Lover Pretend Harumi Makino Walkthrough

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  • Kazuma, Yukito, Harumi, and Riku are playable at the start. Eiichirou unlocks after you finish the Happy Ends of the other 4 routes.
  • Besides the one locked route, there is no recommended order, so play however you like.
    • Each route has six endings: (1) Happy End, (1) Good End, and (4) Bad Ends.
  • Individual route branch off starts in Episode 04
  • The final CG for Harumi can be collected by reading through Harumi’s Feelings in Back Stage after clearing his Happy End.
  • Perfect clearing the Pretend Time mini game earns more Affection than regular Choices.

Harumi Happy End Walkthrough

If you want to use Pretend Skip, please select [All questions correct] (The function will be available after your first playthrough. It is OFF by default and can be turned ON from the options menu).

Common Route


Pretend Time

*This first pretend time will proceed with the story even if you fail, but usually failing Pretend Time can occasionally result in a Bad End down the line.

 Q1. Just because.

 Q2. He’s an idiot.

 Q3. No, but we will.

 Q4. Like lovers.

 Q5. I love you too…

Riku (x1), Yukito (x1), Harumi (x1), Other (x1) CGs Unlocked


1. I’m fine. *choice appears after 2nd playthrough

2. Are you okay? (Harumi Affection up)

Pretend Time

 Q1. We’re coworkers.

 Q2. I can trust him.

 Q3. What we have now is fine.

Harumi Affection up 9% (13% total)

Common SAVE

3. Harumi Makino

Kazuma CG Unlocked

4. Not really…

Yukito CG Unlocked

5. Politely decline.

Pretend Time

 Q1. Is that what it was?

 Q2. Mom’s worried.

 Q3. But I have to…

Riku Affection up 9%

Pretend Time

 Q1. When we met on the street?

 Q2. On my hand, right?

 Q3. That’s a bit much.

Yukito Affection up 9%

Riku CG Unlocked

6. Let him sleep.

Episode 02

7. Call for Harumi.

Harumi CG Unlocked

8. Are you buying that too? (Harumi Affection Up)

9. Go to the lodge.

Pretend Time

 Q1. It must clear your mind.

 Q2. I should get enough sleep.

 Q3. That makes me feel better.

Harumi Affection up 9% (26% total)

Episode 03

10. Ask someone for advice.

11. Makino.

Pretend Time

 Q1. I’m scared.

 Q2. We’re not alone.

 Q3. He dislikes working in film.

Harumi Affection up 9% (35% total)

Harumi CG Unlocked

12. Wait, do you mean me…? (Harumi Affection Up)

Other CG (x2) Unlocked

Harumi CG Unlocked

13. Press the issue. (Harumi Affection Up)

Episode 04

14. A robot anime? (Harumi Affection Up)

15. I’m glad I could help. (Harumi Affection Up)

Harumi CG Unlocked

16. A good friend. (Harumi Affection Up)


Pretend Time

 Q1. He helped when I was lost.

 Q2. I asked.

 Q3. I planned to tell him.

 Q4. He’s showing determination.

 Q5. Talking with him.

Harumi Affection up 9% (61% total)

Harumi CG Unlocked

Episode 05

Harumi CG Unlocked


17. Say Kai’s line. (Harumi Affection Up)

18. It’s a little embarrassing, but… (Harumi Affection Up)

Harumi CG Unlocked


Pretend Time

 Q1. How he strives to improve.

 Q2. Went to an udon shop.

 Q3. We watched the dolphin show.

 Q4. We haven’t kissed yet.

 Q5. Show him a photo.

Harumi Affection up 9% (76% total)

Episode 06

19. I want to watch it with him. (Harumi Affection Up)


Pretend Time

 Q1. I don’t have space for them.

 Q2. Kai

 Q3. It was sold before the show.

 Q4. Time to razzle-dazzle.

 Q5. Don’t make fun of anime!

Harumi Affection up 10% (88% total)

20. Text him. (Harumi Affection Up)

Harumi CG Unlocked

Harumi CG Unlocked

Episode 07

Harumi CG Unlocked

21. I am. (Harumi Affection Up)

22. Watch the parade (Harumi Affection Up)

Harumi CG Unlocked


Pretend Time

 Q1. Are you asking to get hurt?

 Q2. Cosplay? What’s that?

 Q3. Do what you want.

 Q4. Kai’s a private person.

 Q5. Episode Nineteen!

Harumi Affection up 6% (100% total)

Happy End – Forever and Ever

Harumi CG Unlocked

Harumi Good End Walkthrough

*My fave ending*

Load SAVE 2

Episode 05

1. Go home

2. What?!

Pretend Time

 Q1. His timidness

 Q2. We went to Anifight.

 Q3. (Timeout)

 Q4. (Timeout)

 Q5. (Timeout)

Episode 06

3. I’m interested, but…

Pretend Time

 Q1. I let Harumi borrow them.

 Q2. Sud

 Q3. (Timeout)

 Q4. (Timeout)

 Q5. (Timeout)

4. Call him.

Good End – The Promise That Day

Harumi CG Unlocked

Harumi Bad Endings Walkthrough

Bad End 1

Load SAVE 1

Chapter 04

Pretend Time

 Q1. (Timeout)

 Q2. (Timeout)

 Q3. I want to hide it.

 Q4. He’s joking.

 Q5. (Timeout)

Bad End – Rejection

Bad End 2

Load SAVE 3

Chapter 05

Pretend Time

 Q1. (Timeout)

 Q2. (Timeout)

 Q3. (Timeout)

 Q4. (Timeout)

 Q5. (Timeout)

Bad End – An Unspeakable Name

Bad End 3

Load SAVE 4

CHapter 06

Pretend Time

 Q1. (Timeout)

 Q2. (Timeout)

 Q3. (Timeout)

 Q4. (Timeout)

 Q5. (Timeout)

Bad End – A smile Only in memory

Bad End 4

Load SAVE 5

CHapter 07

Pretend Time

 Q1. (Timeout)

 Q2. It’s my first time…

 Q3. Please don’t…

 Q4. (Timeout)

 Q5. Episode One!

Bad End – Ultimate Humiliation

Lover Pretend Walkthroughs

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