Even if Tempest Dawning Connections The Fellowship Walkthrough

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Route Notes & Tips
  • The Fellowship path unlocks after completing the Best ends for all four Love Story routes.
    • There is only one ending.
  • To access this route, select Story then click The Fellowship.
  • No strict play order, but I recommend playing Zenn last (before the Fellowship path)!
  • To obtain all the remaining CGs watch through the Side Stories.

The Fellowship Route Walkthrough

Thaw in Progress I

No choices

Other CG Unlocked (Group)

Other CG Unlocked (Anastasia)

Thaw in Progress II

1. The first owner of this shop…

2. One hundred years ago, Zenn…

3. I signed the deed…

4. The man’s death…

Other CG Unlocked (Crius/Tyril)

Thaw in Progress III

Other CG Unlocked (Lucien/Zenn)

5. Arkis

Other CG Unlocked (Ish)

Other CG Unlocked

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