with Full Japanese voice acting
  • Players can namable MC/Heroine
  • Five unique love interests to choose from, each with their own branching storylines and endings!
  • Gorgeous visual from the vibrant backgrounds and interface to the character sprites and CGs!

final thoughts

PLEASE show D3 Publisher and other game developers that there is a market for otome games in the West, by purchasing this game and giving them your feedback either through social media, by writing a review, making a video… whatever it is that you do! I can’t stress this enough: BUY THE GAME! Don’t pirate it, don’t steal it, BUY IT! 

Nothing shows that we want more otome games in the West better than cold hard cash, so please support this game by buying it from Steam!

If you were thinking about pirating this game…Don’t… It only hurts the otoge fandom, as companies will stop considering localization, and nobody wants that! So, do your part and buy the game!

do it.gif
Buy it or else Shia will haunt your dreams!

Are you guys as excited about Nightshade as I am? Do you already have your copy? Or are you still waiting? Let me know in the comments section! Remember to LIKE and SHARE! As always THANK YOU for reading!!

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  1. I’m going to wait a bit to get this otome game ^^
    Wait for another Steam sale xD
    But I’m excited, yes 🙂

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