Lkyt Towa Walkthrough

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Towa Route Walkthrough


  • Towa’s route is locked at the start of the game and will unlock after completing either Takeru, Yael, or Ango’s routes. There is only one outcome for Towa’s route.
  • Towa’s route a lot of overlap with Ango’s route, though I recommend playing this path before Towa’s.
  • Completing all of the endings in the game unlocks a special Epilogue.
    • After completing the epilogue once, Staff Comments and Standing Portraits unlock.
  • Lkyt contains heavy themes that may be uncomfortable for some players, I have noted all relevant content warnings at the start of each path.

Towa End

Content Warnings (Minor Spoilers)

Please be mindful of the following content warnings: Major character death | Dismemberment (CG)

To unlock Start New Game

1. … to seek direction from Towa-sama

2. Ask Towa-sama for help

Towa End

Epilogue unlocked

Standing pose unlocked in Gallery

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