That Guy is a Yakuza: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 6th Liar

*sobs* I’m sorry ya’ll but this liar reveal hit me kind of hard, I really wanted him to stick around a bit longer! *weeps* Give me a moment… *ahem* So somehow or another Liar! turned into an episode of Married to the Mob and as much as I want to deny it, this liar was kind of obvious in hindsight. This time around there were five potential Liars to choose from, Sotaro Shiga, Haruichi MamiyaKazumi KagamiItaru Yuikawa and Azusa Kurono…If you want a spoiler free review click, HERE, if not keep reading! So without further ado, the 6th Liar, Haruichi Mamiya.

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Getting to Know the Liar…

Haruichi.pngHaruichi Mamiya is the head of a small IT company that is currently working with the MC’s wedding planning firm. So, unlike the other late stage Liars, prior to his Liar arc, we don’t really get much interaction between Haruichi and the MC. In fact, outside of the brief date in the 1st Liar arc I can’t really remember the MC doing much of anything with Haruichi outside of work. Which is a tragic waste of a perfectly good megane hottie like Haruichi! But, despite his noticeable lack of screen time when compared with guys like Keima, Kunio, and Itaru,  I still feel like I got a good grasp of the type of man Haruichi is…

Haruichi is an intelligent and gentlemanly business minded man. His IT company is on the up and up and his shrewd business sense has made him a rising young star in the business world. I should probably explain that megane men are my bias, so I liked the guy the first time I laid eyes on him. But, that aside, Haruichi was perfect! While he does make his intentions towards the MC known from day one, he doesn’t force himself on the MC like some of the more aggressive Liars. He takes things slow, always going at the pace the MC sets, however, that doesn’t mean he’s not a normal red-blooded man. He definitely has a few less than gentlemanly moments, but they only make him even more desirable!

Falling for the Lie…

Haruhi 1.pngOkay, so for the first time since I started this game I was actually willing to overlook one of the Liar’s “secrets”! Say what ever you want, but Haruichi’s lie isn’t that bad when compared with some of the other shenanigans I had to put up with from the previous Liars *cough* Kunio *cough* Keima *cough* In fact, Haruichi’s lie made him 1000x hotter, I mean come on a sexy fine megane mob boss that moonlights as an IT executive… could someone please explain to me how any of that is bad? Because I can live with being the wife of a mobster, hell, I’ve done it before in otome

I’m sorry guys, if you were expecting a rant like I did in the previous Liar posts, there won’t be one this time. I have absolutely no problem with Haruichi being the next leader of the Mamiya crime family… Like I said it makes his character that much more interesting. Before he was a boring business man, just like all of the others Voltage has been pushing out over the years, so this reveal was just enough to turn this cute but boring businessman into something extraordinary!!

Haruichi 2.pngSo, I guess I should talk about the negative aspects of the reveal… but, I’m seriously at a loss… Haruichi is nothing but a gentleman from start to finish, even when the MC confronts him about it he doesn’t really lash out at her (especially when she slaps him in the face). Once he’s outed, he doesn’t stalk her like Toya and Joe did, he lets her go… Hell, he even apologizes for leading her on and agrees to never contact her again. I actually think that he genuinely loved the MC, while the other guys couldn’t stop raving over how sexy fine the MC’s body was, Haruichi was the only one that took the time to look beyond her appearance. He chose her because of her strong personality traits, qualities that would make her an asset to a man in his line of work. But, the real kicker was at the end of the arc he even starts to question his life choices, he actually regrets being apart of the Mamiya crime family! *sigh* Heads up, I will be playing is Lovers Route, ‘cus I wanna be a Mob Wife!!

The Endings…

So in Liar! Uncover the Truth eliminating one of the Liars unlocks five alternate endings (Bad End, Secret End, True End, Love End, and Scumbag End) that either continue the story after the MC kicks the Liar to the curb or explain the origins of each guy’s lie. In order to unlock all of the endings in one fell swoop, the player must achieve S rank by the end of the Liar arc. However, the Bad End is unlocked when the player fails to answer the final question correctly and usually depicts the MC’s unhappy marriage with her Liar.

In Haruichi‘s Bad End, the MC marries Haruichi, but instead of wedded bliss the MC is subjected to constant ridicule from her new husband and his subordinates. But that’s not even the worst of it, when the cops raid the Mamiya Family headquarters the MC is used as a scapegoat to protect the family legacy…

The “A Desire to Protect” Secret End, after seeing the MC at the Matchmaking Event, Haruichi can’t stop thinking about her, so he has one of his underlings tailing her… Okay so that is a little suspect, but no matter… his heart was in the right place. This POV just covers Haruichi’s attempts to balance his work responsibilities with his desire to get closer to the MC.

