Hana Awase Demos Now Available in the Nintendo eShop Worldwide

Otome Gamers! Demo versions of the much anticipated HuneX and Woga developed otome series Hana Awase New Moon are now available in the Nintendo eShop worldwide ahead of the October 26th release. Spanning across time and realities, Hana Awase is the story of a young woman drawn into the web of the game kasen, played with hanafuda cards. 

Originally announced at the MangaGamer panel at Anime Expo 2023, Hana Awase New Moon will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch consoles and comprises of four installments. Now gamers can check out the game before it drops later this month!

About Hana Awase

Spanning across time and realities, Hana Awase is the story of a young woman drawn into the web of the game kasen, played with hanafuda cards. Through playing, she comes to meet five mysterious men, all of whom are elite players and all of whom guard secrets that hold the power to alter her world irreparably.

Each of the four installments in the series offers a different world featuring the same cast of characters — sometimes identical to previously-encountered incarnations, sometimes profoundly different. As the overarching truth slowly unfolds, the immense scope of the battle being waged through the hanafuda cards becomes visible, and the pursuit of romance and a happy ending becomes more and more complex. Can our heroine and her companions find their way through the turmoil?

After being involved in an accident, she is accepted into Kasen National Academy where “flowers” are enrolled. She isn’t very skilled, but she’s the type to dive in head first and she knows the world of “Hana Awase,” and becomes fully immersed in it. Her hobbies are cooking, sewing, and card games.

She was a first year at Kaibyaku High School until she was involved in an accident and was accepted into Kasen National Academy.

An average girl living in Kure City in the world of immortals—Tokoyo. A bit of a tomboy, she has a straightforward personality. She’s the type to say what she thinks. She loves Kasen and would play Hana Utsushi with her childhood friends ever since she was little. She always wanted to go to Kasen, but her mother, Ren, refused, and she gave up her dreams. She enrolled at Kaibyaku High School where the elite go on to Kasen. After the emperor falls in love with her at first sight, she is accepted into Kasen at the imperial court. It’s there that the emperor orders her to partner up with Chisen Team’s top of the top, Iroha…

Hana Awase New Moon Synopsis

Hana Awase New Moon Trailers

Mizuchi Trailer
Karakurenai/Utsutsu Trailer
Himeutsugi Trailer
Iroha Trailer

Check out the Demos/Pre-Order Hana Awase New Moon

Gamers can download the demos for free now, but preordering the games now ($36.29 USD each) comes with a 10% discount on each title. So, if you want to save a bit of cash, snagging them early is the way to go!

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