Kings of Paradise (Nintendo Switch) – First Impressions

Kings of Paradise is a mature romance title from Voltage Inc. Originally released through their mobile story app, Love 365 in 2018 it was later ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2021. When her husband’s cheating puts an end to her marriage of four years the MC finds herself penniless, homeless, and unemployed. But, a twist of fate puts her in the company of a group of socialites who offer her an opportunity to turn her life around. Surrounded by the glitz and glamor of their world, she might find the strength to pick herself up and learn to love again.

Game Details

  • Mature | Slice-of-Life | Romance
  • Price: $24.99
  • Where to Play: Nintendo Switch
  • Similar Games: Kissed by the Baddest Bidder | In Your Arms Tonight | Seduced in Sleepless City


“I thought I was done with love… He proved me wrong.”

Newly divorced, you’ve been left unemployed, penniless, and homeless. However, socialite kings living on the top floor of a luxury apartment building have hired you to be their ‘housekeeper.’ Remember, these are no ordinary men…

“I’ll remind you what it means to be a woman.”

While spending time at your friend’s place you are almost hit by a passing limo, the driver apologizes by inviting you to an exclusive party later that evening. Hoping to add a spark back to your marriage you invite your husband, but he rejects you claiming he’s too busy with work. So, you decide to attend alone and the evening is going pretty well until you catch your husband there with another woman. Devastated and embarrassed, you you confront your husband only for him to dismiss you. Suddenly a group of men appear and give you a miraculous makeover to get back at him.

After the party you divorce his ass, and strike out on your own for the first time in years. But, the single life isn’t easy. Just when you think you’re going to be out on the street you get an interview request for a job as a housekeeper for a group of wealthy men at a luxury apartment. The whole thing seems sketchy, so you attempt to leave, but as you attempt to leave you slip and fall into their pool… a hand reaches out to pull you up…

Characters of Kings of Paradise

In the Switch port the base game comes with original four character routes—at the time of this post, Kaisei Kuon’s route is exclusive to the Love 365 app. Each of the love interests are wealthy socialites, who offer to hire the MC as their “housekeeper”.

Taki Kozaki

Imperious & Your Ex-boyfriend

Kiyohito Shirakami

Indifferent & Sharp-tongued

Shun Randoh

Sexy Scoundrel

Yosuke Sagara

Life of the Party & Cold-Blooded

  • Taki Kozaki – a real-estate tycoon and the MC’s high school ex-boyfriend who suddenly vanished from your life years ago. This cold, domineering man is not the kind boy you used to know. But, one thing hasn’t changed: his love for you.
  • Kiyohito Shirakami – a famous model renowned for his presence and good looks, but his abrasive personality and sharp tongue leave much to be desired. He promises transform you into a beautiful woman.
  • Shun Randoh – a sexy and deceptive film director with commitment issues. His sexual dynamism makes you wary, but the stroke of his fingers unlocks a long dormant hunger within you.
  • Yosuke Sagara – The witty yet cruel investor who believes everything has its price. His eloquent, enticing whispers and sweet smile have tricked you into becoming the “partner” of a multi-millionaire…

Overall Thoughts on Kings of Paradise

Kings of Paradise is a sexy, mature romance that’s a cross between Voltage’s earlier titles, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder and In Your Arms Tonight, following a recent divorcee who finds love among a group of wealthy attractive men. Most of the characters are in their early thirties (Kiyohito being the youngest at 24), which as an older otome fan is a welcome break from the teeny bopper high school romances that are in abundance on the Love 365 app. While it follows a lot of the same Voltage plot beats, there’s a maturity to the characters and their actions that sets this game apart, especially where the MC is concerned. I love the MC in this game, she’s sassy and smart, she’s no stranger to relationships with men and isn’t shy about embracing her sexuality. When the guys start acting like they run the show she isn’t afraid to clap back.

The love interests in this game make the guys from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder look tame in comparison, because they are on a whole different level. After playing the prologue, I was most interested in Yosuke because he seemed like a decent guy, boy was I wrong, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was tricked by a guy with a nice smile. Turns out, Mr. Nice Guy, Yosuke is an elite pimp, brokering marriages for wealthy men, and then there’s Shun who has a “Weird Room” and a “Playroom” in his apartment. The other guys have their hang-ups, but they seem pretty tame in comparison (at least at this point in the game).

Kings of Paradise Kiyohito

I’m about halfway through my first route so I’m not at the point where anyone is making bold declarations of love, but I like that there doesn’t seem to be a rush to romance. The MC is recently divorced and at a low point in her life, so love is the last thing on her mind at the start of the story, so she isn’t exactly ready to jump into a serious relationship. I like that while romance is the end goal (it’s an otome game after all), the game doesn’t shy away from other types of relationships— in Shun’s route they enter into a casual sexual relationship fairly quickly, and I have no clue what you’d call Yosuke’s route.

So, is Kings of Paradise worth continuing?

Yeah, I’ll keep playing this one, if anything to see what the fuss about Yosuke is all about, because I’m still not understanding why folks love him so much. I also really love this MC, she grown, smart and I can’t wait to see her rise from the ashes and become the boss I know she was always meant to be. This is gonna be a wild ride, and I am ready for whatever Kings of Paradise throws my way!

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4 thoughts on “Kings of Paradise (Nintendo Switch) – First Impressions

  1. I’d be interested to hear everybody’s thoughts on if it’s more worth having these stories/games on the switch than the app. Especially as/if they add the later seasons and characters.

    1. Mmm, it depends on the game. It seems like Voltage is releasing at least up to season 3 as part of the main switch ports and everything after that is DLC (which can add up). If you already have the stories in Love 365 I think getting the switch ports might not be worth it, unless there’s a really good sale going on.

    1. From what I’ve played so far it doesn’t seem to be edited. The only thing is that the switch version only goes up to the season 3 stories

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