Moonchime Studios to Release BL Game Tokyo Onmyoji in English

Joseimuke publisher, Moonchime Studios has partnered with Japanese publisher, Holicworks to bring the R-18 boys’ love visual novel, Tokyo Onmyoji -The Tale of Rei Tengenjibashi- to international audiences! Follow a strong-willed protagonist on a quirky, fast-paced story filled with humor, thrill and action. Get to romance four love interests with charming and unique personalities, some of the protagonist’s relationships will be cute and warm, others intriguing and dangerous. This game is guaranteed to have something for every BL fan to like. The game is fully voiced and features beautiful art from Akira Sakamoto.

Game Details

  • Genres: BL, adventure (visual novel)
  • Platform: PC (Steam, JAST USA, other platforms TBD)
  • Estimated Release: 2021 Q4
  • Developer & Publisher: Holicworks & Monchime Studios
  • Languages: English
  • Rating: 18+
  • Price: TBD


The year is 2014. 

Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

Japan, where “onmyoji” is a recognized profession. Here lies the city of Tokyo, unscathed by major air raids for the entirety of World War II. The era is a mixture of both the old days and the new. 

In the midst of what appears to be peaceful, everyday life, there are many incidents of people being harmed by demons. Having been previously banned at the close of the war, the practice of onmyoji is now used solely as a countermeasure for those incidents. 

The world is on the brink of chaos. Tokyo is home to hollow, wandering souls. It is now known that most of the demons who cause harm were formerly humans. Why do humans transform into demons? 

What is the true nature of the darkness lurking at the root of all this? A mystery lies in this place of intersecting emotions.

– Moonchime Studios


Tokyo Onmiyoji Rei Tengenjibashi

Rei Tengenjibashi 

CV: Yuji Otori 

  • Type: Human 
  • Skills: Sealing and Destroying demons 
  • Occupation: Onmyoji 
  • Height: 175 cm 
  • Blood Type:
  • Birthday: September 9th, 29 years old 
  • Designated Area: Shinjuku 

“I’m an onmyoji, after all… I’m simply hired to exterminate demons.” 

A young man who comes from a strict family background and now makes a living as an onmyoji in the back alleys of Tokyo. He has the power to seal demons and even destroy them, but he declines to destroy unless absolutely necessary. He takes things at his own pace while avoiding anything he considers too flashy, and is completely unashamed of his openness to sexual relationships. There are times when he is deep in contemplation and scheming. In those moments, his expression rarely reveals what he is truly thinking. Having an aversion to doing tedious work, he leaves the house chores to Basara and prefers to pass the time painting on sliding screens.

Love Interests

Tokyo Onmiyoji Kamiosaki

Suguru Kamiosaki 

CV: Shikigamijan 

  • Type: Human 
  • Skills: Sealing and Destroying demons, Healing wounds, etc.
  • Occupation: Onmyoji, appearing in magazines, managing his building, etc. 
  • Height: 178 cm 
  • Blood Type:
  • Birthday: May 29th, 29 years old 
  • Designated Area: Harajuku 

“You really love rice, do you? You should eat some fish and meat with that…” 

A young man who works as an onmyoji and makes regular appearances on television and in magazines due to his popularity. He attended the same junior high and high school as Tengenjibashi, and while he is not as skilled in the art of sealing and destroying demons as his old friend, he does possess the ability to heal. 

Having the tendency to mother others, he often fusses over Tengenjibashi―sometimes going so far as to scold him, but he does so for his sake. He makes sure to keep up appearances when he is on the job as a manager, but he is an honest and devoted man with a cheerful disposition at heart.

Tokyo Onmiyoji Masato Meguro

Masato Meguro

CV: Rei Takatori

  • Type: Human
  • Skills: Sealing and Destroying demons
  • Occupation: Onmyoji (illegally)
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Birthday: January 12th, 32 years old
  • Designated Area: Kabukicho

“Huh? No warm welcome for me? Whatever, nothing new here.”

A mysterious man who is a skilled onmyoji but appears to only take commissions through criminal channels. He acts as a lone wolf, coming and going as he pleases, and annihilates any demons he lays his eyes on without hesitation. He puts on airs of superiority and confidence, but has the skills to back it up and only knows how to use brute force. There are times he will do anything―even resorting to dirty tactics―to get what he wants, but other times he neglects his job. His aggressive, merciless tactics have not only earned scorn from the people around him, but brought him to the attention of the demons.

Tokyo Onmiyoji Yotsuya


CV: Cider Yotsuya 

  • Type: Demon 
  • Skills: Binding, Commanding, Killing with curses 
  • Occupation: Haori Rank (the highest rank of demons)
  • Height: 188 cm 
  • Blood Type: none 
  • Birthday: none (estimated to be around 800 years old)
  • Designated Area: Yotsuya 

“You dare speak that way to a Haori? Insolent whelp.” 

He is the Haori, the highest-ranking demon, of the Yotsuya Clan and takes demons who have caused trouble in the past under his wing. He is benevolent and cherishes his friendships, but is also intimidating when angered. He is capable of binding, commanding, and killing with curses. Deeply invested in Tengenjibashi’s view of demons, he keeps a close watch on him and sometimes ends up playfully teasing him. He is willing to lend a hand when asked, but demands to be paid back in return. At times, he gives Tengenjibashi various tasks to do, amusing himself with the way he reacts.

Tokyo Onmiyoji Basara


CV: Itsuki Kato

  • Type: Demon
  • Skills: Fluttering as paper, Onmyoji techniques
  • Occupation: Shikigami (familiar)
  • Height: can vary between 1.5 meters to 3 meters
  • Blood Type: none
  • Birthday: none (age unknown)
  • Designated Area: Tengenjibashi’s Agency

“Master, I can get naughty with you whenever and wherever.”

He is Tengenjibashi’s shikigami who has the power to change between a human form and a paper form and is skilled in onmyoji techniques. Much like his master, he’s insatiably lusty and solicits him every day, only succeeding around half the time. He has a bubbly personality and openly conveys his wide range of emotions. He constantly dotes on his master—who is also his creator—and has a deep affection for him, both emotionally and physically. He courts and tops him whenever he gets the chance, but when he happens to upset him…

Tokyo Onmyoji Trailer

About Moonchime Studios:

Moonchime Studios is a visual novel game publisher specializing in joseimuke games. Through the Moonchime Localization brand we publish localized Japanese games to most regions of the world. While we partner with bigger companies to help them reach their full potential, indies are also part of our vision to give a voice to creators that usually don’t see their works published outside of Japan

  • Official website:
  • Twitter: @moonchimeloc (publisher)
  • Twitter: @holic_works (Japanese publisher) 
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