Lover Pretend Eiichirou Asagi Walkthrough

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  • Eiichirou’s route unlocks after clearing the Happy Ends of the other 4 players.
  • There are three endings: Happy End, Normal End, and Bad End.
  • The final CG for Eiichirou can be collected by reading through Eiichirou’s Feelings in Back Stage after clearing his Happy End.
  • After unlocking every CG, a special reward CG unlocks.

Eiichirou Happy End Walkthrough

Common Route


1. He’s a logical writer. (Eiichirou Affection Up) (choice unlocks for this route)

Pretend Time

*This first pretend time will proceed with the story even if you fail, but usually failing Pretend Time can occasionally result in a Bad End down the line.

 Q1. Just because.

 Q2. He’s an idiot.

 Q3. No, but we will.

 Q4. Like lovers.

 Q5. I love you too…

Kazuma Affection up 9%

Episode 01

2. It’s fine (choice unlocks after 2nd playthrough)

3. You’re really pretty.

Pretend Time

 Q1. We’re coworkers.

 Q2. I can trust him.

 Q3. What we have now is fine.

Harumi Affection up 9% (13% total)

4. No one in particular.

Kazuma CG Unlocked

5. Not really…

Yukito CG Unlocked

6. Politely decline

Pretend Time

 Q1. Is that what it was?

 Q2. Mom’s worried.

 Q3. But I have to…

Riku Affection up 9%

Pretend Time

 Q1. When we met on the street?

 Q2. On my hand, right?

 Q3. That’s a bit much.

Yukito Affection up 9%

Riku CG Unlocked

7. Let him sleep.

Episode 02

8. Ask Professor Asagi for help. (choice unlocks in Asagi’s route)

9. As in romantic experience? (Eiichirou Affection Up)

Eiichirou CG Unlocked

10. Go back to lesson room.


Pretend Time

 Q1. We’re close.

 Q2. They’re… my type?

 Q3. Don’t you trust me?

Eiichirou Affection up 26% (58% total)

Eiichirou’s Route

Episode 03

Eiichirou CG Unlocked

Eiichirou CG Unlocked

11. Suggest he take a break. (Eiichirou Affection Up)

Eiichirou CG Unlocked


Pretend Time

 Q1. I have no family.

 Q2. I didn’t have the time.

 Q3. Because I’m antisocial.

Eiichirou Affection up 26% (100% total)

Eiichirou CG Unlocked

Eiichirou CG Unlocked

Happy End – Student and Lover

Eiichirou CG Unlocked

Eiichirou Normal End Walkthrough

Load SAVE 1

Episode 02

Pretend Time

 Q1. (Timeout)

 Q2. Something’s fishy.

 Q3. (Timeout)

Eiichirou Affection up 13% (45% total)

Episode 03

1. Offer him advise.

Pretend Time

 Q1. (Timeout)

 Q2. (Timeout)

 Q3. Because I couldn’t keep up.

Normal End – Someday…

Eiichirou Bad Endings Walkthrough

Load SAVE 2

Episode 03

Pretend Time

 Q1. It’s different for me.

 Q2. It was a waste of time.

 Q3. Because I couldn’t keep up.

Bad End – Paradise Lost

Lover Pretend Walkthroughs

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