Show Some Love for these Floral ✕ Malice Otome Enamel Pins

Hey Blerdy Tribe, I have a super special fundraising campaign just for you! Gabs aka Chottomatte.nini has been hard at work on some Collar x Malice inspired enamel pins and I want to share the deets on this amazing project with you all! The Floral x Malice enamel pin campaign is set to start on January 20, 2022 and trust me, you won’t want to miss out on these gorgeous pins!

About the Floral x Malice enamel pins

All the pins will be hard enamel, gold plated with a lot of different effects for details: silk screen print, machine gradient print, cutouts, pearl and sandblast. Characters busts will be around 2″ each and the switch pin will be 3″.

There are seven pins total (~2″), one for each of the main cast of Collar x Malice:

  • Ichika Hoshino
  • Aiji Yanagi
  • Enomoto Mineo
  • Takeru Sasazuka
  • Kei Okazaki
  • Kageyuki Shiraishi

In addition to the character bust pins, folks can also get their hands on an exclusive Collar x Malice Nintendo switch design (~3″).

During the campaign, folks can choose between purchasing individual pins (to mix and match your faves) or full sets.

About the Campaign

The Floral x Malice enamel pin campaign is set to start on January 20, 2022 and the total funding needed for this project is £3,000 (≈ $4,102.65 USD).

During the first 7 days of the campaign, prices will be on early bird rate and then will go up a bit to regular campaign price. it’s important to add that all these rates are still discounted compared to the price in-hand.

Pricing – Main Pins

ItemEarly bird priceRegular price
character bust (~2″)£16 ($22.88)£18 ($24.62)
switch (~3″)£25 ($34.19)£28 ($38.29)
whole gang set (only character busts)£90 ($123.08)£102 ($139.49)
unlimited set (all pins)£105 ($143.59)£115 ($157.27)
USD conversions via Google

whole gang set includes 6 pins (one for each character, discounted ~5%) and unlimited set includes all the 7 pins (character busts plus the switch pin, the last one discounted 75%)

Pricing – Add-Ons

itemregular price
matte vinyl sticker sheet£1.50 ($2.05)
filler blossom pin (~0.5″)£4 ($5.47)
acrylic charm£6 ($8.21)
USD conversions via Google

* all add-ons can only be selected if you have at least one of the main pins (character busts or switch) in any of your orders.

Could you please tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Gabs, I’m almost 29 (fun fact I’m launching the campaign on my birthday haha) and I’m sort of a newborn weeb. I joined instagram back in 2020 after discovering amazing new things as Otome and BL, and one thing led to another and I ended up as a creator and with a shop! It’s been a crazy couple of years considering I hadn’t even drawn before 2020, but I am loving every minute of it and can’t say I want to stop any time soon.

Your Floral x Malice pins are gorgeous! What sparked your interest in pin making? Where did you get your inspiration for these designs?

Thank you ever so much! *weeps* so I had seen a lot of hype in pin collecting and it has gathered an increasing community, buy it wasn’t until I started buying pins for my own fave series or games that I realised how beautiful it is to own a little piece of art that’s as everlasting as a piece of metal, it’s a bit sappy but it’s true haha!! I wanted to create such things for my two fave things in the world: Otomes and BL. For these designs it’s a bit of a mix of things starting my obsession with flowers and my other biggest influence was actually a set of couple busts that was done by Kattsca (bl pin creator) – I loved how they looked at each other and thought something like that for otome boys and their MC could be a cool idea.

What sparked your interest in otome games? What is your favorite otome game?

It all started after playing Persona 5 back in 2019, I really liked the social links mechanic and the fact that you could romance the characters! After finishing it and wanting more of that type of content, my husband suggested for me to try otome as a genre and after trying a few and getting my PS Vita I was completely sold. Surprise, surprise, my all-time favourite otome game is Collar x Malice haha, it’s come to a point that every single game I play I end up comparing it to that one! I feel that it encompasses a lot of themes and balances the mystery and romance in a flawless way. Other honourable mentions are Code: Realize and Hakuoki KW+EB.

Outside of otome games what are some things you do for fun?

My most guilty pleasure is BL, I obsess over my boys pretty badly and I’ve become some kind of a crazy lady hoarder of merch haha but my time is pretty much balanced between the two, as soon as I finish an otome game I go back into my BL cave to patiently wait until another otome game is released.

For fun: Who is your fave otome guy? What makes them special?

This is a no brainer and I really don’t shy away from talking about this man constantly on my instagram haha and it’s no other than Impey Barbicane. I found him a character that took me by surprise and hell he didn’t let go. It was a bit of a build up because he was very enjoyable in GoR but by the time I finished FB I was OBSESSED. I really love my fluff, not much of an angst seeker myself, I love a sweet guy and if you add Smart and Hot to the recipe you win me immediately. I like the duality of him being a complete goof but when he gets serious he gets things done, he is romantic and brilliant at the same time and I hate flying but I’d go to the moon with him ANY DAY *giggles*.

How to Pledge

The fundraiser will be held as a regular pre-order campaign. It’ll be open for two weeks on my big cartel portal.

Important notes:

  • Early bird prices are open for 7 days. After this deadline, you won’t be able to purchase at this price anymore.
  • In contrast with Kickstarter, you will be charged right away and there will be no cancellations or refunds unless the financial goal is not reached.
  • For add-ons and freebies, you’ll receive a Google Form to choose them when the campaign ends.

*Gabs strongly recommend choosing tracked delivery as they won’t be responsible for lost untracked mail.*

If you have any other questions, the preferred way for any project-related queries is on discord, but you can also contact me at

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

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