Nice Job Breaking It, Hero is 1 Years Old Today!!

Hello Heroes and Travelers, I have a huge announcement to make… Nice Job Breaking It, Hero is 1 years old today!

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It was one year ago today that I started Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! When I started this blog, I was in my final year of graduate school writing my umpteenth infectious disease research paper…

I’m finishing up my final year of my Masters in Global Health, which means I do a lot of research writing. Mostly about infectious disease, health policy, advocacy, and other public health stuff. Don’t get me wrong I love the health field, especially mental health in developing countries, but sometimes you just need a break! So I started this blog as a way to appease my inner procrastinator. I often get really distracted when I have assignments, the bigger the paper the worse it is, so I came up with a brilliant plan! The idea was that as long as I was going to procrastinate on that important research proposal, I might as well do something semi-productive….I mean procrastinating is fine as long as I’m writing about something.

(Excerpt from my Blogger Recognition post)

I started this blog on a whim, so I never imagined that one year later, not only would I still be writing posts for this blog, but that my little exercise in procrastination would have grown so much! If you have been with me since the beginning, you know that Nice Job Breaking It, Hero looks nothing like it did back then… not even close… To be honest this blog was all over the place back then, there was no rhyme or reason, I just posted what I wanted when I wanted. But, I stuck with it and eventually it became the controlled chaos it is today and I couldn’t be more proud of it! But, this isn’t the end, far from it… both me and the blog have more growing to do and I can’t wait to see where this blogging journey takes me in the future!

So in celebration of my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary, here are 5 Things I Learned in My Year of Blogging:

Number 1: Talk to people!

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Chatting with other bloggers is encouraged! I can’t stress this rule enough!! Whether you do it on WordPress, Tumblr, or Twitter, make sure you get out there and introduce yourself to people! I know for some the idea of messaging people can be nerve wracking… I remember my hands used to shake every time I tried to comment on other people’s posts. The fear of rejection was real… But, for the most part the bloggers in the WordPress community are super nice and very welcoming to new bloggers. So don’t be afraid to shoot them a line and say hello, you never know a short message can lead to some amazing friendships!!

Also to all my lurkers and stalkers: I’ve been there! We’ve all been there and you know what it’s A-OK in my book! Hell, I still do it lol! But, remember don’t be afraid to reach out, I love chatting with you guys and I promise I don’t bite!

Number 2: Blogging takes time!

alice waiting

You aren’t going to be an internet sensation overnight… blogging takes time. You probably aren’t going to get 100+ views on your first post (at least not without following rule number 1), so don’t get discouraged when your posts aren’t getting noticed right away. Instead work on building your blog! Write more posts, create a nice cushion of content so that when people do stumble upon your blog they have something to actually look at!

It took forever for my daily viewership to increase from the single digits to the double and now (sometimes) triple digits. It’s actually funny but my most popular post is one of my very first posts, So I kinda sorta like yaoi…and by “like” I mean LOVE!. I remember when no one was reading that post and now not a day goes by where someone isn’t reading it… and I still can’t figure out why…

Number 3: Never limit yourself!

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The worst thing you can do is limit yourself while blogging! Never box yourself into a corner, because blogging is a growing experience. For the first few months of blogging I was throwing everything at the wall and hoping that something, anything would stick… and you know what, it worked! Sure my blog is mostly about otome games, but I don’t limit myself to just that! I write about anime, manga, books, movies… Sometimes I don’t even write about any of those things. Remember it’s your blog do whatever you want with it, write for YOU!

Number 4: Feedback is always good!


Ah, feedback…sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so great, but all feedback is good! Actually instead of butchering this here’s a link to an awesome post about handling internet criticism! But, seriously use feedback to your advantage, poll your readers and ask them questions… learn from it and GROW!


Number 5: Have Fun!

garnet have fun

Have fun! Blogging is meant to be fun, this isn’t meant to be a chore so don’t treat it like one! Go out make friends, write what you love, and grow! Don’t worry about what other people think, as long as you enjoy blogging then everything is OKAY! Blogging has been one of the most fun hobbies that I have ever picked up and oddly enough, it’s kind of therapeutic…

Also, don’t get caught up in all the stats and blog popularity measures… writing solely for views is a pain in the ass and I DON’T recommend doing it!

Finally, last but not least before I wrap up this post, I want to say…


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I wouldn’t be where I am right now without the love and support I have received from all of you in the WordPress Community! You guys are the absolute best, your comments and encouragement have made blogging so much fun and worthwhile… and I can’t thank you guys enough!

After all of the blood, sweat, tears, writer’s blocks, computer fails, typos, rants, ramblings, reviews, and finger cramps… You guys have been there with me through thick and thin and for that I am extremely grateful! I still remember the first bloggers to reach out to me on WordPress (and you guys know who you are), your kind words really helped me out so much in the beginning and made me feel so at home and welcome! I am so glad that I decided to start my blogging journey on WordPress with you guys!

I have made some amazing friends and acquaintances through blogging and I can’t wait to continue this blogging journey with you all far into the future!


53 thoughts on “Nice Job Breaking It, Hero is 1 Years Old Today!!

