Pokemon Go is Live in the US!!!

After waiting all day for this, Pokemon Go is finally available for download in the US!!! So to all my fellow Pokemon Trainers who have been on the edge of their seats all day, head over to the App Store or the Google Play Store, Now!!! 

15 Comments on “Pokemon Go is Live in the US!!!

  1. My wife and I went on an actual walk around the neighborhood, phones in hand, just to catch Pokemon. Thanks Pokemon GO.

    • Lol I wanna go out so bad but it’s kind of late right now! But my BF will be by later, maybe I can convince him to be my eyes while I wander around aimlessly lol

  2. sadly my phone is incompatible too, also there have already been countless issues here in Australia with the server constantly being down

    • Oh noo! Yeah I heard about that, the game still has some kinks here too… I’ve been walking around for a bit and nothing…

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