In the “Mob Wife” True End, we explore a bit of Haruichi’s past. All his life he knew he was destined to become the next leader of the Mamiya Family, but that didn’t stop him from having dreams of his own. After travelling to the US to study Business, Haruichi comes up with a plan to use the Family’s power to make a difference in the world. But, when his father informs him that he must find a wife suitable for a mob boss, Haruichi sets his sights on a new goal…

In the “Office Tryst” Love End, after calling Haruichi out, the MC is afraid that the whole Mamiya Family is out for revenge. But, when she runs into Haruichi at the office he is acting like it’s business as usual and he even invites the MC to his office for some last minute work adjustments. Swayed by his gentlemanly demeanor, the MC agrees to meet up with him. *fans self* Things quickly turn steamy…

Finally, in the “A Veneer of Romance” Scumbag End, in order to get over losing the MC, Haruichi and one of his associates hit up a local lady bar… But, he’s still feeling the burn from the recent split, so he’s not really into it…

final thoughts

My Reaction…


So, like I said earlier, I am A-OK with Haruichi’s lie, because it never really had a negative impact on the MC. In fact, Haruichi did his best to keep the MC away from the mob life… at least until he was sure she could handle it. This was the first time I was okay with the big reveal, but then again no one is as bad as Kunio… so maybe I’m desensitized. I have no qualms about a guy being in the mob as long as he keeps his private life safe from his “work”.  Plus it’s not like Haruichi was taking the MC with him to family meetings or involving her in any of his criminal undertakings, as far as I’m concerned Haruichi is an IT executive that just happens to be a member of a crime syndicate.

All in all I really liked Haruichi as a character and it’s a shame I had to see him go, he was a perfect gentleman from the start and a gorgeous megane man. *sigh* At least there’s always the Lovers Route! 

 7th Liar→

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20 thoughts on “That Guy is a Yakuza: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 6th Liar

  1. Agree with ur awesome review❤️ Haruichi is my favorite one too. It was a love at first sight haha ❤️❤️❤️ I was so sad *sob sob* he was the 6th liar but well, like u said his lie was not that big deal from all liars we had to come through so far * He might be not the only one for the heroine but for me for sure muhaha* xD my another fav guy was Sotaro I was literally praying every liar route that it will not be him the liar but while reading the beginning of the 7th liar his attitude had disappointed me a bit >.> why Sooootarooooo why…. Ehm.. now I so tempted about Haruichi’s lover route ^.^\

    1. YES!! Sotaru, Itaru, and Haruichi are my top three!! So now that Haruichi is out I’m down to just two…

      But, so far it’s looking like Sotaru is not Mr. Right… I just don’t know when or how he’s getting the boot. But, I can’t wait to see how it all goes down..

      I’m currently on Liar 8, so I am so close!!

      1. Yup I feel same here^^ there is no chemistry between heroine, if they made him Mr.Right I’m wondering how they gonna write the story 🙂 my theory is the heroine will end up with Itaru the guy who likes weird sticker like our heroine^^ who is ur tip?

  2. Totally agree with you! I really like Haruichi and hope to play his lovers route soon. I hope the next few “liars” aren’t as bad as the first five, but seeing as you can purchase lovers routes for liar 6-9, I think Voltage may tone down the crazy (JOE I’M LOOKING AT YOU) a bit.

    1. Same, I feel like the first 5 were horrible on purpose and that 6-9 will be much more sympathetic… but who knows with Voltage lol

      LMAO, Joe went full crazy…after the POV ends I was like, I really hope this guy is getting some help where ever he is….

  3. Being in the mob isn’t all roses and cherries. I mean in haruichi’s bad ending the mc got arrested! And other mobs could target the mc and her life considering she is close to Haruichi, being his wife if you do marry him. With the police on the mob’s tail and all sorts of illegal activities, the mob life ain’t that fun, you’re just looking at all the good perks. (Not that there is many to begin with.) But eh, ignorance can be bliss i guess

  4. Sorry if you already mentioned that somewhere, but are you also going to write reviews for the Lovers Routes?
    Also, I really like your reviews. Especially since we don’t seem to have exactly the same taste and I find it interesting to hear different opinions on all the guys ^^

    1. Yup, I plan on playing the Lovers Routes too! I kind of vaguely mentioned it in one of these reviews, but I’ll probably start writing them after I finish the main story reviews, I’m almost done withe the main game though

      I’m really glad you enjoyed my reviews and that you took the time to leave a comment! 😊

  5. SMH Naja, HE WAS A TOTAL SCUMBAG IN THE BAD ENDING, plus he obviously was pretty twisted
    I do agree that it makes him complex, and sexy still, but nope nope. Kicking him to the curb is the best choice really. He was going to marry her and bring her down to the family business without her knowing, that’s really not okay. But I do agree that I liked the reason why he picked her for his waifu over all the other dudes being into her body or face ^~^
    I only got an A, so I can’t do the other endings, but I really want to T_T
    /kicks savvy points
    I’m ready for all of them to be liars tbh, I just can’t trust them anymore. Azusa is the least fishy rn, but we’ll see, since I’ve started Liar 7 yesterday

    1. The Bad Ends and the Love Ends are more like AUs rather than canon endings, which is why I tend to overlook them when discussing my thoughts about the Liars… However, I was biased towards Haruichi from the beginning so I’m pretty forgiving in this case especially since I really liked another Voltage guy that happened to be a mobster too. I also feel like he was going to tell her his secret once he got to know her better, he doesn’t seem like the type to just spring something like that on a person over lunch.

      Since you aren’t finished yet, I’ll keep my comments about Liar 7 to myself for now lol

      1. You and your megane bias 😛
        I’m curious about his lover route, but I have a feeling Azusa is gonna be a liar, so I wanna buy his *_*

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