  1. Hey Happy Anniversary! I enjoy reading this post. I felt the same way when I started at 2015. I was afraid to talk to people and respond and I knew I wasn’t going to be a shot in one day. I don’t remember how we met to be precise but I am glad to meet you. You are an awesome blogger and I hope we stay friends. God bless you!
    (I think we met in one Arria’s Fujiensei Blog Carnivals, lol.)

    1. Aww thank you so much Matt! You have been such a great blogging buddy, I always enjoy chatting with you on twitter and here on wordpress!! But, I’m glad you liked the post and could relate to some of my points!

      Lol I think it was the Fujiensei Carnival too!!

      1. I’m glad to be a blogging buddy :). You’re really awesome gal who loves anime and is not afraid to express it. I did enjoy talking to you online here and Twitter. Never realized I enjoy your company and I hope you can continue on loving on what you do best. Learning a bit of you reminded me of my early blogging days. I felt like in that same position too, I forget what post you did but you got me interested on it during the Fujinsei Carnival. 🙂

      2. Aww Matt, your words mean so much to me!! You are such a great friend!!

        Hmm I think it was a Pokemon post lol or one of my Voltage reviews, depends on which Carnival it was

      3. I wish I remember. Right now it’s killing me XD. I should go hunting for that encounter.
        Thanks for the compliment and I like your kindness. I really enjoy talking to you because you always have something nice to say. I wish I would have met you sooner when I started blogging.

      4. I will try to find it unless it is too hard to find under so many posts lol.
        Yeah you’re right. We’re friends and we closer than we think. Let’s do our best to stay connect. 🙂

  2. Congratulations and Happy 1st Blogiversary! It’s always a pleasure to read your posts, especially when you were doing the anime challenge! Keep up the great work!

    1. Oh my gosh, Thank you so much Mr Panda!! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my posts and it has been great chatting with you this year! You are an awesome blogger and I am so glad that I’ve had the chance to meet you!!

  3. SUPER HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Girl congratulations and I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. You’ve earned it pokeninja and I agree-all your points are spot on! XD
    Here’s to many more years of blogging and friendship and happiness! XD

    1. Oh my gosh yes, Leafy!! *biggest Internet hug ever* Thank you so much!! Yes, girl YESSS! We made it to the one year mark!!! I am so excited to see where this blogging thing takes us in the future!!!🎉🎊🎉🎉 PARTY TIME!!🎉🎊🎉🎉

      1. Blogging Sisters!!😁😀😁

        Yes we so have to meet up! Hmmm, maybe we can meet up at a Con or something! We need to work this out somehow! IRL meeting plans commence!! XD

  4. Wohoo! Cheers to the Temptress! Congratulations on your first blog anniversary. Here’s to another one! Congrats on reaching this milestone. I really enjoyed this post and I agree with your blogging tips. I also agree that the WordPress aniblogging community is mostly awesome and we grow together as bloggers. Keep it up! I always delight in our conversations, even if you somehow manage to pitch otoge and tempt me again and again. Anyway, keep on blogging. Cheers!

    1. Aww thank you Arria! I can’t believe how many wonderful people I have met through blogging and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us!

      Oh I adore our chats! You are such an awesome blogger and I am so glad that I met you! I hope to continue tempting you for many more years to come! Thank you for your support!! 😁

      1. Aaaaaw. Thank you! That’s so sweet. And I’m also proud to call you one of my blogging buddies who I always enjoy having conversations with. I hope we continue to blog for a long time and develop as bloggers together. Thank you for the friendship. Good luck to all of us. Congrats again on your 1st blog anniversary!

      2. It is my pleasure! *pumps fist* Blogging Buddies!! XD

        Maybe one of these days I’ll tempt you into joining me in the wonderful world of otoge!! oho ho ho ho

    You deserve it so much, and you’re going to kick super ass from here on out too! (≧∇≦)/
    Congrats on your first year, it was a great one! 🎆🎇🎉🎊
    I’m sure you’ll have many more in front of you, because you put so much effort and love on this corner of the internet “ψ(`∇´)ψ
    I’m super glad for meeting you, you’ve had a lot of good impact on my life ( ˘ ³˘)❤

    1. Aww Cat!!! *sends loads of hugs* Thank you so much for your kind words!! 😁

      I’m so glad that I met you too, you are such an awesome friend!! This past year has been so much fun, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!! 😄

  6. I’m a bit late, but congrats on you blogversary 😀 !!!

    Those are some great tips!
    Commenting is something that still makes me anxious xD Actually something that I like about WordPress (and that Blogger doesn’t have) is that I can “like” a post and still show my support!
    But it’s true that everyone is always so nice ;w;

    It’s also kinda hard to believe that your blog was sort of all over the place, it’s actually one of the most organized ones I’ve seen, you stick to your schedule and have a nice structure for presenting each post!

    And cheers to many more happy years to come <3

    I’m gonna go read that yaoi post now xD

    1. Aww, thank you so much!! 😁

      Yeah, I know what you mean, you never know how someone will respond, but like you said all of the bloggers that I’ve met on WordPress have been so nice and supportive.

      Ha ha ha my blog is organized now… you should have seen it when I first started *gets a far off look*… I suggest taking a look at some of my earliest posts and you’ll see what I mean lol. As for the schedules, that’s as much for me as it is for you guys, without it I’d forget to post stuff regularly lol But I appreciate your kind words and praise!! 😊

      You are so kind, Nozomi! I am so glad that I was able to meet you!

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