Primula Launches Site for New Title, “Qualia/Δ” Tentative English and Simplified Chinese Support

There is even more news for the joseimuke community! Yesterday, Japanese publisher, Primula (the team behind the much beloved, Taisho x Alice series) launched the official site for their upcoming title, “Qualia/Δ” for PC. While there has been no official localization announcement, the site launched with tentative English and Simplified Chinese support. So far, what we know is that this is not an otome game, but a romance title focusing on three main protagonists.

Game Details

  • Developer: Primula
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Platform: PC
  • Languages: Japanese (English and Simplified Chinese tentative support)


Since the birth of humankind on the earth, various civilizations have occurred everywhere, and they have repeated prosperity and collapse several times.
Those who became physically and mentally rich were about to undergo major social changes.

The story is set in a small country located in a certain northern region.
The land is called “Hoshijo” because it has a cool climate throughout the year, has a high rate of fine weather, and you can see stars in full sky at night.

A religion called “Aster religion” was established in “Seijo”.
The doctrine of the Astor religion is “reincarnation,” and people still carry the sins of disobeying God long ago, which is why
people make the same mistakes.

Sumire and Shion were children who escaped from the kidnapping and lived on the street.
The boy named “Baku” who happened to meet them was the current guru of the Astor religion and was loved by his followers as “God”.

Subaru reaches out to them.

“It’s something I met here. Will you follow me?”

Translation from the Official Site


Sumire (VA. Aoi Yuki)

Because my world is only Subaru and Shien

A beautiful girl with long hair and bright purple eyes.
She basically only opens her heart to two people, because she can only capture human facial expressions by color, except for Shien and Subaru.
She is quiet, shy, ignorant and pure.
Since she was picked up by Subaru, she has been brewing tea mainly as a companion to Subaru.

Shion (VA. Genki Muro)

It can not be helped. Being “special” is not all good

A boy with ephemeral impression of platinum-colored hair and pale bluish-purple eyes.
He is gentle and kind, and his emotional expression is modest. But he is actually very good and has a strong will.
Since being picked up by Subaru, he has been a gardener.

Subaru (VA. Seiichiro Yamashita)

What they want is “salvation.””

A boy with jet-black hair and dark blue eyes reminiscent of the stars at night.
He is the guru of a religious group called Astor.
He is a gentleman with dignified nobility and a wealth of knowledge, but he also has an emotional side.

BGM Sample Video

For More Information on Qualia/Δ

To keep up to date on the latest news on Qualia/Δ be sure to follow the official Primula social media channels.

Sources: Qualia/Δ site and official Twitter

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